If you like chicks with tattoos, get in here (36 Photos)

  • USAF

    #33 Wow…That is all

  • Captain Obvious

    #36 rules…. nice work

  • evan

    why do girls destroy an already great work of art with this crap?

  • Big Man Bro


  • USAF

    P.S. Her name is Veronica Gomez

    Google and enjoy

    • USAF


      • Justin Hall

        Same for number #32


  • Random

    #31 – I'd like to see rest of the tattoo

  • Captain Obvious
    • USAF

      Thank you Captain Obvious! lol…jk, I had to say it.

      Yeah you beat me too it, I posted her name about 5 down.

      • Captain Obvious


  • rich

    Years ago only hookers had tatoos. Now a girl that has a few tatoos mean she takes it in the butt. I love sluts.

    • doublemeat

      +1 internets.

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

    #22 Ain't nothin' but a gangsta party!

    • b-ry

      pretty cool tat idea…although very trashy on a girl and would never get something like this done.

    • The President

      Looks like a cover-up that has taken on a life of its own.

  • BSmike

    Some of these girls have too much ink, but ink or not, #30 and #33 are super hot

    • GK-4

      How about a Chivettes with Tattoos Gallery?

  • kangoskatbot

    I think having alot of color in tattoo's on women is key. Though I'm fine with this:

    • Tyler Durden

      So it would look good for a while, but the color will fade, the images will bleed and stretch. It's short-sighted.

      • kangoskatbot

        Yep, touch-ups are generally required for any tattoo maintenance.

    • T-Moze

      I prefer #16

  • http://twitter.com/mja1485 @mja1485

    Not the biggest fan of tats but #30 and #33 are smokin' hot.

  • BMW

    Not a fan of the tattoos but I like #28 #30 #31

  • pdiddily420

    #30 is sexy as hell, tattoo or no tattoo.

    Edit: they changed numbers on me, Damn!

    • Ken

      As pretty as this girl's face is (and it really is), I just can't warm-up to the big tats across the chest, collar-bone to collar bone. I like tats, but not there. That is an expanse of skin that should be left unspoiled.

  • rob

    I'm disappointed Jesse Lee Dennings was not included in this thread. Still awesome though.

    • bettingonthecubs

      well played rob

      and that link is NSFW

      • rob

        Yeah, sorry about not mentioning the link is NSFW, but I just figured this whole site is NSFW. I'll be sure to mention that next time. I believe Jesse Lee Dennings deserves her own thread, but I digress… For those of you who don't know who she is, she is the woman in Hinder's All American Nightmare video, and she graces the cover of their album.

    • shoestring30

      Just got caught creepin at work, lucky it was a male co-worker…..Thanks Rob.

  • AsciiAdam

    #18 Not really into blonds but she is cute!

  • John

    #7 #18
    Same girl… same terrible tattoo… nothing worse than a breast plate tattoo

    • AsciiAdam

      I agree, and she has such a cute face. I just could not see dating her.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tristan.wagner2 riverjns1234567

        I would date her and hump her

  • Brian

    #18 and #31 are fucking tragic. I love tatoos, but ruining such lovely breasts is unacceptable….

  • Kyle

    Chicks that dig Star Wars are just about the hottest thing ever. Example #14

  • Trent

    #21, that is all.

    • Krystal Wulf


  • Lucas

    idk, i think when done right and tastefully, it could be really sexy. like #2

    • b-ry

      agree. that looks good. also a fan of the sleeves on girls, in colour. #30

  • Gross

    I'm glad you made a separate gallery for women with tattoos, so I can avoid it!

    • https://www.facebook.com/ilya.josefson Ilya Josefson

      If you avoided it, how did you post a response?

      Go hate somewhere else ya douche.

      • Gross

        First of all, I am not a douche and I am not "hating." Last time I checked this was the comment section, intended for people to post their thoughts, so blow me. Second, I was commending the Chive on creating a separate gallery, and am showing my appreciation. Third, I will definitely avoid this gallery, in the future, if not to shield my eyes from the travesty that is beautiful women scarred by permanent bad decisions, then so I can avoid hearing from idiots like you.

        • Hater-u-made!

          Give it up, man – Chivers are a bunch of hypocritical, jr high school mentality, fucking MORONS! They don't know what it means to politely post and move on, no – they respond to opinions full of hate and detest, thumbing down comments just to be pricks.

      • Hater-u-made!

        You're the DOUCHEBAG, bitch! If he doesn't like tattoos, so fucking what! It's every persons right to like wtf ever they want and shouldn't be subjected to being called names like fucking school children! Grow the hell up and if you can't post something nice, sit down and STFU!
        Fucking ass – it's people like YOU that have ruined the Chive!

        • thelifeofthisgirl

          lol and it's reading comments like this that make chive even better. Oh the petty strangers, always so incredibly entertaining. Chive, you need a haters gallery of great burns made on people or just all round awesome wit battles just from the comment section

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    Let one slip there? #5

    • Tyler Durden

      It's just a tattoo of a right nipple. 🙂

    • Camo Skin

      I think that might be part of a tattoo on her right arm peaking out from some side boob action.

    • name

      That's definitely nipple. I tell from the color and texture of the skin and from seeing quite a few nipples in my time.

  • KeyserSoze


    oh my god…. stunning….

  • http://www.thechive.com Azrrael

    #1 and #34 my favs!!!

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