Some people call it Wednesday. Chivers call it… (50 photos)

  • ALT

    #12 I think you could literally bounce a quarter off that ass

    • agreed

      you could bounce a quarter and it come back 50 cent

    • Brad

      I want to bounce my face off of it…

      • Mike Rotchtickles

        I want to bounce my scrotum off of it.

    • sheoncebelieved

      i want to put my face into #49

    • Benjiro

      find her

    • TonyR

      i luve it

  • iinferno2010

    the only reason I got up today, was for Humpday…make that a day of the week damn it!

    Love ya Chive!

    • Truth

      You must have a pretty sad life if the only reason you got up was to see photos of ass on The Chive.

      • iinferno2010

        it's called sarcasm, must be like a second language to ya buddy, right?

        • nodomag

          sarcasm…..he's probably never heard of it.

  • b-ry

    #15 FDAU

    • mark

      Love the built-in shelf for my beer… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ROK247


      • b-ry

        well said….although i was thinking of 2 Live's Crew version of FDAU

      • a female....

        oh oh do me babyyyy



  • pdiddily420

    #48 Hitting all the marks!! Triple threat.

    • Brad

      she has butt-dimples too, although they don't show up well in this pic…

    • S.S

      quadruple threat lol

      • ROK247

        if she had a case of beer in one hand and a pizza in the other she would be a…WAIT FOR IT…..


        *internet five*

    • dzine

      I've seen the video of that photo shoot, I'll try to find it and post it

      • dub

        omg please do.

    • diddler on the tush

      Wonder what the boob gap is…

  • b-ry

    is #25 legal?

    • Jason

      Who Cares!

    • bisketz

      who cares?

      • creepy?

        well i personally don't enjoy looking at 12 year old bums. maybe that's just me.

        • Yomamasuck

          Where does it say they're 12?? They could just as easily be 18 or 19….

        • topher

          haha the guy gets thumbs down for saying "i don't want to be a pedo!" hahahahah

    • Yomamasuck


    • Glenn_Coco

      I don't know. It's fun though, isn't it?

  • Scott

    #40 is just another reason why Wednesday is the best day of the week…

    • Richard III

      I'm going out with a chick w an ass like that tom night 4 the first time, wish me luck Chivers…

      • gina

        Good luck!

  • not complaining

    #28 HOT DOG! Those are some hot buns!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • douche

      porn star

    • myfast3rdgen

      Tori Black… Enjoy

    • Bud

      Tori Black?

      • Justin Hall

        Totally unashamed that I know that. She's so stunningly beautiful it's actually a surprise that she didn't actually become a professional model, not a professional porn star. Not that I'm complaining.

    • Brad

      I am convinced that Tori Black was on a Millionaire Matchmaker episode, she didn't go by "Tori" though…

    • mark

      Best backside in the "business" but way to pretty to be doing porn.

      • topher

        not enough hotties like this to fap to

  • Dudontheranch

    Hi Lauren!


    Beautiful as ever.

    • creepy?

      the fact that you can tell this is her…is a little scary.

      • Lauren Gentile

        I posted it a while back so he's no creeper – just got a good memory!

        • creepy?

          ya maybe…or he stares at your pics daily!

          • Nate

            hey "creepy?"….this is 2 unnecessary comments from you today…psshh quiet

            • creepy?


        • Jason Ciotti

          Today's is very nice too!

    • Yomamasuck

      #37 in HQ pls!

    • mark

      Love this one… the silhouette gives just enough information and leaves just enough to the imagination…

  • Random

    Historically, wars have been started over butts like #3 and #13

    • Dick LeGrande

      Man, the only way wars have been started over ass like that is because it took a shit on the National Flag.

    • Vagina Jones

      "The ass that launched a thousands ships."

    • huh?

      #3 Kate Upton

      • less

        flat ass

  • Thundercunt

    Holy Hump day….I still love #48

  • Lauren Gentile

    Always a shock when I see my tush! But I LOVE #8. Gorgeous everything!

    • onecalledsam

      Ha ha, funny as I think we are always shocked when we see your tush!

      • Quarryman32

        My reaction to Lauren's tush would not be classified as shock . . . .

    • fed

      i was shocked for the ass above yours, thankfully your tush came to the rescue ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • mark

        Yeah No. 36 was not cool…

    • Dylan

      Black and white always seems to draw me in also!
      I loved yours – silhouettes are my favorite! ^_^

  • Federico Schulzen

    #4 for me plz

    • cornypoopoo

      yep that one had me staring for a while

    • Darksoul

      That there won.

  • davey

    # 7
    OMG thats tasty!!

    • shaka

      #7 there you noob

  • Bud

    Hump day is truly one of my favorite days of the week.

    • That Guy

      HUMP DAY!!!!! seriously tell me you didn't punch the air and finish the blog title by yelling hump day. you can't can can you?

  • Project Pat

    #5 good googely moogely that thing is juicy

    • Anon

      easily the best one today

      • Kevin Waller

        Agreed. Best one up there.

    • ensergio

      The best one

  • alex

    HUMP DAY … we meet at last!

  • couch crusader

    #26….id like to make a ham sammich out of those buns!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Dang! Way to step up Chive. Best Hump Day yet!

    Almost forgot:

    #49 – Its a gap!

    • Dylan


    • Shut It

      Who wrote on her ass for her?

      • Admiral Ackbar

        I would happily volunteer but I'm sure it would take me a long time to do a good job. I envision lots of mistakes, just saying.

    • Chazz B

      totally agree, this has been the best hump day ever

      • less

        you're new here, aren't you?

  • Strick

    God, I love Wednesdays….

  • Justin Hall

    Chivers call it … the best fucking day in the week?

    • Justin Hall

      Unless Leo wants to be a sick bastard and slip in #36. Not too bad, #2 makes up for it (just barely).

    • Justin Hall

      That is, unless Leo slips in #28 into the mix to screw with out heads. However, #2 makes up for it.

      • Justin Hall

        Damn it, the numbers are changing.

        #36 = Awful
        #2 = Opposite of awful

  • sully23

    #40 and #49 are AMAZING. Thanks for another Great Wednesday Chive!

    • Jen

      why do i have the urge to spank those asses!?

  • bud

    i heard rock n roll playing from #5

  • douche

    #9 and #14
    Very yummy!

    • moar


  • acash

    hump day!

  • Pedo Bear Beware.

    #25 PedoBear Beware?????

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