A low down dirty good time (26 Photos)

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  • Ripple

    #15 or you give him a hand what the hell


    Source: STOLEN FROM REDDIT. Cite your sources, thieves! (and Fuck You).

    • GreatCowGod

      Buzz off REDDIT, you inbred stepchild of internet news.

    • Meagan Ann Laninga

      Did physically create those photos? cause if you didn't, there is a chance Chive could of gotten them from some place else… like IDK CHIVERS who submit photos… so why don't you tell the people that look at your site to "Fuck You" or get off the fuckin chive.

      • http://www.reddit.com REDDIT

        Meagan – you were obviously one of the people I was telling to fuck off.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Stevens/100000058325127 Andrew Stevens

          Obviously? As far as your threat went it was rather open in regard to its intended target. Now quit getting so upset about damn websites

        • Meagan Ann Laninga

          And you are obviously one of the people who are assholes that shouldn't be allowed to the look at the greatness that is The Chive…..

    • not working

      chive steals all sorts of shit…. not really a new thing… but feel free to yell and holler and try to get everyone knowing

  • Stevo

    "Really not?"
    "What can I say, I've had Pawlenty of women"

  • Chicago_animal

    16 has been posted 3 times in the last week, including being posted yesterday. Same with 13.

    Mr Shart plates are awesome !

  • P90

    #10 He looks like the kind of guy that if you told him to go fuck himself, he'd probably go and give it a try.

  • misschris

    #26 – That is f*cked up. And kinda hilarious.

  • nonsense

    #16 not funny the first three times is was posted…wear it out….

  • Adam

    Jerk Center= Ritz Carlton Jamaica

  • manofabsinthe

    Jamaican's know how to be prepared for the munchies

  • http://twitter.com/mja1485 @mja1485

    #12 Nice tan line.

  • Bob

    #5…This is stupid.

  • Stephen Neal

    The Chive t-shirt business must be keeping everyone busy. If we removed all of the recycled images, this post would have 3 pictures.

  • Charlie_Cheen

    #23 boy I hope they didn't waste a perfectly good pine box on that bastard.

  • ceddton

    #10 hanging with my mom…….like a boss

  • mith

    #17 Retarded is as retarded does…

  • Tyler J Smith

    #15 Emma knows her shit.

  • buuillis

    #11 please tell me this is real. I will never shit on the joke that is still having royal families again

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    you know how i know youre a virgin?

    • WTF

      every dog(monkey) knows his own?

  • http://twitter.com/Wavien_G @Wavien_G

    #10 Way of the metalhead

  • baconfortress

    Where's the Women –> Kitchen –> sign

  • venromero

    #10 Meanwhile in Alabama

  • red_dawn19

    #20 pedo-park

  • Anonymous

    Moar #22

  • DDD

    #17 #21 but seriously #17

  • Leela

    saw most of this on reddit… i am disappointed

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