Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (37 HQ Photos)

  • ontherun1989

    Thank you Mac the Intern for staying up late and posting these wonderful photos.

    • ryan

      He didn't. They most likely use some sort of WordPress automation that will post the articles at a specific time

      • Mac the Intern

        Actually I published this at 12:03a.m. personally because that's how we roll.

        • ontherun1989

          awwwww yeah! thanks man!

        • ryan

          I happily stand corrected

        • Henrik

          Nice going with the HQ pics this weekend too.

        • Paula_

          Thanks for posting in the weekends, seriously. I'd probably have withdrawal symptoms without your weekend postings. I'd think the CMS allows you to pre-determine the time of posting though.

          Anyway now get me my fucking cappuccino, and NO spitting in it! The last intern that did that I buried right next to Jimmy Hoffa.

          Big Hug,
          – the creature under the stairs

  • jetrome

    Nice job, Mac! #3 #35. Two 4-for-1 pics!

  • Tintaneedle

    #3 #5 only thing better than a threesome is a foursome!

    • harry

      dont you mean only thing better than a foursome is a fivesome? haha

      • Tintaneedle

        exactly what i thought to myself after i posted. on the other hand i would be more than happy to just watch either of these groups go at it.

  • walkingtheriver

    #8 Hello beautiful 🙂

    • Badlove

      WOW, those eyes, just wow.

    • Bob


  • Tintaneedle

    #12 How quickly could YOU warm her up?

    • captainobvious

      wonderful picture of a gorgeous lady

  • miliano2.0

    #37 alright chive, stop teasing us with her photo and tell who she is.

  • Paula_

    #3 #3 #3!!!! Ohhhh the redhead heaven!! Fuck those fake blow up tits blonds, redheads are the real deal.

    Oh and props for including an exotic beauty, #32

    – now, to thumb me up or down… hmmm…. difficult

    • iloveQuatchi

      Whoa, i actually get to correct Paula's spelling. It's blondes, dummy.

      • Paula_

        Congratulations! Why don't you celebrate by sticking your head in a bucket of gasoline and lighting a short cigar!?

        – loving a good bonfire

        • Rayden Wins

          Your comments couldn't have been more spot on- Thumbs definitely UP

      • Oz-e man dias

        you tell'em ilovecuatchi

    • Oz-e man dias

      not gonna take the bait this time
      IT'S A TRAP
      a fire crotch trap

  • Surf and Snow

    Great collection! #1 is number one!

    • Mike

      im pretty sure her name is Julianna Guill

      • jeff

        aka best tits from the friday 13th remake

        • Surf and Snow

          Awesome! That is a great rack. Thanks guys!

  • mylismo

    Two of my favourite things in same picture #25, hot girl and diving.

    • Chiveinator

      Two of my favourite things in this picture

  • Tony


    "Jeez, you need all that just to breathe down here….?"

  • n_kb

    if theres anything that would make me bi its #22

    • Kevin Max De Cicco

      dolores barreiro

  • bob

    i love babes

  • Aytchie

    Kudos, KUDOS!!
    HQ just makes it better!

  • Dan

    #13 has great eyes.

  • bkfrijoles

    i would love to play in the creek with you #26

    • Sal

      #26 Who is this??

      • rhys

        shes called denise milani, have fun with google

  • rainier

    oh là là
    #4 #5 #22 #29

  • skiingbeing

    #22 I mean damn, we are all agreed on this one, right? Mother. of God. The hotness.

    • Kevin Max De Cicco




  • truthteller

    More ugly skanks for the despos here ,sigh.

    • EdWood

      And now you have moved to the top…………..
      Of the despos list.
      Nice going tard.

    • but wait...

      Ugly Skanks??? Oh, i remember, you're that guy who only likes girls if they have hairy chests and shlongs hangin from their waist, right?! dont bring a homosexual opinion to this beautiful gallery!

      • The Real D.Nozzle.

        wow that was lame…

        • Arabiannights

          No, what was lame is that you were bashing a Chiver defending this gallery shmuck. I would never date you in a million years (and I am a hunky gay man who can recognize the subtle gay undertones of your name). :o<3

    • bobsky

      Ugly? Are you even looking at the same pics the rest of us are? You can say there are more beautiful women in the world but to call them ugly…you're just being a douche.

  • BlackK

    Thumbs for Mac doing a great job ———————>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Huh

    I know I ain’t got the fastest broadband around but the Chive pages take sooooooooooooooo long to load. Take some of the crap of the pages PLEASE

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #8 wow, beautiful eyes!
    #37 a bit skinny, but sooo hot!! keep going… keep going…!

    • Maynard B.

      #37- Reminds me of younger days when I had a Buick Electra with a back seat as big as a queen size bed. Good times baby…….good times.

  • kasper

    #29 emily scott ftw

    • HectorGum

      Sexiest Australian Ever.

  • shellfish

    #23 the guy in the background really gives this picture the little extra something :p 😀

    • truthteller

      If you noticed a guy in that pic then i have some bad news for you……

    • Kage Fiedler

      I was kinda thinkin the same thing. She's gorgeous and she almost got photobombed.

  • Nicolas

    #1 #26 #31 #36

    • fajita123

      Love me some 36

      • Banderdash

        Go Go Gadget FindChive #36

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