Thank God Navy Seals are on our team (25 HQ photos)

  • Terry Burke

    #2 beautiful gun

    • Terry Burke

      so no one else is a sig fan?

      • tim

        Most of the SEALs are using the HK 45C now from what I understand. And the MK23 is still being used too. I don't think too many use to P226 anymore.

        • dOOb

          I got an HK P30… crushes the P226

        • Terry Burke

          no they still do. they have some many weapons they can chose from they can pretty much pick whatever they want, really.

        • Terry Burke

          i'm not disagreeing with you on the HK 45C, just wanna make that clear

        • Tim

          No Chris Kyle wrote in his book he carried a Sig P226 45. friend of a friend is on Seal Team one and he told us The Sig Sauer is standard issue for them although they can carry pretty much what they want. At least they are not carry a plastic gun made popular because it is cheap. You know the make.

  • cass

    Merica Fuck YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie

    I love America.

    • BaJezzus

      I love lamp

      • Brick

        i love carpet

    • Eddie

      Why'd I get a thumbs down o_o

      • Name

        Because nobody really loves it. Gottit?

        • Eddie

          Fuck you, America is, and will always, the fucking shit.

          • Name

            Yeah… you mean, big mouths filled with shit, valiant only in front of a computer, right?
            A falling empire is always a sad sight. Deal with it, Edward.

            • The Spicy Italian

              Even going through a recession America still had the largest economic output in the world and unless you're Chinese your country didn't even come close

              • Name

                Oh, is this what Berlusconi taught you, maccaronarro?

                • Troll Patrol

                  ^^^^^ This is a troll do not engage.

                • G-Nasty

                  pussy. I'll gut you.

      • j22

        bc libs and euros hate america

        • True American

          'Libs' do not hate America. Criticizing your country to improve it is not hating it. Blindly rallying behind anything your country does, whether it is moral or right is not patriotism, its subversion.

          Most conservatives and liberals love America. There are of course some conservatives who hate it, and some liberals that do too, but fuck them. We may have different points of view, but we are all American. In the maxim often attributed to Voltaire: "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to death your right to say it."

    • Ace Rimmer

      I love America too, Eddie.
      … I don't love where America is heading though.

      Don't listen to these naysayers. America is a great country and if it gets back to its roots, everyone including the naysayers will be better off.

    • Obama2012

      America is a wonderful country and even through our struggles we always rebound and triumph. God bless our navy Seals, and God bless America!

  • Rusty Short


    • serbia

      na kurcu te nosam..

  • Alex

    #18 wondering in what kind of real life situation this would be of use… but i guess that's not the point. they expect the unexpected. respect

    • Kai

      that plus…physical conditioning

    • qwertz

      Pulling wounded soldiers toward extraction/medevac zone? I dunno, it's probably pointles like you said.

      • Stevo

        I think qwertz got it. Also it helps build stamina.

        • Alex

          i'd carry them on my shoulder… dont want to drag them in the sand and get all these wounds infected. but yeah my bad

          • thejudymug

            what if they have a spinal/neck injury… can't buddy carry…

            • Ckris King

              No one attacks USA ………

              • Jay

                It's a conditioning thing NFL players do it too. If you can drag a tire a mile, imagine how fast you can do that mile without the tire…just added weight to make the run harder and get more out of it.

          • V4Vendetta14

            Any soldier would prefer to be dragged than left behind. You really going to do the old-school "fireman carry" for a 250lbs+ critically wounded soldier while keeping your weapon at the ready? Ever hear of dead weight? Yeah, but I bet you are a super hero…and not a C.O.D. playing couch potato.

          • Doc

            Actually no. You do not carry them. We train with the fireman carry. But we always pull the wounded. In combat, you want to keep as low profile as possible. Fireman carry makes you a huge target.
            Sources: I'm a corpsman.

    • Foreverwaiting

      dragging the body of Osama to the sea, obviously

    • Luan Lici

      dude that kind of training is to get your leg muscles stronger so you can run more and get tired less

    • Sean Yamazaki

      Your tax dollars at work, gentlemen.

    • Todd

      Ur still trying to fight you're way out of a fire fight and you're buddy takes a bullet and is out of action. Leave him, oh wait no take you're rope, put it under his arms then attach to you're waist. You can drag him to safety while still able to protect yourself, a bonus if he is still conscious he can cover you're back.

    • JoshB

      Actually you are all wrong. Chiel is the guys name and he is pulling the tire cause he fucked something up so he had to do a tire drag. its a punishment they make BUD/S students do when they mess up. and the only time we pull someone is never You man the fuck up and carry them out of danger…

    • Brent

      You guys are idiots. It's just part of their training telling them to never give up no matter how hard it doesn't matter if it's realalistic or not

    • dakota

      For endurance

  • Ezee


    Jumps from ground, takes plane, then eats Wheaties.

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      LOL….good one 😀

  • Dave

    #20 guys are SB's not SEALS. They're actually SWCC students and not yet SB's. Just FYI.

    • Paul

      The one on the right in the back has a third arm. Just FYI. :p

    • Doc

      Not sure how you can tell. SEALS use this technique too. Heck, this could be a picture from USMC Basic Recon School from back before the MARPAT came out. Then again, there could be something in the pic that i'm not seeing.

      • Class_275

        Yeah I was definitely in this evolution when I was going through BUD/s.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, delusions…

  • jakeB

    18 would probably be carrying a casualty.

  • Stevo

    Is #14 a Seal? I didn't know they were issued AKs.

    • mikey

      Max-flex…practice with multiple weapon systems means proficient with any

    • jason in pc

      i caught that too, good eye. thats a chinese made one at that.

      • asdf

        yep. norinco, one of the top ak47s in the world

    • bbqboobs

      Dave Goggins, he's actually one of the main recruiters for the SEALs.

      • Gozer

        How about some Opsec man.

    • ilovethechive

      Looks like Tyson Chandler!

    • BeccaB86

      I didn't know they were allowed to have facial hair either.

      • Stevo

        Wasn't there something recently about grooming standards being changed to allow beards in countries where the custom is to have them?

        • Jay

          any and all Spec Ops teams of all branches of the military are authorized to have facial hair and grow their hair out, it sets them apart from the traditional military look. If they were to have to go into a zone and be covert then the facial hair and long hair wouldn't be the 'automatic give away' that they are military

          • aleXTC


          • Danny

            Is that true? I thought the main reason for shaving is so gas masks can make a seal (and therefore actually work), which is why mustaches are allowed but beards aren't. you'd think any Special Ops teams would need that more than the rest

            the idea of blending in where that's part of the culture makes sense too, though, so I don't know

            • dutchie

              yeah it's true for the very reason Jay mentioned. Google image search special forces in Afghanistan. Many of them go beyond the facial hair and wear native scarves, etc. to help fit in while they recruit and train Northern Alliance and other Taliban enemies. It builds trust and makes it seem like they're not trying to impress American culture upon them.

    • evan

      david goggins is the man. google him!

    • Sean Yamazaki how all the military-themed vocabular comes out in these pictures. "Seals have to be proficient in every weapon"….wut…you mean they have to know to shoot straight? No kidding….

      SEALS suck.

      • Tree

        YOU SUCK!!!

  • Zindy

    Those, my gentleman friends are some hard working gloves. Soldiers gloves are always torn to shreds. #12

    • Name

      Because of over-masturbating, rite?

    • @valorikx221

      SCAR ?

      • Turduckenn


    • TheseThingsMatter

      Soldier refers to the army, if he is a SEAL is is in the Navy so he is a sailor, not a soldier

    • Tim

      Because Seals are not better equipped than our regular military? You don't think they change out their gear after every mission? Seriously what a dumb uneducated post.

  • SuperiorTo8

    #16 GI Joe, come to life

  • Anjin-San


    Y U so f#@king in love with War?

    • Name

      It has to compensate for low-level virility, u no?

    • Yessir

      Because we're mutha-fuckin good at it.

      • Benjiman

        yeah, remember Vietnam? 'Merica rocked that shit!
        Keep on minding someone else's business!

        • Kyle Bartley

          Yeah, we only killed them at a rate of 10-1, all the while tying our own hands with political bullshit. If the goal was "take over Vietnam" it would have been completed in a month or so, with a few years of cleaning up rebel pockets. But we never fight anything like a total war, because contrary to popular belief, we are not conquers, or an evil empire. If we were, Canada would be fucked.

    • Gern Blansten

      Probably because everyone keeps asking us to save their asses……

      • Benjiman

        So you love war because people ask you to save their asses? doesn't make a lot of sense now does it?

        • Gern Blansten

          As most non-thinkers associate frequency or media infatuation with "love", I took a creative liberty.

          • Benjiman

            no not really, you answered a different question, which you also answered wrong. People don't really wan't you to invade their country or attack them, or as you like to call it 'save their asses', you just do.

            • Isaac

              fuck off, dont come on here bad mouthing the US

              • Anjin-San

                why not?
                Isn't America the land of freedom?

      • Oh yes

        Damn straight

    • HollarPeenYo

      LOL what a giant douche! As you comment on the AMERICAN WEBSITE!

      Go home and watch re-runs of American TV shows or maybe an American movie or two.

      BTW You're name sucks ass.

      • Anjin-San

        You don't even know where the "Anjin-San" name comes from.

        Go read some books, sometimes.

        Or at least use Google…

        • HollarPeenYo

          You were just pwn'd…

    • Chi-Town Chiver

      Anjin-San, it is a stereotype and an overgeneralization to say that "Americans are in love with war". The American people are not in love with war; we want our loved ones to return as soon as possible from deployment. Not one of us would complain if war ceased to exist tomorrow. This gallery is simply celebrating this elite group of sailors who protect our nation. They are the best of the best (along with the other elite special forces). They put their lives on the line for us every day so that we can live without the fear of groups that intend to bring harm to the US.

      If you had taken some time to study history, the current foreign policy of the United States came into being during the Cold War. Prior to the rise of the USSR and Communism in the 1950's, the US took a very isolationist approach to foreign conflicts. However, after WWII as Great Britain declined as the world's economic hegemon, the US stepped up and took its place. Part of the responsibility of leading the global economy is to shoulder the burdens of the rest of the world for the sake of stability. This means taking the burden: financially (thus why when the US housing market crashed in 08, so did the rest of the world economy), militarily, and diplomatically. It isn't a perfect system, but regulating the international political economy is a messy business.

      Also, US policies are beginning to change. The Libyan conflict is a good example of the US working with international allies and collaborating to provide the most effective help to people who are asking for it without getting too involved.

      If you don't like posts/galleries about the US military, then just don't click on them. Leaving provocative comments meant to irritate Americans isn't saying much about your maturity. I respect your opinions, but please don't make over-generalizations about us.

      • Sean Yamazaki

        tl;dr military industrial complex. Nuff said.

    • Sean Yamazaki

      Military industrial complex. Nuff said.

    • Zack

      Because idiots like you exist and need to grow a brain

  • matador


  • mike

    British SAS better.

    • jason in pc

      better…. head maybe.

      oooohhhhhh, no he didnt. fukn merican

    • Laurie

      Nobody can really know who is the best, because their missions are Top Secret. Both Seals and SAS deserve respect and thanks for ensuring our way of life through the years.

      • SantiGE

        Really? Do people still think that "they ensure our way of life"?
        I do really respect what they do, but saying that is just plain nonsense.

    • rich

      your mom's a SAS

    • Canada


  • Jen

    im reading a documentary about a SEAL. its awesome.

    • Nick

      Lone Survivor.

  • Fawx

    Chive, Half of these photos are the Australian SAS.

    • Australia is a joke

      No. They arent.

      • Tintaneedle

        more than half are NOT the SEALS. This I am sure of.

      • ggth

        yes they are

    • bbqboobs

      1, 2, 7-14, 17-19, 21, 23-25, definitely SEALs. 16 has on a life saving vest you usually use on swims at BUDs.

  • Nicolas

    #20 remember this from 'surviving the cut'

  • BAMFinater

    The real Call of Duty. Thank you to all who serve.

    • Stevo

      Oh God, Call of Duty sucks! that's not something I'd take as a compliment, can you imagine how many dumb little fuckers sign up because they think that?

    • thelimey

      The real SOCOM_4 would be a better comparison

  • MacNCheesePro

    Navy SEALS are basically American Ninjas!

    • Stevo

      I think you'll find Michael Dudikoff is the American ninja.

  • Gern Blansten

    SEALs: Our PR people are better than your PR people.

    • josh

      100% fact. Cool guy pics make u an ass kicker

  • That Guy

    #14 AK-47 + S.E.A.L.s…. awesomeness inevitably ensues.

    • Truth

      AK-47 made by Russia which means that guy is The Soviet Spetsnaz, or Russian Special Forces Commando. Respect!!!

      • That Guy

        i would normally agree with you but the guy is black. Russian's are more racist than the 1960's South is. so maybe another country that utilizes the AK.

        • Milifag

          SEALS are trained in various weapons systems. God you sound like an idiot Truth

      • Worked there

        He is one of the primary recruiters for the SEALs, most definitely is one, and they train with several weapons not of normal issue.

    • Yessir

      Posed-for Stock photography if I ever saw it.

      • That Guy

        like a bad hollywood movie. i just loved the thought of pairing the greatest gun ever designed with the greatest warrior to ever exist.

    • tim

      The M4 is a superior weapon system to the AK47. There's a reason (or several) why the U.S. never adopted it.

      • That Guy

        the M4 is a far superior weapon. it may soon be considered the greatest weapon with time. but no weapon has been more produced, or distributed or better constructed for it's time than the AK-47. but for today's standard nothing beats the M4.

      • Stevo

        That's not an AK47, I'd guess AK74.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #21 ups, dropped my contact

  • Benjiman

    What the fuck is this? And why is it on the Chive?

    • Name

      Well, this site used to be into the jokes business.

    • john

      who the fuck are you? why are you on the Chive?

  • Affe

    Cool story bro

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