Street artist Oak Oak sees the world a little differently than most of us (33 photos)

[Oak Oak’s website]

  • KCJake

    My favorites were numbers #1, #2, and #5.

  • Jak

    It looks like Chuck was hopped on up the caine

  • Jeremy

    I'ma agree. I'm probably going to get thumbed down like a mofo, but I like his stuff better than Banksy.

    • That Guy

      no thumbs down. your opinion.

  • Pw1002

    These are awesome. Just wonder how an artist makes money of designs like this or if they just do it as a hobby.

    #32 is my fav.

  • orly?

    i think like this all the time! glad others do too!!

  • That Guy

    i don't think the polar bear is painted on. it's a figurine right?

    • dasuperfan

      yeah its a figurine

  • patov40

    Entertaining and fun. Not liking it doesn't make you a pretentious douchebag, but insulting someone else's idea of art does. Don't like it? Just move along then, nothing to see here. There are enough overly critical gas bags in the world. Don't add to the problem.

  • tsukushi_

    So awesome.

  • Dan

    I'd like to see him and Banksy sitting in a jail cell for a month or two.

  • bkfrijoles

    #21 poor polar bear

  • Anonymous

    epic mind

  • AtomManhattan

    If street artists were at all smart/talented, they'd be doing contract/work-for-hire stuff they would actually get paid for. And we're not talking chump change here folks.
    Shit like this is pedestrian, and really hard to take seriously, not to mention appreciate if you have any sort of appreciation for real art whatsoever.

  • Urine Big Trouble

    Number 8 = math fail. Though still top 5.

  • gregorije1


  • cristi

    this guy is awesome

  • thegame

    as much as i love the chive… what's up with the massive amounts of reposts? i've seen most of these photos several time. several. times. are you guys paying attention or what?

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