Mildly put, these are rare cars (22 HQ Photos)

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  • Sean

    #10 Might that be the Sledgehammer?

    • Rob

      Callaway Speedster

  • @3lementalmagick

    #22 – happy that one didn't make it.. uuuuuugly… Thanks for that Italdesign..

    • Ha Ha

      whoever designed the wheels should be in a mental institution


    #21 she is rare concept or what? ;d

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #21 We thank thee, O Lord for Gemma Atkinson……

  • mrjimmyos

    Okay I kinda like #16 😀

    I thought this photo I took about a month ago would be relevant here, it's this crazy alfa romeo from the 30s

    • Sdranem

      is that the speed racer Mach 5 sitting next to it? if not I know where he got the design idea from…

      • mrjimmyos

        Honestly I don't remember what car was next to it. I was more fixated on the car behind it (BABS)

  • Slickster

    I think #9 is the same car used in the Chuck Sheen movie "The Wraith". Crappy movie, cool cars. Good PSA about not snorting engine cleaner too!

    • Mom

      You have your own Turbo Interceptor now.

  • Sean

    i remember that dodge from the movie Wraith.

  • Drowe

    #9 is what Dodge needs to make today to save the company, I wish they would stop trying to fool us with that 4 door Charger and the Challenger Tonka toy. I would buy this if they put it into production, take a look at the specs, it's pretty awesome and mid-engine too.

  • bunedoggle

    I'm liking this #4 is that wrong?

    • Curt

      1972 Corvette Capper Cart.. Rare Indeed

  • FuckOff

    Can I just have them all please? #21 included! 🙂

  • pete

    #21 Holy Moly!!

  • GRadde

    So much to comment! Won't fit it all, so I'll just take the most urgent: #21 Gemma, oh yes, Gemma! and what the deuce is #12? Is is Zagato concept? It certainly has the typical roof humps.

  • Oolon Colluphid

    How about a caption as to what each car is.

  • scottydo

    #18 puts the family truckster to shame

    • Lisa

      Reminds me of the failed attempt at car design by Homer Simpson

  • monocogger
  • bro

    what is 17?

  • lucy

    All look to be similar to Syd Mead art.
    The future from the past!

  • equalizermax

    #18 – My Grandfather used that car on his funeral

  • ben

    number one is a bertone stratos

  • Gord

    Aren't a lot of these simply coachbuilt base cars? Kind of misleading to call something that's a one-off custom "rare." Car & Driver had a feature on speeding brakes (many of which were coachbuilt) a few months back.

  • Ruffestneckaround

    Is #18 the Homer Simpson design??

  • hotgirl

    Nice car . also hot girl and cute girl

  • ben

    #1 is a Bertone stratos and is the car used in moonwalker

  • John

    PLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASSEE put captions under the photos

  • WaikikiWayne

    #21 is the only one worth driving…

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