Fit girls: The epic debate over their sex appeal wages on (31 Photos)

  • beasty


    Um, What?

    • iloveQuatchi

      Steroids: turning ugly chicks into men.

    • JD Marsh

      "Einhorn is Finkle…Finkle is Einhorn!!!" (que crying game song)

      • T-Moze

        effing awesome! Well played indeed. Made my Chive day.

      • WETH

        damn that sucks.

    • Nick702


    • dan

      Sarah Jessica Parker on steroids?

    • my5tika1cll

      #16 ….. Is that Arnold's illegitimate child that he just confessed to?????

    • disturbed

      All hot but her…him? It.

    • -RA


    • Picard_

      is man!

    • Adriana Byproxymoron Garcia

      Soooo hot.

    • SuperiorTo8

      In soviet Russia, woman give you black eye

    • Banksy

      I'D MAKE FUCK TO # 14

    • BigE

      #16 NO, Make that a HELL NO. All else, I do again and again.

    • Er0cK85

      strong shmen need lovin too……but they gotta pay

  • Urban

    #7 #10 Any day!

    • ogdan

      #7 now works for the WWE going by the name of Kaitlyn

      • de ja vu

        Real name "Celeste Bonin"

        • Guest

          Huh huh…. "Bonin."


          And #10… holy Goddamn, all day erry day!

        • gmoney

          aka easy pickins

    • zanno

      anyday, anytime and everywhere!

    • Apocalypse_Now

      you missed #14 #21 #28

    • Always Last

      Just love the sticker on #14. Sticker, Y U state obvious??!!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #16 Find it!….and burn it with fire!

    • Ryan

      Chicks with abs don't kill people… chicks with guns do.

  • bert


    • Ernie

      First to thumbs down you.

      • Darth Neegro

        that aint right…autistic kids need a chance too.

        I, for one, support you lil tarded bert.

  • j_rizzo

    #3 #4
    What is the debate?

    • iloveQuatchi

      I don't see how these fine women's sex appeal could be debated.

      • Graphix

        No veins, no problem… easy as that

    • MikeK

      #3 is really just about perfect… Too bad about the derp face though.

    • Big Mike


    • BentWrenches

      #4 they shopped in the nipples, seen this one before

  • bkfrijoles

    She-Hulk's arent sexy

    • dirk

      fit, toned and cut is hot. when you've pumped so much weights that your arms and hands look like a man's – you've gone too far!

      • bkfrijoles

        I agree 100% #16 is She-Hulk nasty

    • onifox

      She hulk was my dream girl

  • Nasty Santa

    #31 was looking good until I saw the veins in her arms. That's just gross. Man arms FTL.

    • Oasis

      Hit it anyway.

    • bull1123

      completely shopped…

    • quintus

      Understand the negatives, but focus on the positives.

    • IamwhoIam

      she's not too bad if wasn't for the implants just to get A's

    • anyong

      how dare you, Jamie Eason is a heavenly blessed beauty.

    • RicH

      In case you didn't notice, that is Jamie Eason, who is also #4, 13, and 19. Same girl, just a little more cut here. And she is hot, there is no debate allowed.

      • Vince Lorgar

        Friggin Agreed. She's smokin

    • HollarPeenYo

      THAT PICTURE WAS SHOPPED!!! How dare you stain Jamie Eason Chive!!!

  • Htisss

    Most are smokin'. #3 and #25 are my favs.

  • eta?

    where are the pics from the Chive 3-way photo shoot?

  • 123

    #16 FIND HIM!

    • Jen


    • HollarPeenYo

      No shit, I really LOL'd when I read that…

    • zanno


      • P.M.

        That is a man, wtf

  • El Jefe

    Why most we go through this same damn argument every other week?

    • Urban

      To look at hot chicks!

    • pass

      i agree…this post is old. and these she-mans aren't even hot.

  • stickeys

    #16 That's a Man, Man.

    • Eric Walker

      That's not your mother, that's a man baby!

  • b-ry

    #3 is ok…the majority of the rest are gross.

    • ranD

      awww is someone intimidated by women that work out more than he does?

    • Guest

      Know how I know you're gay?

    • ballsy

      I agree with you, dude. I like my women feminine and elegant, as do, I assume, most normal straight males. She-hulks are just gross, especially when they get all veiny and shit.

  • Sean

    Muscle is okay, but veins…. Veins are a No-No. #31 #17

    • afraid

      also those breasts are scary..

  • TheRyan5

    #3 & #10 are definitely hot!

    • Yo Mamma

      and #14 by far the best. all are must finds

    • Swervarelli

      I concur. all others are scary.

  • Oasis

    #18 Before, #16 After

    • Zach in a cubicle

      what is that thing in the middle of her chest?

      • Mitch at a urinal

        Probably her developing adams apple.

    • Fapmaster

      Oh i get it now,before gender reconstruction and after,thanks for clearing that up for me.

  • Lauren Gentile

    #16 is definitely not female…and probably not human…

    • KeyserSoze

      yeah, it is. That's what anabolic / androgenic hormones do to females.

    • dibbs

      take it easy, maybe we just need a karyotype on this one

      • Lauren Gentile

        I intended what I wrote to be joking… but yeah, I'd love to see 'her' results on that test!

        • ranD

          im surprised paula stood still for the picture…

        • Jacksansjill

          I don't even care what you're saying Lauren, I'm just thumbs uping it anyway. Its great that you are correct AND hott but, sadly, most days I'll just settle for hott.

          • WETH

            yeah, 'cause god knows that's what women love in a man.

  • Kaars

    Ok, seriously… what debate? #16 looks a bit like Kevin Sorbo… but admit it: you'd still hit that.

    • Hater_Aid

      I'd be more likely to 'hit that' if it actually was Kevin Sorbo.

      Sadly, I'll have to take a pass on this Hercules.

    • HUH?

      hit that with my truck maybe! and only if i had a cattle guard on the front. yikes!

    • SuperiorTo8

      No sir, I would not hit that… That would hit ME!

  • Frank

    The six pack is cool, Its mainly the arms and shoulders that are a turn off. Most of these girls are hot.

  • Anon

    Abs are great. Bulging triceps and biceps are not cool IMO. A woman can have muscle but I like smooth curves not man bulges.

  • wkdfrog

    #16 ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!

  • fore skin

    wrong wrong wrong …….. have they tucked their dicks

    • bull1123

      well then, you have something in common…

      • Coap

        wow, you just admitted to looking at his genitals. fag.

  • Terry Burke

    #5 is the best, besides jamie eason that is

  • Revo9

    #2 and #11
    This has inspired me to do a lot of push ups.
    Mostly thinking they could spot me from underneath.

  • GTO


    clearly Malibu in drag

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