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  • Cocrates

    #4 PANCAKE!!!

  • rwest83

    # 28 Ranger Fail!

    Not Real Rangers!

  • AIRborne

    #28 Is A Joke

    • fuck hipsters

      HOW IS THAT?

    • @nd LT

      its the Ranger Challenge Team for ROTC. i just Commissioned 2nd LT from ROTC. The patch on there arm is Leadership Excellence.

    • Art

      @nd LT is right. plus on the far bottom left is a female. as of right now females can not do rangers. changing soon though probably

  • chris

    #4 Is the Vought V-173. I work at that company now. The retiree club here is currently in the process of of restoring it.

    • Rick

      no shit, please send me some photos, I'll do a post on it

  • Dan

    #8 He's way too fast for those cops.

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  • funk

    Nothing better than so ROTC cadets pretending to be rangers………………………………..

  • Cory

    #28 LOL ROTC

  • ROTC

    #28 Ranger Challenge ROTC

  • ILuvJetNoys@gmail

    #8. Rule number 1: Cardio.

  • mongoose5271

    <sigh>…not sure if that's gonna make the work day better or harder…so to speak.

    • Guest

      yea adriana lima is crazy hot

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #27, #29 are awesome posts.

    • Rick

      thanks, I'm saving up for a high-res sonic boom post, I think you'll get a kick out of it

  • unknown

    #8 run faty run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick

      mall rat "fly fat as fly"

  • Guest

    #16 apparently darth vader now works for umbrella company…to bad for him they couldn't spring for an extra one

  • Vinny

    #23 The always difficult inverted duck-face!

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