Meet Chicago Girl Sarah Hill (29 Photos)

This whole thing started when a photo of an adorably sexy girl appeared on TV during a Chicago Blackhawks game. More than a few Chivers sent shots of the anonymous girl that night and demanded we find her. After appearing in our 'Find Her' gallery, it wasn't that difficult. Turns out Sarah Hill was already a Chiver.

She's got a wicked sense of humor and she's easily one of the nicest Chivettes I've met. I'll let Sarah take it from here:

Hi Chivers! I'm from Chicago and I'm halfway to 50 (25). I work at a marketing company by day and Bull&Bear, an awesome sports bar, by night. My dream is to someday work as a sports reporter or blogger. I love love love Chicago sports....Bears, Hawks, Bulls.....I'm not much for baseball unless I'm intoxicated in the bleachers at Wrigley. 😉 I am incredibly competitive when it comes to everything...even pillow fights!

I am a city girl but I don't mind getting dirty on the quads out in the fields....and long as I don't have to touch the worms or the fish. Yes, I just implied I like holding the pole....:) I love to sing...but no one has ever heard me do it... I primarily listen to country music...guys in cowboy hats? Yes please. My favorite show is Golden Girls, favorite movie is Anchorman. I'm Ron Burgundy?
Favorite color is it. I'm a firm believer that doritos can replace any meal. I've been a vegetarian for 18 years, you do the math...and no, I don't "wish I could eat a steak." If I wanted to, I could....I choose not to. ;). I'm sassy, sarcastic, and witty....which translates to: I have a crazy ex, a thing for a French Canadian, and a "celeb" crush on Shane O'brien....although I don't think he's the type I'd take home to Momma. Oh. And yeah. I'm siiiiingle. 🙂

It was pretty fantastic to be posted on here. To whomever posted the initial shot from their TV of me "shooting the puck," thank you! This is an awesome opportunity that you initiated, and I owe you a drink...or like 5 shots of tequila? Yes. Let's go with tequila.

You Chivers are so wonderful. Easily one of the nicest, funniest communities on the nets and I'm proud to be one of you! Thanks for all of the nice things you've said, it's already been incredibly humbling!



Follow Sarah on Twitter here.

Her awesome Facebook page here.

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  • Jake

    Her tummy are immaculate…
    #14 #22 #23

    • Dan

      Airbrush does wonders Jake.

      • Shill

        so do sit-ups 😉

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  • Gino

    #19 Not very good for the skates, on concrete… hey by the way I'm french Canadian 😉

  • Skinny G

    also part of maxim's hometown hotties, here's her profile:

    • Cal

      hometown hotties? Chicago is crawling with perfect 10s and they get a 6.5 to represent? Shame.
      And she didn't even make it past the first round.

      • Brad

        Are you serious? Cal, you really find it necessary to put down a cute 25 year old girl who took the time to submit pictures and post a nice personal summary for Chivers to enjoy…give me a break…

        Sarah, if your looking to meet a genuine fellow Chicagoan, 25 years old, motivated, and athletic who actually shares a lot of the same interests including a passion for country music, the Chicago Blackhawks and having a great time just let me know. I actually work in the River North area and would love to buy you dinner or even just a drink sometime. Pay no attention to the rest of these creeps.

  • jim

    Decent body……but not that pretty. Of all the girls pics on here she ranks near the bottom.

    • Shill

      thank Jim!

  • michael

    I'm not much for baseball unless I'm intoxicated in the bleachers at Wrigley- typical Cubs Fan

  • michael

    Sarah – Yeah, you're stunning to look at, but the best part was your wicked sense of humor, that totally rocks. You make me wish I was 20 years younger and living in Chicago!

  • sst

    you are orsum! i wish new zealand girls were more like you

  • Nicheal21

    #29 HEY NOW!!!!

  • j-pic

    If only she were a Red Sox fan… I guess no one's perfect.

  • fRANK

    I LOLd

  • JPelarde

    very beautiful!!!!!!!!

  • Nihilus_13

    #19 #17 I want to move to Chicago now!

  • rossy

    very very nice now can we see the naked pics

  • Greg

    this girl is grosss!!! okay body, beat-up face wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole… NEXT

  • Anonymous

    Greg and Jim- Go suc a fat one because that is obviously what you are into if you find this beautiful woman to be gross. She has to be one of the top 10 girls I have ever seen. Oh, and how often do you find a beautiful person thy is also really into sports? This girl is a keeper.

  • wrench

    Love the Angie Harmon chin dimple.Would make a great pool bridge…so to.speak.

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  • randy orton

    What your name ?

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  • Chicagoan

    #17 oh my god, you are absolutely beautiful… I lived in Chicago ALL of my life, where have you been!

  • Anonymous

    Text me please your hot n cutie my name is Andrew Culbreath cell number is 2159101701

  • Always Last


  • lukeg21

    wow!!! all pictures are sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KAG

    Wow, think we found perfect

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