Celebrate your day off with FLBP (43 Photos)

At least I hope you have the day off. Happy Memorial Day, Chivers.

  • Jason


    • Paula_

      CONRGATULATIONS, you are first!
      Now why don't you celebrate by tossing a meat cleaver 15 feet into the air and catching it between your teeth? Be sure to have someone film it!

      – the one you love to hate

  • Statan


  • yomama

    second! douchebags can thumbs down this!

    • Rubberbandman

      OK, I will. Here ya go, minus 1

  • Paula_

    Gooooooooooooooooood start of the week Chive! Still: more 'gross' galleries please.

    – the one you love to hate.

    • yomama

      go play in traffic!

      • Paula_

        When I do traffic stops, so there's no challenge there for me dear.

        – the one you love to hate

        • yomama

          they stop because they thought they saw bigfoot!

          • James

            for someone using 'yomama' as their nickname…your comebacks are awful

            • BrownNote420

              yo mama is awful…..ooooooooooo

        • O.o

          Why don't you just go to theBerry?

          • Paula_

            Emily won't have me. She's very, very cruel.

            – How about: "The one that should go away"?

    • Nate

      anyone else think that paula may be one of the guys that works at thechive? I mean she/he/it is on the first page of comments every post. I spam refresh the hell out of thechive and still can't make it on the first page half the time.

      • Paula_

        Oh no silly! I don't often refresh, but when I do I take a lot of things in to consideration. Position of the moon, stock values, thickness of my coffee… and when I feel the time is right I hit F5 and behold, SO often I see a lovely new post with the even more lovely '0' comments…
        You can learn this too, just try harder!

        – oh and also consider the tide, of course

  • tommybhoy

    #21 My 2 favourite things……Boobs and the colour Green!

  • Alex

    #39 Is a man??? Eww

    The rest are great, I really liked the start of the week

    • :-(

      not a man

    • Rubberbandman

      If tht's a man, I'm gay

  • Lower

    Boom goes the dynamite.

    • KyleRetrato

      #32 She can slide down my banister anyday

      • Vagina Jones

        Stole another man's post just to shamelessly get your self on the first page. I have to agree with your comment tho.

    • Hooka

      Holy Lord. Well, I WAS an atheist….

    • shane

      tosh.o, nice

    • Catalystika

      I think you mean, booB goes the dynamite, right? Since I'm posting anyways, #35 and #37 are quite lovely.

    • Mike

      This is totally a guy… WTF!!!????

  • Bill

    #3 #7 & #8 #30 I just love Gemma and Diora

    • Guest

      Gemma Atkinson has been my fave for years now 🙂 both in blonde and brunette form!

      • Iran_Cyber_Army

        The brown Gemma Picture is disappointing becuase it looks overly shopped. 😦

    • Rubberbandman

      Didn't thnk #7 was Gemma, she looks so huge in this pic

  • Tropsmurf

    Well hello #14…and to you as well #37, love the girl next door types

    • Schmoe

      I agree that #14 is the way to go.

    • Danielle

      Anyone know #37?

      • Anon

        #25 is the girl I want nextdoor. I'd like to see more of that one too haha

      • KyleGamgee

        I wish.

      • anonymous

        cam with carmen

  • http://www.bentduckcafe.com Bruce

    #3 #14 more please.

    • Cass

      3 is Gemma Atkinson and she is yummy.

    • thechevron

      #3 is gemma atkinson

  • Fionn

    I think no.13 is Georgia Salpa, from Ireland 😛 …nice 😀

    • bryan

      ya thats right

  • Alouicious

    who dis? #41 #33

    • milly

      #41 (and 3 or more in this post) is Iga Wyrwal. #33 is Lindsay Marie, who has fake boobs and nipples that point in opposite directions.

      • john

        Just had a look at Lindsay Marie those are crazy, confusing titties I must say

      • Aydork

        Geezuz!!! Point in opposite directions alright, away from each other and on angles!!!

      • duke

        41 isnt iga….

    • JHL1

      I'm having an Iga-riffic day!

  • sean

    #2 and #11 we need moar info!

    • Captain Stag

      #2 is Eve/Eva/Iga Wyrwal (goes by different names in different magazines) There are a few more of her in this post

      • Sid

        It's Like Iga overload! I love it

  • http://www.thechive.com Ace Rimmer

    A memorable FLBP for the Memorial Day weekend.
    Well played Chive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Metin-Caiali/100000550393562 Metin Caiali

    #43 is just wrong 😐

    • Jvee Veneracion

      and yet I couldn't look away…

      • hjhjah


    • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      so wrong that it's right!!!!!!!!

    • Dex

      I sure as hell don't wanna be right then.

    • Rubberbandman

      It wood b wrong…if #43 actually xisted

  • ERIC

    #4 #9 #11 WHO? Please help, cant wait !

    • Mike Honcho

      #9 looks like an idiot

      • Vagina Jones

        You're an idiot. I wanna feed her panda a bamboo stick.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonnymuerte Jon Cruz


      Maga… she's gotten a breast reduction though. http://magalomania.tumblr.com/

  • aggie11

    it looks so familiar but I can't quite remember what #30 is from or who that is.

    • Brad

      her name is Diora (sp?) Bird. you can see her boobies on the internet…

  • http://www.facebook.com/spence.hutchinson Spence Diamond Hutchinson

    #1 America, fuck ya!


    #11 is so my gf minus 200 pounds

    • Mookie


    • Andrew jackson

      If you like here google Kaya from GF Revenge, i think it might be the same girl, enjoy

    • markkens

      Then tell her to git her ass to sweatin'

  • FalcoChaser

    Gosh!!! I really felt in love with #36
    Find Her please!!!

    • Nick

      'felt'? dipshit…

    • That Dude

      I think she goes by the name spinbaby on myspace

  • thetwistether

    spermicide worldwide has just commenced…

  • Anonymous

    So u completely block the road Paula? You’re that big?

  • Anonymous

    I have never met a cute/fine girl/woman who is that aggravating. EVER!!!

    -The one that breaks it down for u

  • Alec

    Sometimes, i just cant decide if im a hump day guy or an FLBP guy

    • Ace_Hood

      I was like that once, then I realized I'm both.

      • truthteller

        FLBP and Hump day are the ONLY reasons why am still on this god forsaken loser nerdy website.

  • Chettar

    DAMN! #41…..I'd rather be hanging out of that than a bus window!!

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