Street artist Oak Oak sees the world a little differently than most of us (33 photos)

[Oak Oak’s website]

  • Catence

    This is pretty impressive. Love it!
    #5, #8

  • pdiddily420

    #20 Love the BP logo next to the oil covered bird splat!

    • sheoncebelieved

      at what point do you call this vandalism and defacing public property…which, you know, tax dollars are spent cleaning it up….

      • buttchocholate

        only when it's not a bunch of squiggles like you would see all the time in subways. otherwise it's art, NO EXCEPTIONS.

      • pdiddily420

        I never thought I'd say this in my life, but "I have to agree with Butt Chocolate." LOL
        Also, since these seem to be in foreign countries, it is not my tax dollars that they are using.

      • McBeastie

        Shhhh….the men are talking.

  • UoG

    This artist is unreal. Lol'd #21

    • tyu

      So its the handicaps who are causing global warming

      • Jak

        They do walk the least!

  • DistractedIndividual

    #32 is amazingly cool!
    Such a creative artist:)

  • Workshed

    #7 and then exploded intp a giant pile of coke.

    • dub

      Chuck Sheen

  • Sarah

    Number 8 is actually incorrect, it would be impossible to get that arrangement in minesweeper.

    • Sarah


      • Nathan Hart

        You could get that arrangement, you'd just be wrong. You can mark any cell as a bomb, doesn't necessarily mean it is one.

        • dub

          That's true. I thought it was wrong at first too, given that the twos only had one touching bomb – but these tiles aren't colored to show whether or not a square has been activated…. so there's no way of telling. I'm going to assume it's correct. 🙂

          • Pete Ribaudo

            ur knowledge of useless shit has amused me

  • JimmyTankins

    #20 Fuck BP. One year tomorrow.

    • dub

      You pedophile.

  • Really Cool Person

    slow day

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    pretty smart
    #5 #25 #30 #33 living cinder blocks make the road more friendly, even when they are mugging each other

    • aosux

      Muggers scalp their victims where you live? Don't go out at night!

  • ajh

    Did it bother anyone else that some of the numbers are wrong on #8? Nonetheless, cool stuff

    • Randy Marsh

      Yep, I try not to troll, but it did

  • DanbyRaider

    Oak Oak is no Banksy, but creative none the less.

    • Titmcgee

      *sigh* i knew there would be(specifically) one of you….

      • dub

        But with a handful of stencils, he most certainly could be.

  • Bob

    Ugh…great more "street artist" hype
    Just like Banksy…
    clap clap clap clap clap
    clap clap clap clap clap
    clap clap clap clap clap

    • The Truth


    • McBeastie

      Yeah, and did the time it took you to look at the post and comment on it take time out of your usually busy schedule of yelling at kids to get off your lawn and complaining about the weather or something? The art above is creative and fun…sorry you're not, but give me a break with this overrated chant.

    • SinisteRtheWickeD

      You must be a Hipster and we just Don't 'get' you.

      • Bob

        Sorry douchebucket but Hipsters are the one who "get" Banksy. I'm FAR from a hipster

        • McBeastie

          Yes, you are venturing into the completely other end of the spectrum from hipster. What would you call Don Imus…because I'm thinking you fit into his classification.

    • Gia

      What a square mind dude.

    • ken

      Although I don't necessarily agree with you, I did love the way you wrote your comment. So I shall give a thumbs-up (thoughI don't think it will make a dent)

  • Tits_McGee

    #27 is one of my favorites. Puts a smile on my face every time.

  • JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo

    #33 is brilliant.

    "This "love" intrigues me. Teach me to fake it." – Dr. Zoidberg

  • Anon

    Love it

  • doublemeat

    Only a genius (or a nut) could see a dinosaur in concrete patches.

  • Alex

    This is the one human being I wouldn't mind being cloned a few hundred times.

    • cantkillcastro

      yeah, a few hundred more under productive leeches on society… just what we need.
      Just think, if this guy applied his time to something that actually made money he'd probably not be living in a squat in Amsterdam or something eating from the food bank and huffing whatever paint he doesn't piss away on the street.

      Sorry, I just don't see the point in all this crap, and eventually someone has to clean up after his "art"

    • cantkillcastro

      yeah, a few hundred more under productive leeches on society… just what we need.

  • Tom

    #31 thats how i met my wife

  • wkdfrog

    lovely way to brighten up rubble and busted up structures

  • Love2LiveLife

    i've seen his stuff everywhere and always wondered who was behind them..thanks chive!!

  • Bryan

    Awesome. #10

  • 2cool4skool

    #14 these are awesome. Every city needs an epic artist like Oak Oak.

  • BSmike

    I don't get #26.. lil help? Very creative though.

    • r.pgh


      • BSmike

        Gotcha… thanks

  • Jason Ciotti

    #8….well there's the idea for when I redo my bathroom

  • Country Boy

    Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Should have been 2s between the 2 mines in the upper left =P

    • yourmom

      or maybe they just guessed the wrong spot for a mine. gonna be fucked later!

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