Chivette of the Week: Sarah Jay (26 Photos)

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  • riverjns1234567

    Sarah Jay I am in love with you, have my babies

  • @Speexy

    Great… Now I'm in love… πŸ™‚

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #8 Johnny Cash poster, and hot woman, FTW. Nicely done!!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Johnny would be, and most likely is, proud.

  • Dave

    pretty girl but if she is the chivette of the week I can't wait to see whats coming.

  • mitter78

    For some reason #15 is insanely sexy to me. Probably because she knows where the kitchen is.

    • Sick


  • Parrish Alan Dunnaway

    #17 #23 You are gorgeous, Sarah. WELL DONE

  • Matt

    Damn Sarah Jay your gorgeous. DAMMIT why can't i live in Cali!!! I'm the same age and love the same stuff……. 😦

  • thing

    #11 #12
    Damn you infinitesimal record hole!!!

  • Paddyj

    Gotta give her props for having the guts to stand up to the crowd. #15 is my Favorite…

  • Taylor Hegele

    meh. not impressed. Chive can do better

    • Blumpkin

      The Chive…maybe. But you…not so much

  • wkdfrog

    #12 i wish that was a CD…

  • jack_skeleton

    #17 !!!!!!!

  • Dominican

    extremely hot
    why ruin such a great bod with those hideous tattoos? #14

  • Cory Bergen

    I am in Santa Ana RIGHT NOW. Let's get some In-N-Out!

  • Dunny_

    Very cute. #7 This is the standard Chivette morning uniform while checkin DMA, correct?

  • MigraineBoy

    #11 You should try that with an mp3. πŸ™‚

  • Urban

    Not bad at all. Love #16 though. The glasses really does it.

  • Logan

    I'm a regular girl, I don't have fake nails or an expensive purse? What the fuck ever. Does she even have tits? I'm not interested in any of your bitches who sport A cups. Where the double Ds at? Enough of these sick anorexic bitches.

    • rpoy70

      C'mon dude. She's cute and she was nice enough to send in some awesome pictures. The Chive isn't about critiquing the girls who send pics in, its about admiring beautiful and funny things.

      Also, you are a douchebag. You're only interested in girls with Double Ds or bigger? What kind of fantasy world do you live in?

    • The Neighbor

      Logan, you know what would really put this skinny bitch in her place? You should submit some pics of you, maybe posing with some of the double D bitches that you’re pulling, and show Sarah what she’s missing out on. I’m sure the girls at The Berry would love to see what a real man looks like too.

    • ChiverMeTimbers

      The whole point of the Chive Community is to keep a positive attitude and make everyone feel welcome. These girls take time out of their day to submit pictures for our entertainment and pleasure. Its A$$ hole comments like yours that prevent girls from feeling comfortable enough to submit themselves. If she is not your type…then just wait until you see someone who is and leave a positive comment.

    • patov40

      Do your parents know you're using their computer in the basement like this?

  • Sadie1182

    She's alright I guess… I am starting to wonder if the Chive staff's idea of "hot" isn't getting a little bit off… Being 21 and willing to get half naked is most definitely a good thing, but not always necessarily hot. I know I'll probably get thumbed down six jazillion times for having an opinion lol, but she's just really nothing special. There's potential there I guess, but she isn't exactly a chick people would turn to look at if she was walking down the street… Just not that impressed.

    • YourMonsterisGreen

      "she isn't exactly a chick people would turn to look at if she was walking down the street"

      Yes. Yes she is. Anywhere.

      • Sadie1182

        Eh… Doubtful. Men rarely break their necks to look at the average woman with small breasts and no ass to speak of… Truly. Not sure where you live though lol… Maybe skinny chicks with no meat on their bones whatsoever is all the rage there? In any case, much love and respect to the girl for putting herself out there and keeping the Chivers happy, and for being confident and putting out a good message for the women out there…

        • Dylan

          I wouldn't say she has no breasts take a look @ #19 ? maybe she just doesn't keep them up in her throat?

          I think she looks like that everyday girl at the coffee shop – one who is attractive and sexy and real, which is what the chivettes are all about right? We all have different things we are attracted to – maybe this just isn't your definition . She's also willing and brave enough to join the chivettes – something we can all give kudos for.

          There are enough trolls with craptastic comments (not saying this is you), That being said we are all entitled to our own opinions – I would just love to see some acceptance not ridicule.


          • sarah jay

            Thank you Dylan :] I never claimed to be anymore more than an everyday girl, so i'm not offended by the negative comments. Everyone has their own taste, and I am by no means trying to suit them all! of course there are going to be those who like to patrol the comments and try to cut me down, but it actually makes me glad that people that negative aren't attracted to me…i don't have to worry about ever speaking with them! hah.

            I'm so happy that I did this! My best qualities have nothing to do with my appearance, but hey, if i can brighten someone's day by a mere photograph, why the hell not?

            • Sadie1182

              Hey girl, much respect to you honestly! I bear no ill will certainly, and as I said before we have got to love any girl who is willing to be a Sexy Chivette of the week… And I do think there is a lot more to the COTW than just appearance as well. I hope you aren't offended in any way by what I said, although I do stand by my opinions. I mean no disrespect to you whatsoever, and I swear I am not a catty bitch lol… I do, however, enjoy a woman with a round and lucious booty though lol, so if you're ever around my way in Louisville, KY hit me up and we'll do my booty building workout together! (p.s. Your face is stunning… I love your lips and mouth too… not that my opinion means anything really lol…)

              • sarah jay

                no worries sadie :] I would love to know the secret to having more curves! hah. damn my genetics, but this is what i got. i am a hundred percent comfortable and confident in my own body, but i would also say the same if i were a lot more "bouncy!"

                • Sadie1182

                  LOL I am naturally extremely skinny, and when I was your age (God I sound like a grandma lmao) I had an even harder time trying to keep weight on. Even now at age 28 and two kids later I still have to workout to keep my booty at all, if I stop for a week or two it shrinks ridiculously! I love your confidence in yourself… so many women could benefit from a lesson in that. Overall confidence, intelligence and a willingness to be open minded is what makes a woman sexy! Curves mean nothing if you're not willing to flaunt them lol!

                • That Guy

                  you are so classy. that is a really awesome attractive trait.

              • Dylan

                well said Sadie – we are all able to express our own opinions – and I love that you are willing to post yours and do so in a intelligent manner- I was not trying to flame you – It just seems lately the chive is inundated with rude trolls who have nothing better to do then spread their miserable lives – all i was trying to say is a little positivity goes a long way. The chive is about real beauty and real girls and SJ here is a good example of that- Maybe not your cup o tea but a win for the Chive to find another Chivette!

                Chive on Chivette! πŸ™‚

                • Sadie1182

                  Thanks so much Dylan πŸ™‚ And I agree!

                • Sadie1182

                  And by the way: I did not realize that you are smokin hot, Dylan! lmao I nominate you for COTW next time lol… πŸ™‚

                • Dylan

                  Thanks Girl! I think all the chivettes are awesome and hot! I'm just doing my part too! Someone has to represent the 30+ girls around here! Thanks for the nom too! xD

                • ChiverMeTimbers

                  I Second the Motion

              • Wyatt

                I find it funny when people say "no offense" and then say something offensive. I agree your entitled to your opinion but your opinion can still be offensive regardless of your pre-qualifying statement.

                Your idea of big boobs and a curvy figure being the qualifications for "hot" is a bit narrow. There are a lot of features that can make someone hot: great skin, beautiful eyes, a nice physique, exotic features. All of which I would say SJ has. If I were walking down the street in Newport or Laguna, I'd definitely turn my head to check her out.

                Just my opinion. No offense.

                • Sadie1182

                  I agree Wyatt, which is why I did not preface my statement with "no offense" πŸ™‚

            • The Neighbor

              “My best qualities have nothing to do with my appearance”

              You’re right

      • D

        I second that. Yes, she absolutely is someone that would turn my head if I saw her walking down the street.

      • Booty Juice

        no, she really isn't.

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      I'd look, just sayin…

      TheChive is more about the average everyday woman who is sexy in her own right, not the over the top, try too hard, photoshop bimbo's of the world. Sarah is your average normal woman who is getting a few moments in the spotlight that she rightly deserves just by being who she is.

      I do respect your opinion, just remember that TheChive is about all women being sexy and special, not just the select few who make magazine covers. That's why we love our Chivette's so much!

      • Sadie1182

        I agree! Being a "Sexy Chiver" alum I believe in the message wholeheartedly, HOWEVER, for COTW I would think we would be setting the bar a little higher… you know, the every day chick that is way more smokin hot than the model… This chick just isn't it for me. But thanks for the respect for sure! πŸ™‚

        • T-Moze

          What's the matter Sadie, can't drop that last ten pounds? Do your girlfriends tell you, "you're not fat, your big-boned". Whatever your female issues, leave Sarah Jay alone. Maybe you didn't read the first page of comments, but us guys, without your female body issues, like her. I seriously doubt you were ever featured on the Chive, but the proof is in the pictures.

          • Sadie1182

            Bwahahaha!!! Actually I weigh 105lbs soaking wet with clothes on lol… And my friends hate me because I eat whatever I want and never gain… But THANKS for playing!

            Oh, and I appreciate a beautiful woman as much as any man… I send my husband the "Hump Day" album weekly with my favorite all around ass… so confidence is not an issue here, but again, thanks for playing.

          • Sadie1182


            I am number 44… thanks again asshole.

            • T-Moze

              As I suspected, your comments toward Sarah apply more to yourself than her. However, If in fact #44 in the above link is you, I commend you for putting yourself out there for judgement. I'm sure it is not easy being a women held under a microscope, so I commend any/all chivets who do it. That is also why I rushed to the defense of Sarah after your rather cruel comments toward a perfectly pretty and all around awesome chick. If that makes me an asshole -then guilty as charged.

              • El Chiverino

                Quit brown-nosing now that she has a hot pic out…. makes you look very desperate, forever alone

              • Sadie1182

                My comments were not cruel my any means for one, and for two my comment was for the Chive staff who picked the Chivette of the week. Yes, I can agree that this is a very beautiful woman, but there are plenty of beautiful women (myself included) that I am not sure are worthy to be the Chivette of the Week. I am merely stating an opinion, and people are certainly free to disagree with me lol… and yes, insinuating that the only reason I would have the opinion I do is if I were fat is an asshole move. A woman does not have to be insecure to have an opinion of another woman.

                • That Guy

                  i totally agree with you. this is all the chive's staff doing. she would turn my head on a street or in person. i commend her for putting her out there. my point is only that the chivette of the week should be a knock out no questioned ask chivette. like Dylan. lol. i would put you in the category but i need more evidence. for… research. ya… research.
                  however trying to explain yourself only feeds the fire of peoples disagreement. i think there are more people who agree with you than there would normally be if you were waaaaaay off.

            • notwithhisdick


        • Testicules


          Really, you've spent way too much time trying to cautiously sell your version of "hot". I'm tired of this "real" women have "this or that" shit. Why is it that people must put other people down to prop up their opinions. Go away. Go rag on someone else. If Sarah isn't your type, move on to someone who is. Why spend the energy bringing someone else down?

          • Sadie1182

            I wish I could post my blog on "Real Women Have Curves" for your education… I don't buy into the idea that a woman is not REAL if she doesn't have this or that… I just didn't think Sarah was spectacular in the way others might, and that is my opinion… take it or leave it…

            • UglySadie1182

              I leave it. And you to your arrogant self-importance. Go give advice to someone who wants it. You "educate" me? Hardly. You mistake arrogance and stubborn defense of rudeness for confidence. If you truly were confident, you wouldn't feel the need to denigrate someone else.

              • Sadie1182

                Must be a troll… Only a troll would try so hard to sell his or her intelligence by using words such as "denigrate" (which is clearly not the proper descriptive word for my comments). Sad. Furthermore, by using my name in yours you only serve to feed my so called "arrogance", so yet again another idiot makes himself known lol…

        • Sadie1182-go-away

          Guess setting the bar higher would rule you out…

    • Urban

      I think it all depends on what she is wearing. I've looked at average girls before if they were wearing something hot.

    • Fisheyes

      I think that the requirements for COTW has basically become any relatively good looking girl who will send in more than 5 pics of herself in various stages of undress.

    • ChiverMeTimbers

      Cant we all just Chive On?

      • Dylan


        • That Guy

          dylan you my dear can say what ever you want.

      • That Guy

        shit… my hand slipped and thumbed you down. i absolutely hate when that happens. and i can't take it back. yes let's all just chive on.

  • The Neighbor

    I can’t stand not saying something! She’s even hotter in person and I’m impressed at the restraint of The Chive in choosing the most conservative pics of all the pics Sarah submitted. Yes, that’s right, there are literally hundreds more that are apparently to hot for Chive (but not for me:)

  • saanvi
  • bless1

    #23- cute chic but how did she get picked out of all the Chivettes.

  • Paul Soud

    #11 is why vinyl is better. Try that with an mp3…

  • jayman

    #26 Dude! Hand. Move it.

  • jerkstore_

    #11 Ah! Hold it by the EDGES for the love of God!

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