Future lower back problems: Judgment Day (40 Photos)

  • asshole

    first bitches.

    • omgwtfgtfo


    • Johnny FEVER

      I like it!

    • R-Dub


    • KeyserSoze

      You are the first of the bitches, yes..

    • LukeSkywalker

      As much as I don't like you, at least your name let's us all know that you know your place in the world.

    • gok attack


    • sheoncebelieved

      first person to be turned down by me in a bar…

      • Maynard B.

        Nice response my dear.

  • arjay9975

    Jeeze. I'd say some of these girls already have back problems.

  • Al

    Chive on at 3:10 am

  • Dan

    Find #8 !

    • Anon

      no she's hideous

    • Andrew

      Oh my god please moar!
      Jungle fever!

      • davi311b

        fuckin racist

    • andintheend

      makes me think of a milkshake for some reason….

    • http://twitter.com/arpra76 @arpra76

      looks like Vinessa Antoine from Being Erica

    • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

      definitely need more of that brown sugar.

      • jtk

        yea, definitely a lack of beautiful brown ladies here.

        • V4Vendetta14

          Start recruiting…

      • Maynard B.

        most surely.

  • Sharts

    I love the big boob ladies , but how about the regular boob gals ?

    • Rarry-San

      you mean, every fucking girl that isn't on the "future lower back problems"

    • youknowitstrue

      Isn't that on Friday with the regular chive girls?

      • opilonies

        There is nothing regular about the chive girls 😛

  • Paula_

    Good mooooorning Chivers! Time for some wake-up exercise.
    Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down!
    Keep going at it.
    Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down!
    You're doing fine.
    Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down! Up! Down!
    Great, and now do the same with your other eyelid!

    – the one in good shape

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      you are doing it wrong, its up up, down down, left right, left right, B A Start

    • Ben from Aus

      Tits or GTFO

    • http://4chan.org Anonymous

      This must Stop

      • Paula_

        What, too much exercise for you? Meow, meow… Pussy!

        – the one you love to hate

        • HollarPeenYo

          Paula I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't love to do it…

        • NearlyUseless

          I bet your fat, like scrawny people try to be tough on the interwebz, youd rather sit there and type than put down the cake.

          • caleb

            I'm still waiting for what you want to say about her fat…..it's YOU'RE, dumbass.

    • KeyserSoze

      I should have read all the way to the end before I started…

    • Brakaism

      retards commenting on this creature keep it alive too..
      DONT FEED TROLLS!!!!!!!

      • Paula_

        You're absolutely right Brakaism, they'll never go away if you keep replying. STOP FEEDING THOSE DAMN TROLLS!
        btw who is the troll?

        – the one you love to hate

        • Dormin

          Paula, you stay positive despite all the crap people throw at you. You're awesome

  • peter

    #12 you need a little help there with that red stuff on your chest?

    #41 sexyyyyyyy

    • Fire_Conure

      #41 is Angie Varona

      • http://bryainiac.tumblr.com/ bryainiac


        I googled her and a link to that came up. Go all the way down and to the older posts. You can see her nips in one of her photos. I honestly can't believe how good she looks.

  • ScubaStevesDad

    #9 Looks horribly shopped.

    • Doug Miller

      she's not

    • judasjord

      look up faith unleashed you wont be dissapointed

    • Big Werm

      Actually real, in bed witrh faith.com Theyre like G's

    • b3nder

      its not her name is faith, she and her boyfriend ran a porn site for awhile. inbedwithfaith.com,and faithexposed.com

  • name less


  • Boo

    So many porn gals we need real ladies

    • Boo

      This is like an alt porn site lol so many gals on here are from the porn industry where are the real ladies!? These ladies aren’t real they are just as fake as their tits lol.
      Still some are great lol just wish you guys would post real girls instead of porn stars

  • Doug Miller

    #36 Maria Brink, nuff said.

    • ThereWasShrinkage

      One of the many hot metal females

    • Nick

      this one has a classic 'i don't know how to tie my own shoes'-look in her eyes…

    • andintheend

      what's up with the baby tattoo on her hand? that would creep me out during handjob time…

    • In This MOMENT

      I wish they would have stayed with the style of the first album, but I'd still ravage the shit out of her.

  • Sanman

    #40 Sophie Turner has an amaaaazing body!

    • sheoncebelieved

      i second this…

  • JDubs

    Chive we need a "Hot Chivettes in Hats" #1 & #25

    • Sharky

      Baseball Caps,
      Beer Hats,
      Viking Hats
      Cowboy Hats….i can see the possibilities already

    • Joe

      agreed on that! MOAR of #1 in the hat PLEASE!

  • Livinthedreamm

    #6 and #26 Sweet Sassy Molassey those are nice

    • Lauren Gentile

      Agreed! #26 wins for me! She is stunning.

      • Blake

        I enjoy that Lauren and I have the same taste =) We should do lunch

        • turnedon

          Yeah, that's probably going to work…….. She only wants attention, not your cock.

      • b-ry

        super hot yes…but too much make-up for me.
        au natural please!

      • vudka?

        Yea now I know for sure Lauren and I were meant to be together for ever. Although Lauren is waaay sexier than that girl, but who am I to say anything (as I wipe the tears of loneliness from my keyboard)

    • NearlyUseless

      #26 is Cindi / Sexonthebeach (one word), she is a webcam model, thought you'd like to know. Most of her vids are very NSFW

      • Anon

        I knew I reconized her!

        • jken

          Goddamn I've seen some of her videos. She is amazing at what she does….

      • Sid

        Cam with Sasha as well

  • theproperstranger

    #2 I'm glad to see The Chive listened to the post about Misa Campo last week.
    I'm also deeply curious about #7

    • tek

      #7 is justene jaro

      • TOnyR

        lol is that what you call her

    • Blargh_Matey

      #7 is Justene Jaro. She and her sister are quite hot.

  • alex

    #36 maria brink….oh…my….fucking….god

    • downfall616

      tells me where i'm at. i thought it was an actually GOOD pic of kim catrell!

  • Honest Joe


    As a tall guy, this is my view everyday.
    Bless you ladies, all of you.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #3 is gorgeous

  • kurt

    it's 3:32am and I am awake just for this also, #41 is hot as fuck

    • Fire_Conure

      Angie Varona

      • DeeRose

        Google her, you can easily get 200+ pics. Jailbait for sure.

    • http://bryainiac.tumblr.com/ bryainiac

      Like I said to the other guy who liked the photo. Angievarona.blogspot.com

      On her older posts after you scroll down, you can see her nips.

  • Mr Mav

    #13 #27 & #36

    • Henrik

      #27 looks like Melissa Debling, google it.

    • Ray


  • jp34

    #6 #7 Wowzers! I just made a mess in my trousers and my thoughts exactly on #42

    • Spocker

      I'm having trouble defining FLBP. Urban Dictionary doesn't list it. Can you help me out here?

      • Bob

        Future Lower Back Problems, The gallery you just looked at…

    • Catalystika

      Heh… I can't believe that "y u no" picture I did got in here. I feel honored! I meant every word. It's about time to finally get that category in there.

  • hein

    #28 MOAR
    so awesome

    • ThereWasShrinkage

      Rosie Jones, I believe she's had her own gallery if I'm not mistaken

    • bob

      Rosie jones..

  • BigDingo

    #13 is the real deal

    #28 is just mind blowing….

    • ClariseStarling

      Rosie Jones, it looks like

    • Bazinga

      Keeley Hazell and Rosie Jones

      • kyle

        tiffytoodlepoo ?

  • dash

    #34 denise milani could be throwing acid at me and i'd still be mesmerized those amazing bewbs

    • ROK247

      that's how she does it – first mesmerize, then pulverize you with them!

      • schnizz

        most gorgeous woman in the world!!

    • IamWhoIam

      did you see them take off? those thing can fly!

    • nope

      Sick of seeing her every FLBP. They're fake. Not interested.

      • GlibTongue

        Agreed. 15 minutes of fame = over.

        She either get's naked, or moves on.

  • yo adrian

    I firmly believe that this should be a GIF's only gallery…

    • Big

      That's what Things That Bounce Thursdays are for, though that seems to have gotten scarce. C'mon Chive, bring it back!

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