Chivette of the Week: Sarah Jay (26 Photos)

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  • urdad

    Rail what ? She has nothing. Get glasses or get better taste in women.

    • its_forge

      The door, let me show you it.

  • defur

    she wins all teh internetz

  • charles

    she purdy! i wanna touch her goo-goo and then run away giggling.13

  • Dorian

    We got a nice variety! You spoil us Sarah! gorgeous

  • Dapper Dave

    I applaud your submissions Sarah…..especially #23 :$

  • Pitbull350

    You are absolutely beautiful.

  • KLB

    Wow! If Kristin Kreuk were hot, she would be Sara Jay.

  • Beathis209

    It could very well be just me but it seems as were glorifing a very average girl, I mean don’t get me wrong she’s cute but shouldn’t have an entire post dedicated too her.

  • SlimtwigMJ

    #4 Nice appartment, another awesome Chivette, Thanks a lot Sarah!

    • The Neighbor

      Yay! Someone likes my apartment! That makes it with the torture of taking pictures of Sarah all day:)

  • Bob

    #8…Great body, pretty face, tattoos, AND she likes Johnny Cash?? I almost don't want to believe this girl is real.

  • Maicon Herverton

    hamHam, The Chive is very beautiful. Acess:

  • Jsin25

    wow. World can't come to an end i've not met one like her yet! lol

  • Biggie


  • Edslerson

    pssh what kind of standards do some people have anymore? if shes not some cookiecutter plastic girl she doesnt look good i guess? go watch some more jersey shore, fags

  • scoops

    #19 soo sexy!

  • Patricio

    I just don't like the ribs….

  • Chuck Cumiskey

    A creative Chivette, for sure, too. I'm way-impressed. And, like you said, 'hotter n hell' on top of it all.

  • CaptainWow

    You had me at #4

  • bob

    not the sara jay i was expecting to see.

  • Kaiser

    thats not the Sara Jay i was hoping for

  • adam

    She wants to be famous for a day. Good job.

  • JAD

    Love the legs #4

  • Vij

    #18 and #23 are my picks

  • John

    I think I'm going to love Thursdays if theChive brings this sort of amazingness!

  • Greg

    Meh…she's ok, but I've passed on better than this on a pub crawl. Is the Chivette bar being lowered?

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