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  • Kodos

    Please tell me that is NOT who I think it is shaking the Gunny's hand.

    Otherwise BRIGADE, that is unsat.

  • FLHomesteader

    #25 Yo dawg, I heard you like cannons……..

  • Daniel

    #9 Israeli chicks! YES!

  • Zachary Franklin

    Not the end yet, but with nothing to follow in their contrails, it is a sad ending coming way too soon.

    • Rick

      I'm going to the last launch…it is sad, like f-ing sad

  • Dave

    What aircraft is number 13?

    • OldGuy

      F-105 Thunderchief, also known as the "Thud".

      • Dave


  • john

    #43. oh wow.

  • NVP

    #43 who is that?

  • Anonymous

    The space shuttle has good aim in the last pic

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