It’s Tuesday, you should get away (20 HQ Photos)

  • foshizzle

    #18 matterhorn switzerland


    • Spankster

      Isn't that where three tectonic plates meet up to form the Matterhorn Peak?

      If so, AWESOME!

      • mitch

        just 2 plates. In facts the top of this mountain is african plate and the base is leurasian (Europe). But that's for the most of the Alps

  • MigraineBoy

    #8 #10 I want to live there.

    • Goob

      #8 is up side down

  • Willy

    Hey chive, could you post the locations of these places?

    • Claire

      Number 4 is Edinburgh, you can see the castle in the background.

      • JimF

        SECONDED! Post the locations if known!
        #2? #10? #16 – is this Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC?

    • rbradburn

      #15 is Pyramid Mountain, Jasper Park, Canada.

  • A C

    #1 is the Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. #3 is Hallstatt in Austria. #4 MIGHT be Edinburgh, but might not. #18 is the Matterhorn.

    • fred

      I can confirm 4. is Edinburgh.

    • Didily

      #4 IS Edinburgh, it's taken from Calton Hill

    • ñlkj

      #2 and #6 look like bob ross

    • Hoovus

      Hallstatt has got to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

    • mrjimmyos

      I thought #3 was Berchtesgaden in Germany?

  • Pufffdragon

    Wars and shit aside. This planet is Awesome!!

  • chuck

    So many places to fish, so little time.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    seriously, thechive has to put these galleries up in ultraHQ to make these into good wallpapers. not the page itself, but maybe as a zip with all the pics at the end of the page. pretty please?

    • McSgwigga

      splendid idea

    • jordan


  • Jimmyhill27

    These pictures mostly come from here, all in very high resolutions.

    You're all very welcome!

    • jordan


  • Anonymous

    Why is picture 8 upside down? I had to rotate my shit 180 degrees to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

  • Saraheleanor

    These’ll always be some of my favorite posts! Love all of these 😀

  • peter

    i agree with jimmyhill on where most of these come from


    #5 reminds me of assasin's creed

    • peter


  • Iashame

    4 is Edinburgh looking on from Calton Hill

  • justsaying

    #10 Why does the grass look like it has lawnmower tracks?

    • Forest Gump

      One day, I just started mowing.

    • IDrinkToMuch

      because it does!!! where is this?

    • Country Boy

      Maybe because its actually a field?

  • Swissgirl

    No need to get away, #1 is 1km far from me !

    • Max

      Is this switzerland? (Chillon?)

      • Evariste


    • _Moose_

      Lord Byron did some funky stuff there. I used to live near there, too.

      • Evariste

        Well… not only Byron… Miles Davis, Deep Purple and BB King too!!! 😉

        • _Moose_

          Dun, dun, dun… dun, dun, da-nah…. (My attempt at the "Smoke on the Water" riff.)

    • H00l

      Same here 🙂

    • Evariste

      Ah Montreux… Salut de Genève!

  • Gadgie

    waaay #4…. I walk over that hill on my commute to work

  • iinferno2010

    Thanks Chive for reminding me of how boring and lame it is here in the city….

  • Mokuseitora

    All these pictures are shopped… our Earth could never look as good as this…

    • ROK247

      don't let the greenie hippie human-haters fool you – there is much beauty out there still.

    • DrVonnSinistro

      it look shopped cause they use a process called HDR just like in games.

  • Kentexas Curt

    I can't believe that I've actually been to some of these places!
    #1, #3, and #18

    • Larik

      Where is #3? I need to go there!

      • Kentexas Curt

        Hallstat in Austria. It's beautiful!

  • BboyMonkey Marius

    #2 is my pc wallpaper 🙂

    • echogeo

      Mine as well.

  • jason

    Agree with above. Please post locations with the images.

  • Jase

    Went there for my honeymoon

    • Jase

      Or Amalfi.
      They're close together

  • hobo with a paintgun

    #10 screw the stairway to heaven, I'm taking the ramp!

  • Benton McGrath

    #4 At first I thought this was a sewer entrance from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood…

  • BentWrenches

    I'd rather be at any of these places than where i am now esp #9

    • LeonardoB

      you'd be et alive by midges

  • Brutal Deluxe

    Once again, nothing from New Jersey. For shame!

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