No ‘Sexy Chivers Amoung Us,’ take some girls in yoga pants as consolation (59 Photos)

As most of you know John won’t put up the SC unless he can give each submission the attention it deserves (he’s really big on that point). theCHIVE is moving offices so things are a bit hectic here currently but I’m sure he’ll bring the rain next week. Check out the last three weeks of some of the best ‘Sexy Chivers’ ever here, here, and here. And stay tuned for the Friday DAR.

“In times of crisis, we must rally around the yoga pants”
-Winston Churchill

  • Jay

    This chick is almost 6'-1" and smoking hot in real life…

    • Vince

      who is she

    • Tomas

      Well, then, who IS she???

    • Kim

      What I would pay to watch her drop a deuce in those yoga pants…. Mmmmmmm.

    • guest

      HUGE ass. Not hot

    • MadManDad

      Dick…tell us how she is!

      • tony

        i think you're trying to play-off the fact that you spelled WHO wrong

    • cmonstur

      Sweet. Tall chicks need to represent. We've got legsssssss.

    • anon

      Yes.. but what of the sauce?

  • John

    Hey all,

    Sorry about the lack of Sexy Chivers this week. I do try hard to bring you the SC every week, believe me I do. To make the Sexy Chivers as good as it can be there's a lot of back and forth between the Chivettes during the week to get it just right , couple that with the sheer volume of weekly submissions these days, and my other commitments can throw the SC out of orbit from time to time.

    I do owe it to the Chivettes to give each one the attention she deserves. I rushed through one SC once and felt miserable about it, frankly. So tune in next week, it's gonna be a good one, and enjoy the yoga pants.

    Chive On!

    • stay clam

      No worries. When can we pre-order the "Stay Calm and Chive On" shirt?

      • Paula_

        I'm all for a "No Sexy Chivers this week? Don't panic!" t-shirt. Nice HHGTTG reference.

        – the one already hiding in the moving van.

        • keep clam

          Not H2G2, this

          Of course now I realise it's "Keep calm" not "Stay calm". Well, whatever, I want one. I'm assuming that's what all the green Chivery "It's coming" business is all about.

    • Samantha

      no worries, John. ^^^ I've submitted for the Chivettes before and I always think it's cool that I'm not dealing with an intern or multiple points of contact when i do, John still answers all the emails which is what i think is so cool about the chive, but please do post me next week because I love my new bra 🙂

    • jim bob

      You poor guy…Oh hell, who am I kidding? I can't stay mad at you when you give me yoga pants.

    • GarlicInYourEye

      Have you guys given any consideration of hiring someone who is solely dedicated to handling the SC posts on Fridays? Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

      • John

        I have, and it's moving in that direction. But I created the Sexy Chivers and I feel quite possessive about it, there's a craft to it if that makes sense. For example, sometimes a girl will submit and the lighting is bad or the pose is unflattering, but there's beauty there. I've learned (and am still learning) that there's a delicate sort of language you have to use when your sending a girl back to the drawing board so to speak. Say the wrong thing (as an intern might and probably will) and things can go pear shaped fast.

        • mike

          john you are a wise and lucky man

        • Danny

          John Resig, Girl Whisperer

          • DJwillflo

            It's so true.

          • DistractedIndividual

            I agree, he is always courteous and grateful whether the photo you submit gets in or not.

            • Danielle

              I've never gotten an email back 😦

              • shaka

                I've got some bad news for you then….. just saying is all..

        • SC intern candidate

          what type of pear are we talking about here?

        • Dylan

          i do that your / you're thing too :p

          • antiskubforlife

            Lol, no disrespect to Dylan, but had someone else corrected John's grammar they'd likely be tens if not hundreds of thumbs downed by now. You've reached a stage where you command respect, ma'am. Congratulations, you've made it!

            • Dylan

              just feeling feisty on a warm Friday =)

              • antiskubforlife

                Let me help with that:

                • antiskubforlife

                  too corny, eh? oh well, you can't win 'em all.

        • BentWrenches

          moving again,so soon? wow,here we grow again! btw ,i hate moving so i feel for ya.

        • Paula_

          Oh you silly fuck this is so easy. Just let Paula handle the contacts with the SC girls from now on.
          With my verbal subtlety and finesse I'll quickly chase the easily scared girls away. The ones that will keep submitting pics regardless are then by definition die-hards, and die-hards automatically try hard. Trying hard will give us great pics.
          See? Problem solved. Now just mail me the password of the gmail box and consider it done.

          – sleeping under your bed tonight

          • That Guy

            i'm pretty sure you wear the faces of your victims when you type this stuff. leave the serial killing to Dexter and commenting to the competent.

            • Paula_

              Oh the youth these days… The one wearing his victims faces (well actually just once) was Hannibal Lecter.

              – it places the lotion in the basket

        • That Guy

          you're an artist John. i never thought of it this way but all the posts, while not created by the Chive, is an observation what is visually compelling. your attention to detail with the SC is the representation of your artistic side. much appreciated John. i will notice the effort next post.

          • Paula_

            You do know that if you shove your arm in too far it might be very difficult to get it out again because of the vacuum?

            – the one you love to hate

            • Malkintosh22

              I've noticed that when you have nothing creative to say at the end of your posts, you just say "the one you love to hate". You are a very bad troll.

              • Paula_

                "the one you love to hate" is my regular signature. When I feel like it or can add something to my post in my signature I'll do just that. So basiclly it's the other way round and you're very ignorant. I am a great troll.

                – uuhmmm… uuhmm….

        • luke_skywalker

          Teach me Obi Wan…

    • ChiverMeTimbers

      We Understand And Respect your Decision

    • E.V.L.

      It's all good, man … we know the Chivettes never disappoint and are worth waiting for. Besides, you've left us all with dropped jaws with this Yoga Pants post …
      For example #35 … see what I mean??? Daaaamn!!

    • Hater_Aid

      I may be the only one, but I'd prefer a weekly Yoga Pants thread over SexyChivers…

    • kyle

      Yoga pants do make up for it. I still say you need to appoint some people to vet the submissions to make it easier on you.

    • charles

      John was Masta-ba-ting!!!!!! He was matabating!!! <now looks for baseball>

      • Glenn_Coco

        franks and beans!

    • Paula_

      "theCHIVE is moving offices"… MOVING??? Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me about this? If you guys think you can sneak out and leave me in the basement you've got another thing coming!
      I'm gonna do horrible things to your toothbrush tonight! And the stuffed bunny Leo sleeps with!

      – the one that is moving with you wether you like it or not

    • Henry Gibson

      Hey, if you want to take a week off every month and replace either SC or Hump Day with Yoga Pants, that's okay by us! #15 and #23 are worth it.

      • Mick

        I second this motion…about the substituting yoga pants…this is awesome.

    • zym

      Now you listen to me, mister….I don't care if you're dining with the Queen of god damn Sheba! You work nights, weekends, federal holidays, Jewish holidays and made up holidays to get this done by FRIDAY! No more of this "I ain't got no time!" malarky!!

      I have a wife, 3 kids, a desk job, a mortgage, bills up the wazoo, and all I ask is that I get barely-legal underdressed girls (for free) promptly each week! Once a week I allow myself the pleasure of at work self-pleasure and I'm counting on you holding up your end of the bargain I did not actually make with you. If you can not or will not hold up your end of the bargain, then I say 'good day sir!'

      (Because it's 4 and I've got a train to catch.)

    • sniggi

      you know you should've just said "first"

    • CowboyGeek

      please tell me who number 4 is!! she's amazing! and fyi – don't think we'd kick any of'em outta bed!!! (unless they were better on the floor!!)

  • n1ghtstalker

    #18 She might as well be naked with the lip detail those are giving away. Good work Yoga Pants!

    • Elliot Atkinson

      Seriously. It looks like she's hiding a wallet down there.

    • Bryan Mejia

      They all might as well be naked

  • Random

    i guess #4 & #23 will have to suffice until next week…..

  • Tomas

    I'll take the consolation prize THIS time. :$

    • Tomas

      BTW… #22 ….my FAVORITE yoga position!!! 😉

      • plop?

        FDAU.. i agree..

        but i'm intrigued by #29, would that be called FUAU?

  • AsciiAdam

    #58 Well I'm spent. Can't believe it took me to 58. ^_^

    • somerandomguest

      I lasted until #50

  • Ray man

    #2 Yay ❤ miss Ricci

    • ned

      what happened to her big beautiful breast

    • Glenn_Coco

      I thought it was Ellen Page.

  • disturbed

    #4 Best consolation prize ever.

  • theatreides

    This post is a worthy replacement…can't wait till next week though!
    #31 and #32

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    OK…NOT SO BAD but…


    #34 winner winner chicken dinner !

    • Richard M. Turner

      Second that!

    • teso9rebels

      i agree with you men she is soooooo sweet girl and beatiful!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabe


  • carucha

    fap fap fap fap

  • chris

    hump day on a friday?? chive on.

  • Iownahorse


  • guest

    #42 Perfect woman

    • Matthew

      who is she?

      • Glenn_Coco

        Allesandra Ambrosio. Victoria's Secret and all that.

    • urdad

      Ms.Anorexia is Far from perfect

  • Allenavw

    #23 I cannot stand this girl. She looks so full of herself. God damn.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      Well if I were her, I'd be undressing myself as often as possible too. God damn.

    • William

      But she does get naked on camera a lot. Janessa Brazil(sp?)

    • DistractedIndividual

      I agree, she has heinous bitch written all over her face.

    • Yessir

      C'mon guys. Wouldn't you be cocky as hell if you looked like that?

  • Shawn

    #47 is glorious

  • IJL

    I'm intrigued by #30 and I really like #53

  • Pat

    #6 Is just Perfect!

    • zachinacubicle

      That reminds me I need to get my FastPass for Disneyland cause I like Magic Mountain.

    • Yessir

      I bet shes a butter face. but YES that is one beautiful rear end. m.. m.. m

  • Elliot Atkinson

    At first I was like, this is bullshit!! But I can't stay mad at you Chive! The yoga pants were freakin' great. But you better get your shit together by next Friday. I'm just sayin'.

    • That Guy

      or what? you'll stop viewing the chive? good luck. you're hooked. they got you. you need your jones. you will take what you are given son.

    • Henry

      They're supplying fantastic free content. They don't owe you shit.

      Not. A. Goddamn. Thing.

  • Sharky

    This post almost makes up for no Sexy Chivers. ALMOST

    • That Guy

      nothing replaces the sexy chivettes. it's like trying to replace the statue with the sandbag in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  • Unfortunately

    I hate to say it, but it looks like her ass has been photoshopped bigger from the original picture that was submitted on here quite some time ago… I hope this isn't a trend…

    • Unfortunately

      Proof is in the pudding…

      look at 4

      I don't like posting this because the reason I come here is for REAL people…

      • Parkatola

        Maybe this is the photo after she ate the dog that was on the couch with her.

        JK. I think this is shopped. (Everyone sing along) I've seen quite a few . . . .

        • The other white meat


      • @StrongAsMeat

        The original is much nicer

  • Greg

    As an ass man I honestly believe that Yoga pants rank up their with some of man kinds greatest inventions. Put it in the Smithsonian.

    • Tokabwl

      I would have to agree with you.

    • HO11YWOOD303

      I couldnt agree more

    • That Guy

      yoga pants are one of the greatest inventions. you get to focus on the form of the ass and it makes great asses perfection.

    • Korrie

      This is way better than sexy chivers and flbp any day. Chive you are awesome and yoga pants are one of man kinds greatest inventions. Thank you, God.

  • McSgwigga

    This is indeed an adequate consolation, thank you John

    • Jack Mehoff

      Hey, you sound like Mayor Wayne.

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