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The photo of Katherine Cathey was taken by Todd Heisler of The Rocky Mountain News
Mr. Heisler was awarded second place in the “International Pictures of the Year”
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  • 121sara

    #60 #70

    • Firefighter23

      I'm not a big fan of Seagrave but I do love America

  • caleb

    efffff you Brigade, you always suck me in with the lead picture of a pretty lady, only to subject me to hoo-ray propaganda. I wonder if and when the American people will realize that 9/11 was actually an attack from their own Government.

    • Danne

      This is the Brigade, military pics is kind of their thing.

    • Parkatola

      If it has happened more than twice, and you keep coming back, whose fault is it? That's like standing in the street and complaining about all the cars that keep swerving around you.

    • D395

      Two options. Option one, If you are upset or displeased with how the Brigade runs their site simply don't look at it. Although, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and as clever and witty as yours may be; most people would rather not hear or read it.
      Option two: Leave the United States of America. It's absolutely awesome that people can come together on a site to display and commend their country and fellow countrymen. To look down upon and subject
      The Brigade for creating such a website; that is just un-American.

      • CudaMan

        you forgot Option 3, Pull your lower lip over your head and swallow

    • Anthony

      My father, a Vietnam veteran saw me off to war as a Marine going to Desert Storm, and now as a Desert Storm Veteren, I have wached my son leave for Iraq to serve with the 1st Cavalry division. Three generations of war veterans. You should be on your knees every day thanking God that my Family has fought for America for over forty years to secure the freedoms and liberties that you now have today. So Caleb, you can take your anti American sentiments and shove them up your arse. Until you have walked one week in the shoes of my son you have no busines even involving yourself in these types of discussions. You do not even rate to be in the same room as my father, myself, and especially my 19 year old son. And on behalf of all my family members who have sacrificed their blood, sweat, and tears serving these great United States of America….you are welcome!!!!

      • Phee

        I just came across this post though it is very old. I just wanted you to know I'm a woman from NH and I am so grateful for your service and the service of your family. I actually do thank God for you and I ask him to bless you and I also believe in the amazing greatness of our country. Thank you so very much for your sacrifice and service to our nation that enables me and my children to live a better freer life. I will pray for your son's safety! Thank you so much! I just thought this was a good time to let you know that some of us really do spend time thinking about servicemen and women and are grateful!!! We love you!

    • jack

      fuck off prick

      • CDR E

        Although crass, rude and foul, I think your comment hits closest to the mark for most of The Brigade fans. Well played jack.

        • Rusty Nail (FB)

          Judging by Caleb's comments, it is remotely possible that he is not American. He can't leave where he isn't.

          Or he may be a gay goat that doesn't understand the sacrifices that many people before him, and many people after him will to continue to fight for freedom, for all citizens. Not just of the US, but all other free countries around the globe.

    • Smitty

      I don't want to sound like a jingoist, but seriously, GTFO you pinko commie prick.

      This might be the internet, but really… WHAT THE @#$%&! did you expect from a military themed site? You FAIL at the internet. Log off and don't come back. If I was the sysadmin, I would backtrack you and permaban your ass.

      Oh and by the way, screw you and your conspiracy bullshit. Terrorists did it, end of story. I won't explain it to a turd like you so you can either educate yourself from credible sources and come back and apologize to everyone here, OR put your tin foil hat back on and go back to hiding in your Mommy's basement.

    • Don

      Listen you panzy ass bitch, this is the Brigade, you need to take your paranoid self entitled whining ass over to the Ellen shows web site and post. Here at the Brigade we Veterans who have sacrificed since 9/11 like the HERO in pic 70 and his wife, and the Marine who would stand there for hours to be there take offense at your post. I have some size 10's that have seen Iraqi and Afghani soil that are itching to say hello to your commie ass.

  • Bob

    There are plenty of things that our politicians have done or are doing to be upset with with but to say that pictures of Servicemen and women doing their jobs or Firefighters pushed to the breaking point is propaganda is stupid. It seems like what the other posters said, about the second, maybe third time this happened to you you would just stop reading The Brigade.
    On another subject, #70 was truly touching. Thanks.

  • mongoose

    #36 Awesome.

    #70 Gut wrenching.

  • Phil

    Anthony……God bless you and your family. I dont live in the US, I am from Canada but our two countries are fellow brothers in arms.

    Like you, my grandfather was in the Army in WWII, my dad, a veteran of Bosnia, and I start basic in 5 months time. Family tradition.

    Semper Fi Anthony, and again God bless. I hope your son makes it home safe and sound.

    Much love from Canada.

    And picture #70 breaks my heart………

  • Smitty

    Hay Matty, if you happen to see this, be sure to thank him. From me and (I'm sure most of) all of us because:

    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
    – George Orwell

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