• Billavoider

    Am I the only one who kind of wants to see the supervisors tushy also? Never mind, I am sure she is scary!

  • orangewhip

    find her.

    • SkinnyG

      def thumbs up, but only if you were being ironic.

      • orangewhip

        i was being ironical.

      • Demmitri

        She has already FOUND herself, dont you read comments?

        • orangewhip

          FU yankee bluejeans.

  • Bob

    does that mean we are being set up for yet another fake/ set up post?

  • S13nobling

    Chive on indeed… =)B)

  • laura

    Im a addicted to this site too. You are AWESOME!!!!! 🙂

  • thefinger420

    very nice!

  • King Wenceslaus

    fantastic tush, but this is a bi-winning chivette; notice that she even added the message on her heels.

    hats off to you, miss.

  • John (not that one)

    Once we start getting employment benefits from membership and signs thereof, I think that officially makes us a secret society.

  • mark

    Up until now, either the Chive or you, Chelsea, have been holding out on us… you look fantastic from both angles provided. MOAR please and… Chive on from AZ, too!

  • Tbolt65

    People, people, people…whether it's true or not…in the end who cares…great gluteus, awesome top shelf (with a nipple stud to boot), and a beautiful smile…all the key ingredients for the perfect Chivette!!!

    • cmonstur

      Why does everybody think that's a nipple stud?! Hahaha, it's a button!

  • Jarvis

    The Chive salving the day

  • Lureism

    Wow; nice everything.

    Thank you!!

  • its_forge

    Story true or no, that's an epically superior bum you have there young lady.

  • Lureism

    I wish I could see something as good as this in OC; lol. I love "TheChive" nothing like it. The ladies are all lovely; I feel like a kid in the candy the store!

    Chive on Ladies and love ya!

  • spencur

    ok this woman deserves a gallery and not only that SHE OWES YOU A GALLERY, and dear god she seems wonderful

  • Rick

    give us sum moar plz =)~

  • theMorgue77

    Then there was a pillow fight, yes?

  • Richie rich


    • Richie rich

      Hahah wrong box. But there should definitely be lots more of her!!!!

  • Steven

    Dear Chive,
    I lost my job the next day because my supervisor saw I sent pictures of myself scantily clad for you to put on the internet. She said I misrepresent the company.
    Unemployed Chelsea

    • cmonstur

      Except my boss saw the picture before I sent it in, and it was both of our ideas… so I'm very much still employed and loving it. 😉

  • Ryan Griffin

    awesome story is awesome. lovely tush.

  • Scott D.

    I once knew an amazing girl who moved to Arizona whose name is Chelsea. We were good pals but inevitably lost contact
    My mind would be blown if this was that same girl… it was the smile that made me wonder.

    • F. Gump

      Wow, does that old move still work?

  • Micks

    Haha great Story girl.. ChiveOn!

  • cmonstur

    I didn't write the message up there, I actually sent them an email and they put it in the image. But you might want to learn how to spell "damn." 😉

  • Ryan M

    u are stunning chelsea. i vote you to be chivette of the week

  • MacNCheesePro

    Wow! Chive has become a way of life and it's not even pop culture….really. It's almost like Fight Club!

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