The quest to find sexy World of Warcraft players is over (35 Photos)

This popular Russian website has hit the motherload of WoW hotties. Although some of these girls appear to be (and are) models, they are apparently serious about their Warcraft.

  • Airwalktdk

    huh, i heard the rumours but never believed that it was true… women playing WoW? Well i never…

    • Krystal Wulf

      It's true, I'm one of them!

    • Pookie

      As legitimate and trustworthy this Russian website is, I'm leaning towards thinking that if you asked most of these girls what a sword was, they would stare back at you blankly.

    • Cake is a Lie

      Even though she plays wow, she still wont talk to you bro…

    • financial aids

      yes it is plausible.

    • J_R

      I didn't either, then I met that early-20 italian, I swear, she beats every single one on this page.

      Unfortunately she's fed up with men, damnit.

    • Country Boy

      There's plenty of hot girls who play WoW, my wife included, but I highly doubt any of the ones in this post actually do. If they do, why is there not a single shot of them actually playing…

      • sarah

        I agree, I play wow and highly doubt the above chicks play
        Unless you have them in front of their lvl 85 character bashing some random gnome I'm not buying it.
        They should've posted what realm / character / level / DPS rating etc for fellow geeks to drool over their stats (whilst the rest of the normal world would drool over their 'stats!')

    • Justin Tutterow

      There are actually more attractive girls that play than you would think. Just because a girl has nerd tendencies doesn't mean she has to be ugly. They are hard to find though unless you happen to raid with some.

  • mattythegooch

    #16- FYI ladies, please stop wearing those fucking over sized glasses!!!

    #31- YES.

    • Dirty Dingus

      It's a new style….you've probably never heard of it. B)

    • Jake

      As long as the glasses are on my bed side table in the morning. 😀

    • financial aids

      they are okay, man. chill.

      • Adam Heffelfinger

        Fuck you troll

    • Brodysseus

      At least they're aviators and not those stupid bug-eyed giant glasses.

      • mattythegooch

        Totally agreed, the aviator's are tolerable…….

  • Random

    WoW?!? wow

    • financial aids
      • asdfl

        fuck off, aids

        lol #34

      • asdfl

        fuck off, aids

        also, I definitely want some rule 34 on #34

  • Ian

    #19 Ohhhhh baby.

  • Hazmatt

    Lok'tar ogar!

  • JD Marsh

    only difference between these girls and other WOW players is they're hot and prolly get laid

    • Webb

      So everything then….

    • sarah

      I object, I'm a girl, I play, and whilst I may not be hot (although the husband may disagree) I do get laid..
      Don't ask for a photo – I'm not brave enough to try out for chivette

      • The Chivery

        Don't worry. We won't ask, 'cause we're not interested.

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    #12 – ADD TO CART!

  • uberbrie

    I love sexy nerds

  • Finster172

    #11 Have mercy!

  • jaguar1024


    Is she doing what I think she's doing to that cat?

    • financial aids

      damn she can ride me and pull on my ears all night. wtf.

      • hyperion.pantibiblon

        Man , I owe you a drink

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    i have played way too much WoW to let these go by. #7 and #17, where do i add to cart?

  • Feeder of Trolls

    "So you girls play World of Warcraft?"

    "Yeah! Totally."


    "Well, we downloaded the demo … and played for 15 minutes … one time …"


    "Well, maybe it was 5 minutes."

    "Counts! Ok, now make love to the camera!"

    • BigDingo

      I'm not complaining about the quality… but quantity is an issue. Are there only 8 hot girls playing WoW?

      • Liss3100

        Def more than 8 I'm not on there ;-p and I know a few other girls who should be in here too, they're going to have to do a part 2

  • Anonymous

    Wow sucks….play lotro

  • Dirty Dingus

    A while back, I heard that Kate (from Kate's Playground) was a WoW gamer. And she's HOT…even if she does have a hoof.

    • fuck yea wow

      also, eliza dushku

  • Pat

    I should get back to WoW right away!

  • Jeremy

    This will not persuade me to play WoW. Nice marketing attempt.

    • Ern23

      It's a better marketing ploy than the Dead Space 2 ads!

  • negatice Nick

    I don't buy it. I wanna see they actually playing.

  • Soda Pop

    No way… calling BS on this one…..where is the proof that these girls play WOW?

    • Anon

      The name noob club in the bottom right is a Russian WoW blog…. still not perfect proof but I'll believe it 😉

  • Soda Pop

    More like, nerds WISH girls like this played WOW.

    • liss3100

      But they do!

  • Jonathan

    Needs Mila Kunis..

  • RangerW

    #26 MOAR PLEASE, cute dog, gorgeous chick. Leave the WoW in the motherland and mail her straight over!

  • w00deye

    Where's Mila Kunis? I lost it when I found out she was so into it. Proof here,

  • Urban

    #30 #31 Love me some gook glasses!

    • Urban

      Wish I could spell.

      • Jak

        I thought you were just being racist

        • Poppin Fresh

          I lol'd. You win the internets.

        • Urban


  • oasis

    #22 Love to do her in the woods.

  • The_BOFH

    Although #22 appears to like cosplay, I don't see anything here that shows these beautiful women play warcraft. it looks like a normal model shoot! At least Mila Kunis would actually have the game in the background!

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