• Surf and Snow

    Bout time I saw my taxes doing something good!

    • Blonde

      Your taxes should have gone towards two things. Firstly a wire coat hanger for the driver of the slow car and secondly a wire coat hanger for the guy in the car from which this is filmed. Both coat hangers should have been applied to the relevant people before birth, with force.

      • fuzzybeard2016

        You were the driver of the car that the cop put into the correct lane, weren't you?

  • gines

    Ha! Awesome cop. "Get over there and stay there!" Looks like it was filmed in Jersey.

    • BSS

      Washington DC beltway. He should've shot him instead.

      • ...

        definitely NJ Plates on the troopers car

      • WittyRemark23

        yeah, thats New Jersey. On I-95 headed towards Trenton.

    • art

      i was thinking the same thing about jersey with the walls. except a jersey state trooper would actually have given them a ticket for not moving to the right.

    • Ray Carroll

      Definately Sussex County on i80….happens all the time!!!

      • wasd

        Yeah jersey cops know one speed "trooper speed", you look in your mirror one second and theres no one there… look up again and you got a state trooper running up your ass hole doing 95mph for the fun of it

        • Kilroy

          yea definately for the fun of it. has nothing to do with keeping the flow of traffic moving. if a cop does the speed limit everyone else goes 10 mph slower. and the cop could also be responding to a call, doesnt always have to go lights and sirens. but obviously its for the fun of it

  • Josh Gorter

    More cops need to do this. A slow driver can be just a bad as the crazy person driving 100 mph

  • Tapgreen

    left lane is for passing-cop should have given out a ticket

    • Simpsons Rule

      That's not true for every State. In NY for example, the left lane is a legitimate driving lane, but you're only supposed to pass on the left and not the right. Having slow people like that messes with the flow of traffic and the police officer was right to make him go into the right lane, which is meant for slower traffic.

    • Chim Richels

      Not to mention, that cop was literally on the Civic's bumper for a half a mile. Let's say the Civic was driven by and old lady who kinda freaked out and hit the breaks – Cop hits her – at 50 MPH and you have a bad situation.

      Yes, the Civic driver was dumb, but that cop was dumb too. I don't care if he's the law, driving way up on someone's as a relative high speeds is fucking dangerous.

      I still want to punch that fucking retard narrator in the teeth.

  • temb

    that was brutal. those are the most annoying people ever. might be watchable if it was on mute maybe?

    • johnny

      that guy who's laughing is a RETARD. and he's clapping like a fuc$%& walrus

    • LukasS

      My guess is they were stoned out of their minds

    • friend

      Thats what i was thinking. Funny video, but the idiot talking almost made it not worth watching.

  • statingtheobvious

    Uh… There's a problem here you clownshoes. They weren't going any slower than anybody else on the interstate. Didn't notice that, did you? Good job, ruh-tards.

    • TravP

      Which is the problem. Left lane is the passing lane. I assume your one of the ass holes that don't understand that. How's it feel to be so wrong? Ruh-tard.

      • youguysaredumb

        Yes, because everyone knows it is impossible to pass in any other lane. There are four fucking lanes. Use another one.

        • McBeastie

          You're an asshole.

    • Zoey

      Either that, or no one wanted to pass the cope no matter WHAT speed he was going. I've seen that plenty of times on the highway.

      • shaka

        you ma'am are correct. Guilty conscience I guess

      • MX-D

        Very true, but as stated many times already, the left lane is for passing. The cop wanted to pass the civic so the civic needs to gtf over to the right lane. Plane and simple.

        • 123

          * plain

    • JBBooks

      So I can assume that you are one of those left lane vigilantes who feels that it's his job to enforce the speed limit?

      Frack you idjit.

      • mtpuckhead

        I fucking hate those self righteous assholes! GTF OUT OF MY WAY!! If I wanna take a chance at getting a ticket that is up to me.

    • left lane rider

      you're fucking retarded. if your arent actively passing in the left lane it is illegal. At least in most states it is

      • 123

        furthermore….it is also illegal to pass someone on the right in several states

      • statingtheobvious

        You see, there's this other illegal thing, I think it's called "speeding."
        And I think it's illegal in nearly all… no wait, all states.
        So what you're saying is that – given that everyone is traveling at the speed limit – it is illegal to not constantly be doing something else illegal on the interstate…In most states…
        I'll have to remember that.

        • Snowman

          In the state of New Jersey a driver is actually allowed to go 10 MPH over the speed limit if they are in the left lane and passing.

        • Turd sandwich

          Actually it's not. Speed limit laws vary by state. In Oregon the signs don't even say Speed Limit, just Speed, because by Oregon law it is only a guideline that is flexible based on the weather conditions and speed of other drivers. Most cops won't even pull you over unless you're doing at least 15 over because the tickets are so easy to get out of due to this law. Also, in EVERY state, very few cops are going to pull you over for doing 5-10 over in the passing lane. Now STFU and get back in the right hand lane.

          • statingtheobvious

            Of course! They're just speed "recommendations!" 😀
            And the pink slip you get when the cop pulls you over is a just a speeding "reminder!" :O

            Everybody knows that in the left lane, you are allowed to speed on a jet propelled pink unicorn with afterburners shooting out of it's @ss!…. In some states of course….

            • Learn.to.drive

              Don't know when to quit uhh??? Inform your self before writing. Also, hope you learn how to drive!!!!!!!!!!

        • testington

          If you are going slower than the cars in your lane and there are available lanes to the right you should move over and let people go the speed they want. It is safer for everybody to let the people that want to speed do so in the left lane because otherwise they try to pass people on the right and cause accidents.

    • NOOT

      You actually can get a ticket for not getting out of the way of a cop car. they file it under one of those 'obstructing a police officer' laws. so yeah, everyone goes the speed limit around a cop on the highway, but if he's tailgating you then you'd better change lanes.

    • Nick

      One can easily surmise that the only reason the car was even GOING the speed it was, was that the cop had gotten on his ass

    • snarky2113

      well assuming everyone does the speed limit you wouldnt need to be in the left lane, i respect your attempt to save your pride, but if your intend on doing the speed limit stay in the middle lane or right lane, not an arse blocking people, and traffic by staying in the left lane

    • Tigers Wood

      Do you feel like you're the law? Do you feel you have the right exercise and enforce what you "believe" is the law? Do you have a moustache, wear aviators and have a fake CB radio in your car? Do you phone the police on your neighbour for putting wax covered cardboard in the recycling bin? I believe the answer to all of the above is indeed yes! Great Scott, right again Marty! By the way, how many times have you been punched out at a stop light? If you're not passing, GTFO of the fast lane, it's illegal. If someone else is speeding, you're not a cop, STFU, know your role and move over.

    • duhhhhhh

      thats the problem… same speed if not slower and in a passing lane?

  • Dr. Lecter

    @.40 guys like…….BIRD!

  • wolf

    Christopher Walken narrating… not a great idea

  • mike hawk

    only in jersey….they talk abou the 'stickers' hat everyone under 18 has to have on their cars

  • slutifer

    i would slap that mofo with the most annoying voice ever

    • budster

      Amen to that!

  • gigi's

    watch with no sound it's waaay more interesting…

  • JohnQ

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffromarko Jeff Marks

    guy sounds like a real tool, gf sounds like a nag

    • liam

      laughs like a retard.

  • force kin

    sorry cant work out the speed of that car with all them over cars DOING EXACTLY THE SAME SPEED

    • pbdb

      Well, here I'll explain. When you're in the passing lane, and stay with me here, the point is TO PASS. I know I just blew your mind with information but I hope you were able to retain some of it.

      • jken

        In addition, when there is a car (ANY car, let alone a cop) clearly trying to get you to move over so they can PASS in the PASSING LANE and not do it in an illegal lane, it is courteous and necessary to move over.

    • SinisteRtheWickeD

      Everyone was probably watching the cop and thus keeping speed with him.

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Nicholas-Saucedo/1254816817 Nicholas Saucedo

    the ultimate fucking troll

  • blargsauce

    yeah, guy narrating should have kept quiet

  • Spocker

    I was coming down I15 in San Diego one time in the far left lane doing probably 65-70 when a cop pulled up behind me. I didn't notice him right away, by the time I did, I pulled to the right but then he flashed his lights at me and pulled me over. Had I noticed him earlier and let him by I probably wouldn't have gotten a ticket, but I was blocking his way too long. Costed me $250.

    If you are in the left lane, always watch for cops and let them by.

    • 123

      It's a shame that even a $250 ticket hasn't made you realize that YOU SIMPLY SHOULD NOT CRUISE IN THE PASSING LANE PERIOD. It's rude to other drivers. At least a cop tried to show you the light by ticketing you, but all you took away was "I should watch for cops next time I'm being a total ass and cruising in the passing lane"

      • Ned Flanders


        • 123

          Just because it's not marked as such doesn't mean you're not a jerk if you cruise in the far left lane. Do you also need the law to tell you to wipe your ass or not hit people when you're in line at Wal Mart?

        • Kilroy

          ACTUALLY IT IS A PASSING LANE http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?sec

          get your info next time tool

    • S.O.B.

      Don't just let cops by, let everyone else by as well. Look at it this way, if you are in the left hand lane and no one is passing on the right or riding your ass then you are fine, otherwise get the hell out of the way. If I have to end up passing you on the right, there is a 99% chance i am going to cut you off when I whip into your lane and hopefully make you swerve or slow down for being an asshat driver.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Sitting in the overtaking lane is one thing….

    But no-one's going to comment on douche copper tailgating so closely?

    • MX-D

      He was tailgating cause the ass-hat in the civic wouldn't get the fuck over to the right lane. Sometimes you gotta push em outta the way. Give em the ole Dale Earnhart bump and run.

  • Amelia

    I wish that guy should shut the fuck up. So annoying.

  • SinisteRtheWickeD

    That was hilarious. I take back 1/2 of the bad things I've ever said in the past about the State Patrol.

  • Ray Carroll

    Epic…this is in my Hometown of Sussex County NJ!! That is NOT the first time that has happened….troopers loose their shit when people cruise in the passing lanes!!!

  • Chim Richels

    Let's say the obvious that everyone is thinking:

    – Appears to be California, so I can definitively state it's an Asian person driving the Civic.

    – What fucking language was the video kid speaking? Couldn't understand a word. Sounded like he was gurgling on a mouthful of man mayo.

    That cop was awesome. It was the police car version of 'shoo mother fucker, shoo'

    • McBeastie

      Go fuck yourself.

    • Hana

      I'm from California Dr. Chim Richels. As far as I know (don't quote me on this) you need to be going a certain speed with 5 people behind you in order to get pulled over for driving too slow. As Mr. Flanders said, it's not a CHP. Our regular sheriffs here don't do shit when it comes to drivers.

  • tazemebro

    Definitely filmed in NJ – it looks like Route 78. Although I appreciate the cop getting some slow schmuck out of the way, the sad truth is that the NJ State troopers ride your ass like that no matter how fast or slow you are going – no lights or sirens, and 2 inches off your bumper.

    • Call You Out

      I dunno, it looked like I-95 in MD to me.

      • Brad

        but MD state cop cars are brown

    • wasd

      couldn't agree more i've had state troopers ride my ass on the turnpike doing around 80, just get out of their way soon enough and they'll leave you be. State troopers are usually looking for people who are doing 25+ over the limit… wish that were the case for all cops unfortunetly

    • been

      Its Route 80 W going uphill between Parsippany and Denville, NJ. The overpass at 1:08 is FoxHill Road. The bridge it goes over right before the end of the video passes over Rt. 53. Google Earth that shit.

  • Frisbo

    Brought to you by the film crew from Blair Witch Project

  • Nazz1962

    Lol anyone else think these guys sound like the kids in the opening scene from Super Troopers?

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