Chive Everywhere (56 Photos)

  • jamiebooks

    #1 idiot (abroad.)

    • William

      OMG ITS PERU! nice

    • wowwiewowowow

      Machu Pichu!

    • bud

      that hike up wayna picchu to get that angle is no joke

      • Joe

        agreed. i was there last weekend and completely underestimated it!

  • Chiveinator


  • ryecrash

    #56 Who ever submitted this, who is the young lady with the "CH" part of Chive? I'd like to see MOAR of her.

    • Johnny

      She submitted it, actually. She's one of my best friends, and now I'll have to deal with her ego forever. Thanks.

    • Brittany

      Thanks! I took the picture, its in front of Big Ben and Parliament, I'm pretty stoked to finally get on the Chive. Next submission I'm going for is Sexy Chivers!

      • Chiveinator

        this is how it starts,next it will be burn your bra,lengerie, hump day, FLBP until finally you'll end up lost and confused in ' hot girls in the middle of nowhere' 😉

  • ThatGuy

    federal precedent* derp

  • justsayin

    there are some goofy fuckers on here.

  • PeterVenkman

    #27 Tremendous!

  • NZChiver

    #32 It's a Chive inside a Chive!

  • Mongolo

    Chive find here #39

  • Jones Drew

    #49 Way to represent.

    • Orange T-Rex


    • Solitaire

      904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904

  • saltygary

    #33 Chive needs to get shirts to all of those people. How cool would it be to have a small 3rd world village all Chived out?

    • Jen

      with little chive underroos. awwww.

    • Chiveinator

      at once to the Chivery…

  • Thunderlipps

    #43 – High Shool Final Exams. Yep, someone better be studying a little bit more….

  • Dr. Sivaredes

    Wow! About to "hop a flight" to Bangkok? Business Lounge? Your life is so much better and exciting than most other people's….


  • Nina

    I love how creative the Chivers are getting with their pics! More awesomeness, less pics of desks (no matter how many screens you have the Chive on)! 🙂

  • Chiveinator

    Guess I'll never get to see Twatt on the internet then 🙂

  • weronika

    my sexy photo :* –

    • Chiveinator

      weronika girl you need to find a hobby

  • Chiveinator

    This kind of meta chiveing could get out of hand
    where will it all end?

  • HillBilly Bone

    No broken promises, Kimber…..#55.

  • Matt

    #25, #30 and #53 thank you for all you do.

    • Chiveinator

      Don't forget #54

      #25 those are some hardcore chivers

      • Jen

        i love coast guard men. MMMM actually i love all men.

  • MMG Mike

    #42. SICK BRO!

  • Idea

    So take them off, and post pix here for us as proof!

  • Chiveinator

    should be the Chive's official moto
    get that on a Tee stat!

  • Adam

    #25 I have a buddy who is on the CGC TORNADO one of the other 179' Cyclone class cutters down in Pascagoula, Mississippi these ships were transferred from the NAVY. The link is a pic of the ZEPHYR when it was moored up to the base I'm currently stationed at.

    <img src="; width="500" height="333" alt="CGC Zephyr at Coast Guard Island">

    • Chiveinator

      We'll be expecting something special from you guys next week 😉
      same chive time
      same chive channel

  • Alex Lowe
    • Alex Lowe

      And reply post fail…how to get pictures in reply?!?

  • konaehukai

    #11. Chiving with no pants. For women, absolutely. For guys absolutely not.

    • Jen


  • Anonymous


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