Has the Mysterious Glasses Girl been found? (3 Photos)

That photo up there has been torched the internet for over a year now. Problem is, nobody really knows who the adorable blond is. One of our users thinks her name is Sirena Palermo from New York. I'm not convinced. I leave it to the Chivers to decide if she's been found. Is this the mystery glasses girl?

  • Shawn

    Wether its her or not (and I dont believe so) can we get a gallery showing this beautiful girl either way? Its hard to figure out for sure with her glasses on in the first, but #3 is a gorgeous shot

  • misschris

    #2 – Wow, very nice – lovely!

    • HankT

      I couldn't agree more. And whoever this is…we need MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    Even if they're not the same person…who cares! They're both smokin' hot!

  • evan

    #3 half duckface. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • jason

    I would have to say that's her based on the second pic.

    • MX-D

      My thoughts exactly

    • http://www.facebook.com/sever Brian Sever


  • sully23

    Yeah lets just get a gallery of both. Chive make it happen!

  • EZP

    #2 #3 I think we all agree, we need a galery please 🙂

  • Dan

    I think it is the same girl. She's just a year older…

  • Rukus

    Since the original girl is from Melbourne Australia, I doubt it.

    • ranD

      do you know who she is? or??

  • hMMMM

    I think the nose gives it away.

    • Matt


  • V.A.

    #1 and #3 side by side; the same way of pouting her lips to the right, same eyes…. looks like it might be her.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ancient.angel Karen Giselle DeDiego

      I think that her face is too long in the second pic and considering they have about the same amount of bangs in both ( so it's not affecting how I perceive the length of her face) it's likely that it's probably just a look-a-like.

    • Maynard B.

      Agreed, in all three pics she seems to purse her lips the way. Overall the nose and eyes are very similar. Let put up a post guys!

  • 99Dug

    #1 #3
    Her chin and jaw are different. Although I could just be dazed by the loveliness of #2.

  • EdWood

    Just by looking at her hair, I think that is her.
    She is very cute.

  • Skipping The Surface

    Cute until I saw not one, but two 'Napoleon Dynamite' posters. One I could have worked with.

    • HANK

      At first i just thought it was the same poster but upon closer inspection realized not one but two thats when my interest dropped

  • JOE

    YES THAT IS HER!! #2 #3

  • Fabio

    It's her.

    • Iran_Cyber_Army

      Its easy to find her now with http://tineye.com which is a picture search engine. You upload a pic or image url there and it goes the internet archive of pics. Like 1.9 billiion of them and sometimes you can find results. I think this pic got like 3 different websites that also had this pic. Trust me this is not a spam but a good advice to you findin chivers

      • DRO

        agreed and some times the rest of the picture the chive had to crop off to put on here

  • toastymoe

    ummm… why not just show her the first picture and ask her if it's her???

    • zach

      finally someone with some sense.

      • Greg

        no kidding….not that hard…

  • Alphabet Soup

    I think in addition to finding her, the Chive community should start a food drive for her.

    • Chiefs420

      now thats funny

  • MacNCheesePro

    Good lawd! She's a fit girl that doesn't scare me at all! #2

  • emtebe

    need a hi-res of #1 to be sure, but i don't see the freckle on her neck that is in #3…

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      I think it's a liver spot. I noticed it too and tried to see it in #1. It's probably a birthmark and would be in both pics. Fairly common occurrence and useful for determining a match.

  • Logan

    I could give a shit about this girl, or any other girl you guys "think" you can find. In stead of trying to find hot girls, hump day, or whatever, how about put a couple DAR's in the mix instead of just 2. Lets put this site back to where it used to be. Its all you new people who don't know what the Chive was all about when it started.

    • Oasis

      Don't hold back, tell them how you really feel. I like the amateurs.

    • Gabs

      Ugh… annoying hipster, change is a good thing, especially when it involves beautiful women.

    • EdWood

      If web sites don't evolve, they usually disappear.
      This seems to be a good site.
      I like what they are doing.

    • Chiefs420

      YEAH!!!!!!!! Metallica should go back to making decent albums, phones should weigh 4 pounds and have 2 foot cords and lets all vote for Reagan!!!!!!!

      You want funny pictures of strange shit spoon fed to you there's this thing called Google. Knock yourself out.

      As for if it's her or not I can definitely say… maybe.

      • Brother Maynard

        This is in the top 10 replies ever on The Chive!

    • Speederaser

      "I could give a shit about this girl, or any other girl you guys "think" you can find" This concerns me, are you coming out of the closet?

  • Urban

    #1 More pics for my geek fetish.

  • bettingonthecubs

    call her and ask

  • GIJane88

    It's curious to me how guys will always say that they like women with meat on their bones but then go crazy for holocaust survivor-looking women like this. Way to send mixed signals!

    • Mike

      I like women with vaginas and pulses. anything else is superfluous detail.

    • Bob

      "holocaust survivor-looking women like this"

      Seriously? You really needed to say "holocaust survivor"??
      Go shit in your fist and die you fucking douche.

      • GIJane88

        Wow, haha. So intense. "this is a really big deal, ok" it's serious. Like really serious. I must tell you to shit in your fist and die, then call you a douche. Because this is a huge freaking deal. Oh.MY GOD.

      • Burp & Puke

        Holy fuck, Bob – what the hell brought on that hostility??? "Go shit in your fist and die" over a comment that is entirely another person's opinion?
        You're really an asshole, and that's MY opinion! (I'm thumbing you down too, ya troll!)

    • Bill

      Jane I am 57 yrs old one thing I have learned is there is only ONE person on the face of the earth that has to be pleased by you and thats YOU dear. Be they way you need to and the rest of us be damned hope this helps cause being yourself is whats most important. love yourse;lf and others will follow suit

      • GIJane88

        No, not for me. I'm a soldier and I'm super happy with my body, I work out a lot and eat healthy but yummy food. My guy loves my athletic body too so everything is cool. But I know too many women who starve themselves because they notice guys going crazy for women who look like this and think that is what must be attractive since they are getting so much male attention.

        • Glenn_Coco

          The women I know don't starve themselves to look good for men, they do it because of other women. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and damn near all of them are beautiful to men.

    • Burp & Puke

      You're absolutely right, GIJane – the Internet is full of hypocrisy and people who post on theChive are no exception, unfortunately 😦
      I've seen people get thumbed down for a casual comment while on the SAME damned page someone else said the same thing and gets tons of thumbs ups – it makes absolutely no sense to me except to understand that some people just thumb up or down not by actually reading what the person said, but only because they already have positive thumbs up, or negative thumbs down, and they follow suit like mindless automatons (which again explains why the posts always contradict).

      • Jessica Condrey

        I kinda agree with you there GIJane…I mean I know its a mans world…but gosh.
        I love the Chive though…I just skip alot of galleries nowadays=/

    • EFF

      Too thin? No F'n way.

    • Rabbi

      Anti-Semitism remarks deserve a back hand. She also obviously doesnt starve herself or she wouldnt have a six pack going on. Gotta have proteins to keep that kind of muscle.

      • Ha!

        Anti-Semitic remarks deserve a back-hand high five you mean… If you can laugh instead of getting offended, you will live longer, happier, healthier.

    • grrregg

      Most of us guys are shallow, me included but, I happen to like different things on different women.

  • http://twitter.com/guybrushisking @guybrushisking

    frieda rose. google her.

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