Star Wars invades our planet once again (16 Photos)

  • Jedi

    #16 Tanks for the cool post

  • svw

    someone has too much free time

  • svw

    PS.. there's no women in these pics

    • Toots McGee

      #10 I counted three.

  • ISU Birds

    #4 So Awesome!

  • Jerkoff

    I'm gunna call fake on this one!

    • Nicnac

      what, do you see pixels?

  • SitVisVobiscum

    I find your lack of Boba Fett disturbing.

    • Del

      I find your Star Wars enthusiasm disturbing.

  • jeff goldblum

    star wars was great until age 13. clearly a 35 year old virgin somewhere just figured out how to be mediocre with photoshop.

    • Randy Marsh

      Why you such a hater Jeff??

      • Jedi

        Its the stick up his a$$, I mean his boyfriend….

        • McBeastie

          Go fuck yourselves, he's got a valid point. First, Star Wars doesn't have to be cool your entire life. Second, these pics are a pretty mediocre example of photoshop "skills."

    • ROK247

      jeff why do you always play the same character in every movie you are in?

  • Stewart

    #1 What does that silly AT-ST walker think he is doing way out there at sea?

  • wibbly woobley

    Should make a Star Wars modern warfare! be some wicked weapons

    • SitVisVobiscum

      It would actually be "A Long Time Ago Warfare"

    • gyro

      There is a mod on the pc for COD 4 called Galactic Warfare.

  • Kyle Retrato

    "Why do they call them TIE fighters?"

    • Yucky

      Twin Ion Engines… Yea, I'm a geek for knowing that.

    • tar

      the TIE stands for Twin Ion Engines

    • meh

      The are for twin ion engines.

  • Seannerz

    You'll notice all the cool stuff happened in the past before George Lucas ruined things in the present.

  • twpaige


  • fudmunki

    world wars we should remember, star wars we should forget

  • Frylock

    Meh put mah trust in ya and ya lose! (anyone who knows where this quote is from gets 1000 points)

    • T-Moze

      some douche who calls himself Frylock? Where's my 1k points?

      • dasuperfan

        oh shit i just had a surprise LOL when read your quote well played T-moze

  • Bob


    Looks shopped.

    • DefendDallas


  • 2cool4skool

    #12 these picks are badass.

  • name

    this is actually pathetic. These are real people in wars, real people dieing, and some guy who has no connection to it is photoshopping fake machines into these scenes? It's not cool, its lame and disrespectful.

    • No you

      No, you're pathetic. It's a joke. Get a life. If you don't think its funny – don't come look at the pictures.

      • Adam Heffelfinger

        While I fully support your response, he does have a point. I am on the fence as to how I feel about this post. I mean its cool, but they photoshopped over some real people to create the joke. I also thumbed up the "Meh" post because it accurately displays me emotion.

    • haterade

      yeah, i agree. we should be disrespecting real live females instead.

    • jonathan

      I fail to see how this is half as bad as war movies or games would be in that respect.

  • Mott

    X-wings and a B17, AWESOME

  • Aaron

    I love Star Wars in real scenery pictures. However, shopping them into horrific events of human history seems inappropriate. Would you shop stormtroopers standing guard at a concentration camp? Hell no.

    History and Star Wars have their place apart not intermingled.

  • clumsy

    where can i find hd versions of these pics

  • screw you

    lame as shit

  • Bob Loblaw
  • truthteller

    Star Wars Sucks.!

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  • luckyguy

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