30 more USB drives I want (30 Photos)

Via Widelec

  • sniggi


    • Coldzilla

      And here we have the fucking tool award winner for today!

      Fucking "FIRST" attention whores make me laugh!

    • biggles

      Moron fa sho

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #21 "Luke, I am your external storage device!"

    • Lowrent75

      It's a Trap!! Sorry could not resist.

  • Ripple

    #7 but the lighter needs to work

    • Fawx

      #7 is in fact a micro-dvr (camera).

      The pin-hole in the front were the camera is hidden, and the take picture/record button next to the usb plug.

      • agreatsign

        You're right, I've got one and it rocks.
        Takes videos and stills.

        • 90sgamer

          But the lighter doesn't work.

  • TitoRigatoni

    #6 Would be really cool if it had a little motor to spin the gears whenever the device is accessed.

    • christopher

      thats a good idea. i just dont think those ones are functional

  • sulinder


  • Fred Garvin

    Wow, file these with the photos of kim jong-il.
    Total FAIL.
    Yep, its Monday all day long.

    • Evelyn


  • Nelson

    does anyone know where i can purchased anything like this or similar to these flashdrives? let me know please, thanks.

    • Nelson


    • ANR

      Thinkgeek has a bunch of flashdrives. Not sure if it has any of these though.

  • Chicago_animal

    The Elmo one is hilarious!

  • disturbed

    #6 and #18 are actually cool.

    • Sick

      those were the 2 i was thinking. goo one sir

  • Dante

    #6 #18 #27 I want these…They look awesome…

  • VedHead77

    #4 Cool until your kid swallows it and you have to dig it out of their diaper.

  • Dan

    Idiot. It's not life size.

  • Nelson

    well duh, i did, lol. couldnt find shit on it.

  • sniggi

    aren't you so glad you took the time out to respond to me? a winner is you.

    • 123

      Aren't you happy you went out of your way to entice other people to call you names and snarl at their computers for how stupid you are?

      • sniggi

        aren't you overjoyed you can't respond to me without turning my original sentence into a ham-fisted parody that doesn't change the fact you're still paying attention to me? CUZ TATS SOOO CLEVER!

  • meh

    Where's the GIF of the humping dog?

  • RatedR401

    #1 coolest one yet!

  • nvrenf4me

    Too bad you didn't have the Mark Tremonti – Alter Bridge guitar USB. It ROCKS!

  • The_Skid



  • zetetic

    Ceci n'est pas un USB #28

    • bettingonthecubs

      oui oui

      • 90sgamer

        Je pense que ceci est acheté photo…

  • http://www.kenfoe.net John

    Where can I get one of #23 ?

    • SCS


    • GK-4

      DAmn that's some old-school nostalgia marketing,
      I'd love to get my hands on an 8GB roll of film for my pics,
      and to pay tribute to my younger days

  • bettingonthecubs

    Its blow me elmo

  • Stupid_Donkey

    Flash Drive Mother F-er at #27

  • Virulent87

    Awsom =)

  • Choad

    #4 Probably full of the nastiest Sasha Grey porn on the net.

    • Choad

      er….my bad. Make that #8

  • ranD

    asians* fixed

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