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  • Pyromedic


    • Joey

      All murderers anyway

      • Pyromedic

        Wow… I cant believe you would say that and disgrace this site the United States and all of the people who gave their lives protecting this country and others. so to you I say "Go fuck yourself with a cactus".

  • El BrandO

    This was a pretty powerful post. I have two friends in the Marines, I'm lucky to still have them around.

  • ejcham

    It doesn't matter what your philosophical views about war are, but the men and women who serve in the military are heroes. Thank you all. You deserve more than a Monday holiday.

    • Jannerrx

      Why are they heroes? Because they get paid to invade a free country? I don't get it.

      • walkingtheriver

        Fuck off

      • kent

        "free country"

        Neither Iraq or Afghanistan were free countries before the US invaded. Now they are both democracies. Go figure.

        • qwertz

          Both of them were ruled by men trained by CIA to fight USSR, now they're also ruled by people from CIA.
          You showed us your 'american' democracy, when during Bush vs. Gore election, you were counting votes in Florida three times because printing fake votes took a lot of time.

          • Ezee

            We have now heard from the all too common anti-American leftist. Yes, I differentiated them from others leftists. They are the ones who ignore 100 million dead from Mao, 30 million dead from Stalin, 1/4 of the population killed by pol pot, and try to convince us all that hitler was not a socialist (the party name was national socialist), but will howl tirades and burn flags when a medeval terrorist does not get fresh hummus while in jail.

            • allalalalalh

              Terrorist? I call these brave men who kill people who try to invade their home country by a different name: Freedom fighter.

              • Jon

                Freedom Fighter = Goat Fucking Terrorist whose life is worth less than shit.

              • Larry

                Freedom Fighters… Oh yeah, those are the cowards that die cowering behind their wives, right?

      • absolutcarcrazy

        BC Some died, and some lost everything just so your sorry, pathetic self can sit there with your happy ass cup of coffee and type that bull shit post that you just put up. I applaud any HERO that I see.

        • killnigga

          PS: Thanks for speaking an European language.

      • P90

        Because, despite idiots like you, the men and women of our respective militaries are literally putting their lives on the line on a daily basis to give complete strangers the basic everyday freedoms people like us take for granted. They also, regardless of the politics that leads to combat, fight for the protection of their own from various true threats enabling us to sustain our relatively comfortable way of life.

      • yitzy42

        They are heroes because they gave their lives so that you can go online and denigrate the ultimate sacrifice that these brave men and women have made

      • TheBoris


      • MG83

        Clearly you don't have anything intelligent to say, so just shut your mouth and have some damn respect.

    • 00Delta

      Regardless of what people say, we'll do our job. We do not like what some people say. But we let it roll off and drive on.

      Some people have never done something worthwhile with their life.

  • Royce

    All gave some… Some gave all…

  • kent

    Inb4 butthurt anti-Americans.

  • Alex

    Almost cried, I was listening to Nobue Uematsu

    Awsome post

  • Gord

    I am Canadian and I will gladly shake the hand of any American service man/woman

    • Boone

      I am an American Airman and will gladly shake the hand of any Allied service man/woman.

  • Ftw

    Thank you for everything y’all do.

  • Ryan

    Thanks to everyone in our military, past and present.
    I will be joining you ranks on Wednesday and couldn't be happier.

    • Mahmoudy

      Thanks to everyone in Al Qaeda, past and present.
      I will be joining your ranks on wednesday and couldn't be happier.

      • JDub

        and shot in the fucking face on thursday…

      • blah

        The fuck is wrong with you. But you did get a chuckle out of me.

    • Laurie

      Good luck Ryan, thank you for serving! I've been in 17+ years now, and it's the BEST THING I ever did for myself! Don't take anything to basic training in your bags that you don't want everyone to see, the Drill Instructors will dump your bags on your beds first thing (you'd be surprised how many idiots bring knives and alcohol, so it's for everyone's safety). Do everything they tell you (and do it fast, you'll hear "Move like you've got a purpose!" more than once), and remember, basic training is a test of both your physical and mental endurance. You'll get through it just fine! You're in my thoughts and prayers, God bless!

    • Terry

      Put one in Mahmoudy for me!

    • jack

      thank you

  • Bob

    To all of our Servicemen and Women and especially those that are in Harms Way; you are in my thoughts and prayers…. I hope all of you are home soon.

    • ghostfacekilla

      I hope that the people you are praying for don't kill any more civilians.

      • Terry

        I don't see anyone praying for the terrorists. After all they are the ones that target civilians right?

  • Kaiser

    The first picture is the wife of Captain Doring, USMC, KIA in a cobra helicopter crash in Iraq, 2007.


      KIA? He couldn't afford a better car? What a loser.

      • chicksdigit

        You're an asshole. Go fuck yourself.

  • Rob

    Been serving 3 years now and seen a lot of friends taken from their families. I appreciate all the support that everyone here is giving. We fight for the citizens and we fight for each other.

    • Ahmed22

      Been serving for 3 years now and seen a lot of friends taken from their families. I appreciate all the support that everyone here is giving. We fight for the citizens and we fight for each other. – Ahmed from Al Qaeda

  • grodarh

    Неужели власть и деньги стоят всего этого?

    • thetwistether

      bara om blodet är tillräckligt dyrt

    • Luke

      Post in English or GTFO.

      • Stevo

        First comment – "Is power and money worth all this?" (russian)
        Second comment – "only if the blood is sufficiently expensive" (swedish)
        Third comment – "I don like forreners" (hick)

        In short, this has been one long string of fail.

  • Eddie

    I'm usually not one to argue on the internet but you are a fucking bitch dude.

    Fucking punk ass Jody.

  • Eddie


  • ako

    Politics is not the point of this post, dickmonkey.

  • Anthony

    The Chive….Doing it Right!!!!!
    Thank you Chive for being a front line supporter of our men and women in uniform!
    Semper Fidelis

  • Helbrecht

    It is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I convey my gratitude to those who have served. Be it for the American military or any other, and for any war past or present, whether the brave souls who have fought have either lived or died, one thing for certain can be said.

    They have done so with honor and the pride of their respective nations. And for that, they deserve our respect. They fight the wars so that their countrymen don't have to.

    So no matter which flag you look to, or which anthem you sing, thank those who've made your existence and freedom possible.

  • Mike

    I toured several times in Afghanistan and there's one distinction that always pisses me off. People who serve these days don't do it for freedom, they do it for college tuition. It just so happens that part of it all means protecting people overseas and fighting to establish a new Government for people who can't protect themselves, but very few people join the military to protect strangers in a foreign country. They're just desperate and young and suicidal enough to do it for college tuition. Everything that happens along the way is coincidence.

    • TiminPhx

      If that is the fantasy you use for being a coward and crying every night because you never had the guts to enlist, so be t.

    • Stew

      Don't speak for me and my fellow comrades in arms. Maybe this is how you feel, but don't put your reasons on to others.

    • D-Rock

      That's effing garbage, man. Don't generalize me and my friends' motives just because you wouldn't know protecting a country or making a difference if it slapped you in the face.

    • Ass Grease

      It sounds like you're bitter for some reason(s) or another. I've seen bitterness like yours taint those around them and harm morale. Usually, we send people like you to a desk job before you get someone killed. My first commitment is to my family. Second is to my fellow wingmen I serve with. Third is to my country (note, not government). The tuition assistance is a nice perk, but no one I know is "suicidal" for it. Get over it, or get out. America thanks you for the time you put in.

    • Doug

      False, though some people do join for college tuition the vast majority do it out of love for their country, myself being one of them. If that is what you truly believe then you had no business being a soldier in the first place. Go to college and leave the soldiering to people who are in it for the right reasons not monetary gain.

      • Jack

        Thank you, Doug.

    • Marine

      I enlisted on my 17th birthday, at 9:00 am in the US Marine Corp's. I scored very high on asvab and chose 0311 (infantry) Because I wanted/want to save people who need it most in places the rest are scared to go. I dont count how many I've taken. Only what I have saved.

      I have personally saved 8 lives. 4 with blood every where and rounds going off. those 4 were scared people who needed someone who cares.

      p.s I have yet to use one piece of the Gi bill for my college tuition. And I got no enlistment bonus.
      Fuck you ass hole.

    • baconfortress

      We're all volunteers; we're M.I.. because we want to be, we're proud to be M.I.. and the M.I.. i proud of us. If a man doesn't feel that way about it, from his callused feet to his hairy ears, I don't want him on my flank when trouble starts. If I buy a piece of it, I want men around me who will pick me up because they're M.I.. and I'm M.I.. and my skin means as much to then as their own. I don't want any ersatz soldiers, dragging their tails and ducking out when the party gets rough. It's a whole lot safer to have a blank file on your flank than to have an alleged soldier who is nursing the "conscript" syndrome.

  • Basque

    Burugabeak, beti zaudete zoramen berdinarekin. Hiltzaile hutsak zarete, munduko pertsonarik atzeratuenak zarete, guztiok artaldeko zati bat zarete. Amerikak mundu guztian milaka pertsona hiltzen ditu, eta zuen heroiak direla esaten duzue.

    Harro? zertaz harro? herri guztien aberastasunak lapurtzeagatik? Gauza honekin egiten duzuen bakarra zuen kontzientzia garbitu eta indartzea da, eta aldi berean mundu guztian zuen aurkako haserrea piztea baino ez duzue egiten. Eta Chive, zorakeri horretako parte da honelako "post"-ekin.

    • Ezee

      They have some good wine in the basque region of Spain. Can't comment on the post cause I don't know basque.

    • Corey

      English or GTFO

    • giu

      nunca mass

    • NavyAC1

      Crazy, are you always the same madness. They're a murderer, you atzeratuenak person in the world, all artaldeko a part of you. America kills thousands of people all over the world, and the heroes that you say.

      Proud of? proud of what? theft of public wealth? This was the only thing you do is to strengthen awareness and clean up, and at the same time all over the world's anger against the switch was made ​​only for you. And Chive, zorakeri like this is part of the "post" with.

      Translated with Google Translate.

      Basque, you are a piece of shit. I'd write more, but this is my last day off before I go out to sea to continue to train and defend piece of shit countries like yours that do nothing but bitch and moan and look to America to solve their problems… It must be nice to have no culpability.

  • Justin

    #34 and #35 are from the loss of a close friend of mine. He died trying to save others. He will always be remembered.

    • ino

      God bless his heart. The girl in the pic however, looks hot.

      • Stevo

        ino, inappropriate dude.

    • medic2012

      PJ's So That Others May Live. The best of the best in the Air Force family, I have nothing but admiration for them.

    • Bill

      I was doing fine until I ran into this post…tears

    • Alive

      CC here, trained along side PJ and they are the only reason I came home. I mourn your loss right along with you. They pulled me out of a shit storm no one would come near. So that others may live, First there, Death on call. AFSOC

    • Edge

      This one broke me. Had to get the tissues.

  • kater

    dude's right. deal with it – you're fighting for oil, on foreign and. you're not defending your land. this is simply aggression, not a justified war. when and if you are indeed invaded you can talk about serving your conutry. now you can only talk about serving oil corporations. stop whining biteches, you wanna fight & die? fine with me, but stop whining on how brave you are. cause you are not.

    • 00Delta

      Q: Who holds the majority of the oil contracts in Iraq?

      Have a very fubar day.

      A: China.

  • Ben

    I'm living in Europe and I've what american people call a "socialist opinion", I'm against all kind of violence but no matter are the economic system and the opinion of the governement, it's not the work of the heroes who serve every day, thoses who faced Pearl Harbor, the 9/11 and the battle of the bulge, where I live. Those people didn't gave all for the money, they gave all because they trust in liberty of everybody through this world. Yes US government made mistakes in sending these heroes where people didn't asked for but that doesn't give you the right to criticize those who serve without receiving insults back.

  • TiminPhx

    Look, little bitches like Osanse, wouldn't understand honor and sacrifice. It's why they event shadowly secret motives to make themselves feel superior to popular convention and to hide from themselves, what meaningless little fucks they are.

    Even if it were all about oil, and part of it is, so what? Did the computers they type out their "Daddy doesn't like my sexual orientation" angery diatribes run on windmills? Are the computers carved out of wood?

    Nope. They exist and enjoy a lifestyle in the West, because of the economic infrastructure that exists. Take away the energy component of that and things devolve to 200 years ago or we end up giving up freedoms in exchange for enough oil to heat us through the winters.

    Oansne is a coward and or a terrorist/depot apologist. He is the very scum that celebrates a culture of death, because his life is a joke.

    • Ass Grease


  • TiminPhx

    As if you care about collateral damage victims. That's just something you say to try and give an excuse for why you are a coward and why every girl you wanted to bang would laugh at you and walk off with some soldier or sailor.

    And try and deal with the fact that your mom has a "Well earned collection" of Marine, Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Police, Kroger, Boy Scout, UPS and so forth hats in her closet.

    She served in the best way she could. You need to hold on to that instead of always calling her a whore.

    • youareanass

      fuck you

    • Ivan Grozny

      Not all mums are like yours….
      Why would someone be a coward if he comments on some crybabies crying for a killed soldier?
      He who goes to war, especially invading a country, has to be ready to take a bullet or whatnot. So WTF with all that shitty tears…Fuck you…Have these fools shed a tear or even felt a compassion for all those they and their pals killed and injured…Fuck you…

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