This is why America deserves a form of visible proof (24 HQ Photos)

I apologize for the nature of these photos…but sometimes you have to stand for what you believe in. Please do not take this post as a political statement. theBrigade has no intentions of swaying political opinions. Rather, the site intends to show-off the people of our country. As for this event, I believe, the nation deserves to see a form of visible proof. Whether you agree or disagree, I respect your opinion and personally appreciate you giving the post a look.

The photo of Katherine Cathey was taken by Todd Heisler of The Rocky Mountain News
Please do not take this post as a political statement. theBrigade has no intentions of swaying political opinions. Rather, the site intends to show-off the people of our country. As for this event, I believe, the nation deserves to see a form of visible proof. Whether you agree or disagree, I respect your opinion and personally appreciate you giving the post a look.

  • Douche

    this site is fucked.

    • Ryan

      STFU and GTFO

    • The Mad Zak

      You are welcome to go live in Iran or Pakistan.

    • Smitty

      Die in a fire, d-bag. You and your whole family should die in a fire.

    • Mikey

      If that is how you feel, please do the rest of us a favor and never come back. Your disrespect toward the men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrafice is abhorrent. If you don't like it here, why don't you move out of our great nation, and go live some where else? We do not need your kind here.

  • Jimmy5923

    the photo will leak eventually

  • Jay

    Don't apologize for showing what some people have forgotten why we are over in Iraq and why it's important to remember who was the cause of all this destruction.

    • Paul

      Bin Laden WASN'T THE CAUSE FOR THE IRAQI WAR! Your ex president Bush went in back in 2003 beacuse he wanted Suddam to give up WMD's. Which he didn't have any of but Bush went in anyways. IT WASN'T BIN LADEN. He was the cause of 911 and the Afgani war.

      • brett

        Please pull your socialist, left leaning head out of your a$$. There WAS WMD's in Iraq, they eventually ended up in Syria. Bin Laden (good riddens) started a jihad against the US and it was liberal pukes like you and Clinton who had him HANDED to him on a platter and you let him go. Wallow in your own filth!!!

        • Paul

          That's all you can come back with? Going straight to saying I'm a socialist? that's like me saying you're a right wing redneck. I understand what Bin Laden has and hasn't done but somewhere along the way people have it in their heads that he was the cause for the iraqi war. I'm just saying he wasn't.

          • Matthew

            I would like everyone to construct an argument without using the following words.
            Socialist,Liberal, redneck.

            Argue your point but don't insult each other

            • lolnonomous

              Paul is correct, we did not enter Iraq because of what happened on 9/11. Brett made a petty argument that obviously missed the point of Paul's original statement. Also, Matthew is right muck racking doesn't help your argument and remember, "The first person to use Hitler in their argument loses."

              • Smith

                Actually, name calling aside. Osama Bin Laden was part of the of the reason we went into Iraq. It was said the OBL was in Irag at one point and that Suddam did have some kind of connection to him. WMDs + Suddam + possible link to OBL = Iraq War. Look it up.

                • fuzzybeard2016

                  bin Laden and al-Qaeda were creatures of our own making, and Iraq was about oil.

                  • JARH3AD

                    no doubt the invasion of iraq was about oil, and that's exactly why we dont have to pay for gas anymore cause we took over their oil reserves… GTFO WITH THAT OIL ARGUMENT, TRUST ME IF WE WANTED THAT OIL WE WOULD HAVE TAKEN IT LONG TIME AGO

                  • ThatGuy

                    The only reason any non-Musli m nation has any contact with the Middle East is because of oil.

        • Tony Hayward


          Reagan and Bush sold Saddam all his WMDs. Guys like you got played because, well, that's what those guys do for a living. We killed a million plus Iraqis simply because they're dark colored and different and we wanted to wag our dicks around. Who got how much free money on the backs of our American troops, the 9/11 dead, and a million dead Iraqis who had nothing to do with 9/11?
          British Petroleum. Thanks for all the money, sorry about your kids. Thanks from Halliburton, Dick Cheney's company, too. He got paid.

      • That Guy

        paul it's about he men and women who serve. they deserve it as much as the families who lost, because they sacrifice so much for this country and the least we can do is give them proof of the victory we as an American people achieved.
        it has nothing to do with the cause of this war. only that they are fighting it for us.

      • Ryan

        think before you speak, he might have not been the main reason but he was part of the problem, everyone who opposes freedom and the oppresses the right of others is part of the problem, anyone who uses someone religion to support and sway people to serve their own reasons is part of the problem, America has its problems but look at the rest of the world, France is fighting for its life because it was too open, Libya is in the middle of an armed revolution because their leader is a corrupt man who will do anything to suppress his people, i think America is doing ok for itself.

        • Paul

          Isn't that what the US is doing? Using Christian religion to sway people support for their cause? How do you think the people of Iraq are feeling right now? Look at it this way what if aliens invaded the US and gave themselves the power over everyone. How would you feel?
          Is America doing ok for itself? How's the economy? How’s unemployment? Health care? Banking system? Corrupt government?

      • V4Vendetta14

        Saddam had a destroyed nuclear program that the Israelis took care of in the 80's. The quest for a new nuclear program was not out of the question. Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea all managed a clandestine nuclear program that we knew nothing about.

        He was regularly denying access to suspected nuclear sites, and large trucks were photographed via satellite leaving prior to any inspection. Even Hans Blix said that every move Saddam made him appear to have a hidden weapons program. He bluffed, we called that bluff.

        You liberals are so unbelievably naive.

  • Paul

    Why does everyone want to see the photo? What will it solve? Be grateful he is dead and a great evil is no longer alive. People keep saying they need proof. Well the same can be said for lots of things. How do you know which candidate won unless you personally counted all the vote. Also Bin Laden had NOTHING to do with IRAQ yet some seem to have re-written history already.

    This site and the Chive need to get back to what they are good at not stirring up political B.S. about Bin Laden's death photo

    • Corpsman

      Your a douche if you think blindly following a govt. makes any sense. Your arguement here is BS and has no real basis. You are saying be grateful he's dead but don't show us the picture? why don't you just back off.. If people wanna see the picture then you have to right to request it.

      • Paul

        I'm a device used to clean vaginas? How is believing the government about his death without seeing the photo following the government blindly? The US government is so f**ked to begin with your point is invalid.

        • lolnonomous

          I tend to agree with Paul and his statement about so many things being hidden from us that we typically don't make much hullabaloo about. Also I'm 100% certain Osama Bin Laden is dead because the government wouldn't make that claim without being 100% certain he was dead. If he were to suddenly release another video proving he was alive then it would completely discredit the government and cause a lot of problems for them. So I'm sure they double checked and triple checked to be sure it was in fact him.

    • Dan

      Hey Paul, you are a perfect Mangina, nuff said.

      FU Paul

  • Grey

    #22 really breaks my heart. But the Marine honor guard standing watch all night makes me proud.
    And I'm not even American.
    I'm Australian.

    • DistractedIndividual

      I dropped tear on that one even before I read it…

      • oX_Animal_Xo

        You were not alone.

  • Parker

    im australian, civilian. pics 16&23 are images ill never forget!

  • Bill

    I had friends who died in the trade center that day and I want to see proof. I dont believe obama I need to see to believe. simple as that. This site is awesome and need not apologize for honoring heroes and victims alike

    • navythriller

      For me, my trust (or lack of trust) in Obama is less of a concern in this case. I trust the U.S. Navy SEALs.

  • Anakrusix

    These images are very powerful.

  • BigD72

    I wonder that if a photo is even released, how many people will take it as "proof." Or how many people will claim that it is photoshopped. On a separate note, pictures 21-23 are very powerful. Thank you Brigade.

    • Ryan

      the freedom of information act will take effect in 8 or so years so they will have to release it eventually

    • Cocopella

      They've already concluded a picture wont change the minds of skeptics and would be incendiary to extremists whose affection for Bin Laden is described as love. Releasing any picture would risk endangering more lives without solving anything.

      Besides, Al Quaeda themselves released a statement confirming his death and vowing vengance, what more do they want.

  • Rob88

    Please, no need for any type of apologize for showing americans what happened to us and I thank you for not turning it into some political statement (we have enough of that going on in todays media). American is the greatest nation EVER and by not showing these pictures we lead by example. As someone that grew up in a military family and an officer in the army I alway believe the best place to site your artillery is on the moral high ground. The simple fact is OBL is dead … shot by a brave American where a picture would be nice, I feel it would just be used as a rally point for the stupid, uneducated scum that are looking for another reason to hate.

    • Brad

      well spoken Sir!

    • Mikey

      Outstanding statement. I think it sums everything up very nicely. Thank you for your service to our great country!

  • mongoose

    Rick – You do amazing work on this site, keep it up!

    • Rick

      Thank you, I was bit nervous about how people would react

      • mongoose

        Don't worry about how people will react; there are always gonna be the asshats on here that don't get it and expose their idiocy through their posts then there are the people here that, although some may not agree with your views, will respect what you put up here. You wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to how you feel about this great country of ours and there's nothing wrong with that. BRIGADE!

      • dasuperfan

        you did a great job those last couple brought tears to my eyes reminded me of the friends i've lost over there and all are service men and women have been through keep it up

  • Cbrown

    This whole section of pictures is just absolutely amazing. but #22 and #23 really are so extremely powerful

  • Anonymous

    I can appreciate your stance but I for one support not showing the photos of bin laden and I would use your same post to support my position.

  • Brad

    Thanks Brigade…good call on publishing this one.
    Don't worry, I won't jump on a political bandwagon like some of these boneheads.

  • SSgt. Gomaz

    The government is not in the business of fulfilling your morbid curiosity. For a site that is about the troops, have you even thought that it might en flare his supporters and create unncessary risk for our troops overseas.

    It can't be released at a later date when the shit has died down a little bit? The chive petition is ridiculous arm chair politics that hasn't even been thought over. Just because you want to see a picture doesn't mean its the right thing to do.

    • El Chiverino

      This is the best point. Noone realizes, or cares, about the backlash showing this picture will create to the men and women serving this country. It's easy to say "we need proof" when the repercussions of the action will not affect you, but for a "military themed" site, it is discouraging that you are jumping on this bandwagon.

    • Josiah

      Don't you think that his supporters are already en flared enough by the fact that we killed him? A picture won't mean or do anything!

  • mojo2975

    #22 and #23 are some of the most powerful and moving pictures i have seen in a long time. the reverberations of that day in September will be everlasting. As graphic as the death pictures may be they should be seen so that those families that lost loved ones since 9/11 may have some sort of closer in there lives.

  • HUNK

    #22 & #23 are extremely touching. Brought a tear to my eye.
    God bless our fighting men and women.

  • That Guy

    you had me at #1 but #21 #22 #23 pretty much said it all. God bless the women who wait for their husbands (our heros) to come home.

  • DistractedIndividual

    I really could go either way with the release of a photo.

    I repect their points for not showing it but I understand how A LOT of people world wide would like to see the evidence first hand. If shown I would look, if not I would respect their decision.

    Please stop being so one-sided everyone.

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #22 #23 This wife of a Marine displays the core of the Marine motto, "Semper Fidelis."

    /Salute!, 2.

  • TexanThinker

    While my curiosity and revenge motive would love to see OBL's death face at the hand of our military, the realization that such pictures would more than likely lead to attacks on Americans and American soldiers makes me realize its not about me. If not releasing his picture means one mother, or wife or son doesn't have to sleep next to a coffin for a night before burying their loved one, its worth not releasing.

    It will come out eventually and those who don't believe he's dead, won't believe it with the release of the picture.

    Thanks for the pics and peace to all wherever you are in the world tonight.

  • FireCaptJohnRichards

    Thank you for this post. From my heart,from my family,from the Men and Women of my Firehouse and all the Brave Military folks sacrificing for our Nation….
    I am reminded of the one constant of war…
    That the most virile,young and honorable men are always sent to war, to fight and possibly die… While the most dishonest,old and physically weakest men who sent them there, are left at home to breed.
    Release the pictures Obama. Do it before the obvious ratings boost you are searching for just prior your reelection campaign. Hope,Change and Transparency in your Administration?
    Looks like none of the above.

  • mike

    lest we forget

  • Anonymous

    each dead american soldier mean scores of still alive innocent children, women and men

  • qwikk

    each dead american soldier means scores of still alive innocent children, women and men

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