A severe case of same-pose syndrome (16 Photos)

  • Random

    Accidentally super-glueing your hand to your head is a serious yet unrecognized problem

    • asdasd

      both physical and psychological

    • Joel

      Just one dollar a month, less than a cup of coffee, can help cure glued-hand-to-head syndrome.

    • Graphix

      awesome comment! you made my morning number 1

    • NeverNudes

      There are DOZENS of Us!

    • M.C.

      Think head lice is the issue here.

    • patov40

      I thought I had a comment for this thread, then I read this first one. C'mon Random, let everyone else play. Why'd you have to ruin it with your brilliant first comment? Ass. Moving on…..

    • yoselahonda

      Ex-Boyfriend put the super-glue into her hairgel that morning, but she never caught on after 5 months of repeat sticking.

  • mrbrixon

    ? wha

    • ...

      They make shampoo for head lice

  • Chivetteluver

    Well, she's cute so we'll let it slide….

    • Diablo


    • noshesnot


    • Harry


    • ThatGuy

      I agree with you actually.

    • isawoj

      Not. Even. A. Little.

    • Evan

      Ya I'd give'er a poke. Definitely done worse. Then again the general average for women in these parts ain't very high.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Sayatovic-Jr/500938468 Jeff Sayatovic Jr.

        Let's see what she looks like sans the poster girl for jerry's kids pose..

  • slutifer

    damn she ugly

    • cherylbirch


      • raindrop


    • intensedebate1


  • BK

    Someone get this bitch a hair tie.

    • 4SOC20saint

      bitches love hair ties

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roberto-Barreiro/100000002013938 Roberto Barreiro

    head not stuck to neck! must hold head!

  • Surf and Snow

    So much fail.

  • tbone

    at first this was not interesting, upon further scrolling, I actually let out a laugh

  • bless1

    #7- russian mail order bride shoot? Fuuuuuuuuugllllllllllllyyyyyyyy, does not go in the cart.

    • Paula_

      But… but… there's a discount, she doubles as a clothing hanger!

      – either that or superglue discount

  • steve

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Steak

    she's just air drying her armpits… alot

  • annnoymmusss

    psh, someone told her that she looks good that way …

    • tbone

      it brings out her boobs in the right angle

      • Surf and Snow

        What boobs?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Joseph.Stephens83 Joseph Stephens

    Add duck face here for a COMPLETE epic fail.

    • JulieRush

      ORANGE duckface in #1 too.

      dat shit nasty.

  • The Dude abides...

    I wonder if she knows it's impossible to lick your elbow.

    • :-(

      LOL….i laughed out loud at work and now its embarrassing :$

    • steve

      dude you are not THE dude

  • jbird

    do you think she is holding her wing on?

  • walkingtheriver

    Mailorder bride?

  • Who's Mike

    It might not be so bad if she wasn’t so ugly.

  • DaddyD


  • Kotlet

    You, hair gel, why so sticky?

  • Maybe she shouldn't have put her hand in her hair when it was covered in superglue! Has she never seen


  • Laggard

    #12 She does have some nice legs though.

    • http://www.thechive.com DavidBowiesJunk


  • http://jerseysfinest-bling.blogspot.com/ bling306

    maybe she has a broken neck? cant afford the surgery? forced to use her hands…

    could be worse, she could be doin the duck-face

  • Kaars

    (#15) Gotta keep her head attached to her neck somehow.

    No duckface, +1.

  • Clous

    clearly shes just got a headache…someone get her some painkillers

  • spank mcslappy

    what was your point of this?

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