Friday Firepower: Guided missile ships in high-res (22 HQ Photos)

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  • @admnovsk

    can somebody help me to identify the ship in pic #10? thanks

    • Nittany Lion

      LCS 1 USS Freedom

      • Pat Mcgroin

        LCS = Fail

        • Rick

          my bad, I meant to put USS McInerney (FFG 8) there (which conducted a joint mission with the USS Freedom)

          • Yarbles

            Yep, USS MCINERNEY (FFG 8). I served aboard her from 2000-2002. Good times. She's now in the Pakistani Navy.

            • Navyadam

              Also doesn't appear to be a guided missile ship any longer. Looks like the MK13 was removed…

              • Rick

                sh*t guys, again my bad, hopefully the other pics gave ya a smile…what can I say, I f-up…that being said, thanks for coming to the site and calling out my errors. With out you guys, there would not be legitimacy to the site.

                • Rusty

                  She was still designated as an FFG, even after they removed all her missiles. (But really, it's not like they actually took away any real capability when they pulled the launcher … we couldn't get a bird off to save our damn lives anyway. Damn launcher and FCS were down more than they were up.)

              • dadkind

                If it has missiles, it has likely been converted to a VLS.

                • Navyadam

                  As far as I know, no FFG has had a VLS installed…

                  • kcb

                    no… FFGs did not get VLS when they took the launcher.

            • Rusty

              Yarbles –

              Looks like we were shipmates, then. I was there from 2001-2003.

              You heard about how the Pakis cracked up her bow?

  • Anakrusix

    Very pretty girls. Speaking of, I've solved a rubix cube. Sadly my record is 73 seconds. Bah!

  • Tyler

    This shoulda been called the "USS HOPPER (DDG 70)" post of the day!

  • Jimmy5923


    • rotyoung

      all those curves and me with no brakes

  • Navyadam

    #16 MK26 FTW! A complicated but amazing system!

    • Rick

      beyond the $ tag, personally, I'm proud to know we employ the best minds to avoid unnecessary casualties…just saying, we give it our all to try and get it right. (sorry for posting on my site but this is how I look at our military's tough decisions)

  • SlickSlabMcKnab

    I've got a guided missile for those to ladies. *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

    Did I do it right?

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