Chivette of the Week: Sarah Jay (26 Photos)

For the next... forever... we're going to be bringing you a Chivette of the Week every Thursday. Every Chivette qualifies for the awesome honor so start submitting as soon as possible.

One of the things I love most about our Chivettes is that they are actually active in the Chive community. Sarah Jay is no exception. I've been posting her funny submissions for months when one day she decided to submit for 'Sexy Chivers' and I realized she was also hottern' hell. I'll let Sarah take it from here.

Hey Chivers! I'm Sarah Jay (just be sure not to Google my name at work!) and I just hit 21 last week. I'm from Orange County, California, but don''t hold it against me. I don't dye my hair or have fake nails or own a purse that could pay to feed half of Africa. I'm honestly a regular girl... and a nerd at that. I love to read, did four years of Model UN in high school, and LOVE Star Wars. I'm going to school right now to become a nurse. Trauma nurse, to be exact. Bring on the blood and guts!

But my passions are writing and photography. I'm in love with the ocean, and I'm a California girl through and through. Give me the beach on a sunny day and a deck of cards, and I'm happy. I'm always listening to music (thank you Pandora!!) from the Beatles to Johnny Cash to the Bloodhound Gang. Favorite movies: Forrest Gump and The Big Lebowski. I also adore True Blood.

I fell for the Chive immediately after seeing my first DAR, and when I found out John played the goofy deputy on True Blood, it was the blood covered cherry on top! I'm an aunt to 8 awesome kids, and I think I enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba more than they do. The way to my heart? Buy me an In-N-Out burger (double-double, please!) and take me camping. Or just snag me some of that mythical Chive gear! No, really, I can't even get the stuff (hint). Chive On!

  • beasty

    #11 #12
    Makes me want to whip out my big ten inch …… record
    Very sexy

  • stratus

    Fucking weak. either there weren't any other submissions for cotw, or john had a 12 pack before posting this. This bitch ain't even in the same state as hot.

  • u-know

    Holy Shit…just got caught at work by co-worker. I think I just made a new Chiver.

    Chive On!

    #4…Love those legs!

  • mojo2975

    Sexy through and through, well done.

  • Nobody Special

    My buddy told me Sarah Jay was the Chivette I hurry over to see one my favorite "performers" around only to discover it was Sarah Jay, not Sara Jay.

    Damn you chive….

  • Phil

    Having four eyes myself I would like to see more sexy women in glasses

  • Phil

    oops wrong photo

  • smh

    #18 amazing hips.

  • patov40

    #10 – There's two of them??!!

    And to all the haters, stop coming here if all you can think to do is to make rude comments. You're not funny, and I doubt any of you could pull a girl that looks this good. If you can, we await her pics for similar critique.

    • sarah jay

      that's my big sister. isn't she gorgeous? thanks man, but you know….haters gonna hate :]

      • patov40

        My pleasure Sarah! The two of your are making the world a better place just by existing, although I'm sure you are doing more than that. As for the haters, don't you just love the anonymity of the internet? Busters. Hope to see more of you on these pages. Chive On!

        • El Chiverino

          Not hating, but how can you say for certain that they are making the world a better place, by posting pics on the internet? How do you know for certain that they haven't stolen someone's identity, or killed someone, which would make their footprint on the world less than better…. kinda jumping the gun on making the world a better place sentence there patov…

          • patov40

            Thank you Captain Literal!

  • OhSomeEvil

    Id hit it… TWICE!

  • 123

    So this is "splooge mirror" girl. You found her. I mean, I have to assume she has entered some sort of competition to see who can go the longest without cleaning their mirror and still be able to make out a reflection in it. Are those popped zits or what? Holy christ, that's one hell of a disgusting turn off

    • sarah jay

      i wish there was a contest like that! i would definitely win. unfortunately, my roomie and i use that mirror as a white-board. it gets a little difficult to clean things that are pretty permanent. good thing they only show up with a flash!

      • 123

        Well, you're a very cute girl and we all appreciate the pics. I probably have some obsessive compulsive issues I should have checked out.

  • Rob

    Chive is lowering it's standards with this one. She's not even cute and in pic #9 she has a big ol' booger hanging out of her nose. Eewwwww!!

    • she is gorgeous

      its called her nose. dumb@ss. do you even know what a real girl looks like? i can imagine that youve never seen a girl from a low angle because that would require them to get on top of you. seriously so sick of people thinking girls in photos arent supposed to be human. “oh gross she has an inside portion of her nose” give me a break.

    • patov40

      Oh, almost forgot. You suck!

  • Rob

    What is up with the potential snot rocket in pic 9?

  • Chan

    #9 and #23. Stunning. absolutely stunning

  • Daniel

    Reminds me of Olivia Munn in a more than awesome way.

  • wztarheel

    #4 Very Nice. Thanks Sarah.

  • Mr. San Diego


    Ohh jeeeesus!!

  • wyatt

    I am very shocked at the amount of trash talk going on here. Sarah, I think you are absolutely stunning!

  • Bill

    Very beautiful!!!

  • bisketz

    #23, #24 yes!, YES!!

  • Rebel_Soul

    #23 and #24 Stunning!

    • Tomas Larence Calvillo

      She has a nice booty but those calf muscles are killin it.

  • Raymond Cabrera

    Tell here ill take her on amazing date anytime!!!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #19 Very sexy and smart as hell Right on girlfriend….

  • rrogerstx

    Meh.. She's cute I guess..but that's about it…cute.

  • rich

    I bet that she does not shave down below.

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