• slutifer


  • jetrome

    First a video about sandwiches. Now about heart health and boobs. Patty, I think I know what's going through your mind these days.

  • Spivias

    now i have a excuse for not staring chicks in the eyes

  • Joshua

    Only 10 mins a day? Hope you can't OD on it 😥

  • ryan

    wasn't this news like a month ago?

    • GREW


    • MX-D

      It might be old news up it's still Good News.

    • mith

      They should announce it every day on the news….!

  • Mickael Duncan

    Unfortunately it's on FOX, so you know it isn't true 😦

    • sebastianbleach

      In any case I'll give it a try

  • Jed

    Boobs are great, but this study is completely made up. The people at Fox suck as journalists.

    • Henrik

      Who cares if it's made up, you now have an excuse to look!

    • smallchinaman

      When Fox News tells you to look at a boob, it is a promo for the O'Reilly factor.

    • 2DruNk2FraG

      Sorry. I gotta side with Jed. This study is bullshit. Love me some titties though.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    the guy who edited the footage must be a serious chubby chaser. that was a big parade of BBWs

  • Julian Flyn

    I want to know how they got the approval to do, research, and publicize this story.

  • papperboy

    (((((( NEW WAY TO DO SEX ONLY +18 go to the following))))))

    • kai

      go fck yourself

      • Spencer Rome

        A new way to do sex? lol

  • Da Sandman

    so that's why i never get sick!!

  • Matador

    im sure half of the guys told to refrain from looking, actually stopped looking.

  • Beldar

    Does it count if the boobs are attached to fat chicks?

    • Matt

      probably not lol

  • OneClownShoe

    Only 10 minutes a day? I must be as healthy as Superman.

  • yuri

    it would have been awesome to be one of the guys to test this theory
    "excuse me ma'am but its for the sake of science"

  • Jose

    Great! Now maybe if you FIX THE APP! FIX THE APP! FIX THE APP! I will have a long and healthy life.

  • jken

    The girl at 0:08, find her!

    • Boob luvr

      sheyla hershey

  • Dick LeGrande

    A man staring at tits is also good for the woman, thats why they wear low cut dresses. A woman's Tits is one of god's greatest invention. Real tits that is.

    • sidebob

      boobs are good. love the tattas

  • XAV

    Wtf is this shit? It's about women staring at their own breasts, not men being healthy because they stare at god's gift to humankind!

  • Brewdy

    Who the hell refrained from looking at breasts for 5 years? Impossible!

  • BobSugar

    If staring at breasts is healthy, then I'm fucking Jack Lalanne.

    Ninja Edit: r.i.p. jack

  • BAKA

    yeah they told men not to stare at breasts for 5 years. That'll happen

  • Logs

    find the girl at 8 seconds immediately

  • Bob

    I'm not going to not listen to this, but seriously, how does a group of guys not stare at tits for 5 years??

  • Sturchy

    There is no straight man alive that would be able to refrain from oggling a womens boobs for more then a day, let alone 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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