Cat Saturday (30 Photos)

  • Gabe

    Look at all that pussy

    • ryan




  • Wilson

    #13 I want that cat, but only if it's face is always like that.

  • bob151

    #16 Gambit kitteh
    #20 Copycat
    #24 Longcat awaaaaaay……

  • zelda guy

    when half these cats know its time they'll be too far off 😦

  • Bruce

    #12 Nice Kittens.

  • Resident_Saint

    Dogs need a day to themselves. This is racist.

    • captainobvious


    • QuattroD00d

      Kitties are the master race!!

    • Smarter Than You

      That would be called speciesism since a dog and a cat are different species.

      • ryan

        thaaaankk yooooouuuuu

      • Mickael Duncan

        Maybe, but we call it racism with humans, and we're all the same race, just different color skin

        • ryan

          looks like that bio anthropology class did you some good

    • MacNCheesePro

      I agree that we need a dog day too. Some of us love cats and are allergic to them, but not dogs, so we can relate better and lol more!

      • BentWrenches

        love my cat but miss my dog.dogs rule!

    • Rob

      But then you can't have a cool weekly title like Caturday. Plus cats are photogenicly (i made that word up) funnier i think.

  • Guest

    #17 The cute meter just exploded

    • Nathan Bowen

      I saw this photo, and did a double take. That's an F'n Bobcat kitteh. irony + no measure for cuteness = heaven.

  • Grigo

    #21 You have three seconds to get this fucking thing off of me.

    • Vance Garner

      Its my party and I will cry if I want to.

  • repitllia

    Best hangover cure ever.

    • ryan

      blended cats, cures all hangovers

  • Deadpool

    You just know that a few seconds after #14 was taken, that toddler had scratch marks all over him

    • karli

      totally eh the cat looks PISSED

    • Volley <3

      Same thought

  • Chase

    Is #12 Ashlee Simpson

    • Stuart Sloan

      its Ali Bastian

    • ryan

      still, no one cares

    • Tyler Hendrickson

      thats a nice pair of kitties you got there.

  • Tony

    Just throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care……

    • Spivias

      is it just me or that one looks alot like Garfield

  • physioboy

    #17 I'm not sure that the kitten is really a cat… It's really look like a baby lynx…

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #4 thats right, cats can do tricks for some love too, just like dogs

  • Luke Evans

    #9 when I typed in "big wet pussy" this is not what I meant

  • xlns

    #3 … run, you fools … RUN!

    • xlns

      #7 … run, you fools … RUN!

      yeah, having trouble remembering a single number all the way down the page … pwnd!

      • Paula_

        AND misquoting Gandalf, shame shame shame!

        – the one who knows it's fly

        • gxs

          lol… ownd … , i'll slash my veins open as soon as i find a clean tub 🙂

  • Amelia

    #7 & #27 are just gorgeous

  • mrjimmyos

    #3 is hilarious, #17 too, much, cuteness!

  • BloodScrubber

    #29 Yeah….thats pretty much how I feel this morning too.


    #10 TRUST and #19 LOVE

  • tim

    #3 that boy needs therapy

    • RDK

      ahhaha… so funny that is getting a thumbs down… FRONTIER PSYCHIATRIST!

  • Diana Santos

    #23 awwwww ❤

  • Amanda

    I just LOVE Cat Saturdays!

  • Colin

    #15 is the most bad ass cat I've ever seen.

    • Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo


  • Trent

    #13 Eh, c'mon, you know you wanna call it Caturday, eh, eh? 🙂

    • Dan

      No. It's Cat Saturday. You need to become more cool.

    • thing

      Yeah, hasn't that been already taken by the icanhascheezeburger people? Cat Saturday will just have to do.

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