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  • Tom

    Thank You !!!

  • charlestonpaul9

    God bless our sons and daughters that have given their all.
    May they and their families find peace.
    Thank you for what we have now.
    Tomorrow you can debate the war but today belongs the ones in uniforms that we love and miss.

  • BOB!!

    THANKS To BUSH to send them in IRAK! without them we should pay 8$ thee gallon of gaz!! SO THANKS YOU!!!

  • Brian

    The best gallery all year. Thank you to those who have sacraficed.

  • steve

    God Bless all of you and come home safely !!!!!

  • steve

    Phil its the USS ARIZONA memorial in pearl harbor…..and thank you and your countrymen and women for being such great allies to the USA

  • Gilbert Perez

    I have a son in the Marines, he's proud to be one. He will be home soon, soon he will… May God be with each one of them.

  • Tori

    It’s sad how many people were disrespectful about the pictures on this post. Americans used to be proud of the men and women who gave their lives to provide us with the freedoms we are privileged with. I recently read on a post asking the “sexy chivers among us” that the fans that commented on the post were the friendliest and kindest of any website. The comments on this post prove that is not true. If any of the troops are reading this post- THERE ARE STILL SOME AMERICANS THAT RESPECT AND APPRECIATE YOU!! you are not forgotten and you are fighting for a reason!!

  • BDR529

    Thank You and God Bless!

  • Soldier's son

    The need to tighten the flag on #28

  • it'sme

    my most heart felt thanks go out to all the service men and women. I can't say how much i appreciate that you are willng to give your all for us to be free. Thank you

  • Steve

    Thank you Vets! Each and every one of you.

  • Arjay

    To all of the brave men and women risking their lives, and to to those who have already made the ultimate sacrifice. I say : Thank You.

  • G. Cortez

    First off I want to say, THANK YOU! To all the service men and woman who serve(ed) and to all the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice! Thank You….

  • Emersyn

    #11 is a saber arch at the Cadet Chapel, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of our faculty deployed to Afghanistan and was one of the unfortunate casualties in that incident about a month ago. Myself and two of my squadmates are further down the steps.

  • Ceci

    I'.m proud to serve to those who serve our country.I lost my uncle on WWII.I work aboard the USMC and also a volunteer hugger to send them off on deployment and welcome them home to those men and women who don't have family near by.I do this to thank them to all their sacrifice.Thank you all to our "TROOPS"…

  • Jen

    gave me the chills and brought tears to my eyes.

  • Griffin

    #34 Wow, the pain in her face… 😥 To anyone in the service reading this; Thanks so much for what you do. You guys/gals rock!

  • blacklight66

    As a veteran of numerous conflicts myself, I'd like to thank those of you who see fit to demean and denigrate what our men and women in uniform do. While it's irritating in the extreme, it's also a testament to their success. That you are so safe you can sit in your home and insult these people who give so much for you, often including their lives, means that the blood and smoke are being kept far from your door, and that is what our soldiers do. They suffer so you can live your tender, sheltered lives, oblivious to the dangers of the world around you. For my part, I've stood the watch, and my hat is off to those who relieved me. We are forever in your debt, including those who are to small spirited to admit it. Nice post, Chive.

  • unknown

    crying just like in picture #31 very sad time of day and sad day i will remember all the people that died serving our contry

  • horrigann

    Chive, Thank you.

  • Jeo

    Wow, Powerful indeed. I'm very thankful that my husband was able to serve and retire as a Marine in the infantry without harm. He lost 2 good friends and I know how it hurts. Thanks to all who serve ❤

  • Emil MD

    some guys shouldn´t die , some wars shouldn´t exist

  • op4

    Can any one offer details for pics # 34 and 35?


  • Pritam

    nicole thank you for going the extra, extra mile for s&d wednidg. you have given them a lifetime of wonderful memories captured by your camera *** we were so lucky to have chosen you mob

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