Set your GPS to ‘Find Her’ (36 Photos)

The following are the girls the Chivers want to see MOAR of. One problem, nobody knows who they are. If you have a name and MOAR pics, just email your chick knowledge to theCHIVE and we'll post them in our 'Found'.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Find them all, for the love of god

  • TheFlintSkinny

    #13 There was nothing wrong with my name, until I was about 12 years old and that no talent ass clown became famous and started winning Grammys.

    • BSmike

      why should I go by 'Mike', he's the one who sucks

    • chiver79

      one of the greatest movies out there! Thank you for reminding me of it.

  • JohnQ

    #9 they look so soft and squishy

  • JohnQ

    #34 really stunning. looks a bit like Mila Kunis

    • element

      Agreed on the stunning part. Perfect.

  • yummy

    #1 is stunning.

    • steve


      • Frank M

        Her name is probably that stupid tattoo on her tit.

  • asdasd

    #31 pedobear approves!!
    Y'all welcome

    • nywolf

      ok, that is all extremely creepy… she scares me, probably cause she is like a mix of like 4 of my girlfriends…

      • Firefighter23

        Whoa whoa whoa hold up. You have more than 4 girlfriends?

    • Kai

      well…isn't she just annoying as hell

    • Tofu_Ninja

      Wow… She is hyper!

  • the dude

    frank the tank approves of #22

    • ROK247

      many people neglect the style points portion of the keg stand competition…

    • storesy

      Once it hits your lips, it's so good!

  • r.pgh

    #26 ahhhhhhh Asians, how I love you so….

    • sammuelchase

      she is in my dreams all the time, chive ill do anything for you if you find her and make her a chivette. Anything 😉

    • Paul Betton

      chicken & rice do you like hot spicy yes ? no!
      gungo peas in salted water take out the juice
      on the sighed piece your!
      glass" is a, red wine o cherry wine 4 you
      i like Turkish Chinese food to the 'Europe & I love pizza'
      Russia food o so.
      i will wait 4 you from work or pick you up from work "i massage you
      feel cool in side and wet. a happy face
      once a week i cook food 4 you Saturday or Sunday in bed you like that
      i do not mind "Davies sitting 4 you the kicks plane when you r cumin
      in from work, they food 4 you will like that yes
      i cook food 4 my friends some times i see my friends once a week i see
      them no i do not see my friends in the week i busy
      faint you 4 the pictures you sand me i like the things you had to say,
      you takesing' care your selve. I enjoy looking at your beauty look
      at you I like your juicy ladie
      sexpiece, the ladies you sexy your,tender lips to kiss them & love them,
      i like it piece the you're out fix
      And you know at the top is you r top 4, is? you in my life
      kiss i was inner world is you believe in love, sincerity and happiness.
      speeck happiness you? By the way, I would like to ask you.
      whom do you live? with or maybe a friend?
      Well, I'll wait for a mutual letter from you. I'm waiting for contemporary
      stories and facts from you.
      It will be really interesting to me, your face is intriguing and appeals to
      me tell you that your day is OK! today,
      In my heart grows warm smile on my face, and my face glows with happiness.
      soon at a pace!))) 4 you
      lot of love from paul kiss XXXXXXXXX love you

      • ( . ) ( . )


  • Lou

    # 12 I believe her name is Summer Altice. Playboy model and a DJ.

    • Big_R

      her name is Kate. she's from Vancouver and now lives in NY

    • Norbert Zalog

      I believe your very wrong.

  • Dave Gal

    #29 Quite possibly the best used car ad I've ever seen.

    • EdWood

      Agreed 100%.

    • Steve Lee

      cheers to that

    • caitlin

      so crazy. this is my friend tori thompson. her facebook name is tori morgan thompson and she lives in nyc.

    • bmwbro

      this is why i love bmw. bimmers for life.

  • Dakota

    come find me and prove it!

  • willkm75

    #6 #5 #9 #33 #34 WOW!!! FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! thats all

  • DistractedIndividual

    #28 I could try to be a runner up…
    Middle of nowhere- Check
    FLBP- Check
    Lip bite- easy check
    Hump- Check
    Gap- Is a baby gap but just might do it

    Getting it all in one pic would be the problem/:

    • let'sseeit

      we good if it is two or three pics.

    • OwnerOfYou

      I think the Chive just needs to give you a whole post…

    • JAS

      looking for a contortionist posing in the forest?

  • billy

    #5 #26 #34 MOAR CHIVE, NEED MOAR!!!

  • bless1

    #6,#11,#36- FIND EM!!

    • CalculatedRisk

      #36 – Waitress at Neighbourhood (bar/restaurant) in Cape Town, SA?

    • Denzos

      oh shit #11, thats my friend Sarah Elgut. i met her at a party back in freshmen year! shes currently a student at SCC,

  • Stupid_Donkey

    How Convienent as #4 comes with built in punching bags…

    • OwnerOfYou

      Search for Winter Pierzina, some may be NSFW. Her vids on DailyMotion are fun…

      • ranD

        isnt she the same girl that got banned from youtube?

    • northerner

      Geez, why would anyone want to find her? Lose this one.

  • EdWood

    What a great side shot.
    That would be an epic find.

    • BSmike

      As noted above, Shyla Stylez

  • Jason

    #10 looks like Nigella Lawson

    • Mal

      I thought the exact same thing. Younger version of Nigela Lawson. I'll be in my bunk.

    • Tom

      It's kelly brook to the best of my knowledge. even if its not it looks a helluva lot like her, and she has sexy pics 🙂

    • Brad Kempeny Jr

      That's from the "Sea Sick Steve" star in a reasonably priced car segment. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who thought she was gorgeous.

      • matt

        This is uncanny. I just watched that one and thought the same thing. Now every episode I catch I am spotting gorgeous britts in the crowd. And I already thought Top Gear is one of the greatest TV shows I've ever seen.

  • Calle

    google for Pae & Sarah 😉

  • lessthanjake

    is #11 Kaya Scodelario?!?! not sure tbh :/

    • Jaf

      Seems like it. Effy from Skins!

    • steven

      Kaya is hot, but this isn't her. Other than being a brunette, they look nothing alike.

      • Catch


  • Dai

    #32 Florinda Matus …model

  • Henry Gibson

    I've decided that 'Find Her' posts are geometrically more awesome than 'FLBP' posts. I could live to see one Find Her post every day with, like, the top ten women requested from the previous day.

  • Chuck Norris Jr

    #6 is Sandee Westgate

  • BMW

    #1 #7 #29 #34

  • Benjiman

    #31 is Tabby. Welcome to the internets

    • Allena VanWerkhoven

      So hot, want to touch the heiny

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