It’s Wednesday, you should get away (18 HQ Photos)

  • MigraineBoy

    #1 Can I rock your boat?

  • mojomojo444


    I really really really want to hit that on a Jet Ski

  • Megalock26

    #1 One of the Beautiful places in Calgary.

    • MANUFC

      I didn't know lake louise had moved to calgary now. 184 KM is not exactly close.

      • miles

        Alberta if I'm not mistaken. Banff if I'm not accurate.

    • Coldzilla

      Thats in Calgary? Wow been here 30+ years and Ive never run across it.

      Its Lake Louise DA

      • Jen

        this is actually by your moms house. i was there yesterday.

        • Coldzilla

          Wow a MOM joke………. yeah we've never heard one of THOSE before. Seriously asshole if youre gonna troll maybe try pulling something a little more original outta that fat ass of yours.

          Fuck off

  • kevo1

    Hey what ever happened to the wallpaper posts? These are cool and all but can we get some new wallpapers?

  • mojomojo444


    I can see Hurley

  • truthteller

    The only pics on chive worth actually waiting for.

    • Captnjack

      Now i wouldn't go that far, but this is one of their more awesome recurring posts…

    • kyoshizen

      Agreed. It takes precisely 6 keystrokes to see hot girls, less than that for DAR. But this is something special. #13 will contend to that.

  • x-man

    #1 any place is a get-away with that girl. find her.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 is amazing! wheres this at?

    • guest

      it's austria, it a photo by an austrian guy

  • I am

    that land slide must have made one hell of a tsunami

  • I am

    #14 that land slide must have made one hell of a tsunami

  • Chris

    If I ever have to go through one of those "you should get away" photo albums again without the place being credited underneath I shall promise to forcefeed cupcakes to Patty. There I said it. Loyal Chivette. P.S. Hang on, if you do start to credit those beautiful places then I will feed cake to Patty.

  • LineHog

    Anybody know where #5 is? Looks like Austria, or Germany?


    Chive, do the world a favor and list any known locations for these! I wouldn't mind the names of all the women in the other posts too in case I want to go on a Google-fueled fapfest… But, to me, this would be much more clutch, since I may actually have a chance to visit some of these someday!

  • Holly Sands

    wow, where is #11 & #12?

  • soutfan

    Would be great if i could download these wallpapers for windscreen.

  • Brennzky

    #1 looks like Lake Louise in Alberta Canada to me

  • Zenbaas

    #15 Where is this….? Any ideas….

    • pinoy

      Cayangan Lake in the Philippines

    • Adrian V. Castillo


  • Banksy


  • @discreetmiracle

    #15 is Philippines. It's a fresh water lake. You will have to cross oceans to get there, but totally worth it. We went island-hopping 2 years ago and that's one of the highlights of our trip 🙂

    • i want to know!

      whats the name of the island? any idea?

      • trollatc

        Busuanga is the name of the island, look up Coron, Palawan. The city not the island, that is the big town on that island, also where my wife is from. 45 minute flight from Manila, if you go, check out the hot springs too. Also great diving, 12 sunken WWII ships around the island.

    • Nope

      Or you can go to Cancun Mexico, drive one hour and you will get to Xel-ha which is exactly the same

  • yuri

    #18 is this france? (note the bunker)

  • dingo

    # 7 please …where is this road?

  • Griffin Heath

    #1 Man, that's so nice! Makes me miss the colorado mountain summers real bad! 😦

  • DemonDan

    what a beautiful world we're fucking up….

    • ROK247

      stop listening to the news every day and get out and travel and enjoy it. you will find that it is nowhere near as fucked up as you were led to believe.

  • aserana

    #1 got two beautiful views.

  • Cheppy Vulu

    Please please add the location infos!! 🙂

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