• Brandon

    girl at 00:23 PLEASE FIND HER !!!!


    Been sayin!~

  • Kumo

    A study based on… 2 people!
    Whow, this must be reliable.

  • bunedoggle

    If starring at boobs make you healthy I'm Jack LaLanne.

  • @MrChAndy

    How do you not stare at breasts for 5 years?
    I'd kill myself

  • ExistentialBanana

    Would it be possible to overdose on breats?

  • Frankee

    But it have to be nice boobs! Fatty no one likes…

  • cleetus

    and i have to act angry at you ,its the rules cunt.

  • Steven

    Now we know why Patty has been losing weight since he started working at the chive

  • Dan

    I'm NOT sexually harassing you, I'm just trying to lower my cholesterol.

  • Kai

    Chive…helping men get healthy

  • Wilson

    Fuck if I was forced to not look at breasts my heart rate would go up too. That would be so hard

  • Brian Freedman

    The very end, "Men should stare at breasts…. for10minutesaday." Ha ha.

  • Don_Juan_Ramon

    I'm gonna live forever.

  • medium

    Yea staring at good tits, not the fat tits that this video article keeps referring too.

  • boob luvr

    Sheyla Hershey is @ 08:00 nuff said

  • Science

    I bet that the guys who were told not to stare were just stressed out because it's so difficult—causing them to be anxious/not healthy. The guys who were allowed to could just relax. =Flawed study

  • Paul

    Could have told them that in 2 minutes… 5 YRS holy cow..

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