Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (26 HQ Photos)

  • Jordan

    so awesome

    • Zach

      What is? Oh you just wanted to get first.

    • equalizermax

      #12 – She is Awesome!

  • BornFree

    After a long hard couple of weeks of exams, this is a great way to start the summer!!

    • Lee

      This is my break from mechanics revision! 😛
      But by Tuesday…

    • FionnR

      Leaving Cert?

      • BornFree


        • FionnR

          College next year man, nearly there 🙂

  • Henrik

    #9 Wow! look at that hot girl in the middle of nowhere!

    • Russel

      i'm pretty sure that's heidi montag. if it is, she can stay in the middle of nowhere for all i care.

      • R-Dub

        I'm pretty sure you are absoltely incorrect about that.

    • Jessica

      i want her bathing suit

    • Dennis

      She couldn't say "no." … because of the implications.

  • trav


  • Cyberfunker

    #12 I can't find the perfect words to describe such hotness….Ave Maria!!!!

    • Loyal Chiver

      Cheia de graça

    • @soy_LG

      AMEN! Just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Best of the bunch, in my opinion.

  • Craig

    #26 – Yeah, you're gonna need that umbrella.

  • caleb

    #1 Goddamn Olivia Wilde is beautiful.

    • DaddyD

      Please be more careful with your punctuation. Please do not ask God to damn Olivia. I think you meant to say, "Goddamn! Olivia Wilde is beautiful."

      • caleb

        You're an idiot

        oops, I forgot the goddamn period. Eat shit.

      • BigHate

        I'm pretty sure DaddyD was saying this tongue in cheek. People are so sensitive these days.

    • ROK247

      olivia wilde in the tall grass? sign me up

    • Guy

      Great eyes

  • bkfrijoles

    Stay right there #14 ill come find you 😉

    • ABO

      #14 and #16 the same spot if not the same person.

  • varlotto

    18 is jessica nigri aka pikachu girl

  • workitgirl

    #21 Makin friends in the middle of nowhere 🙂

    • JohnQ

      MOAR of the turtle!!

  • Lulatsch

    #25 white jeans deserve their own thread!

    • ttl

      no, white shorts do

  • jimminycrickett

    #8 i say dayum

  • Alec

    How the hell are we supposed to find these girls!?! #26 ?!?

    • Luke

      submit her to and i'm sure they'll have a good crack at finding her.

    • Don

      Get lost. . .

  • CBDeadman

    #18 is beautiful

    • Mandems

      It's Jessica Nigri

      • Thax

        still Beautiful ! !

      • Belaruss

        You are a gentleman and a scholar.

        • GWRGET

          no, he isn't.

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #10, Looking good.

    • ROK247

      not goin anywhere for awhile? grab a snickers

      • JHL1

        I never heard anyone refer to boobs as snickers before, but I like it

        • Mike

          ROK247 is referring to the fact that the blonde's gonna have to dig herself out, and will need a Snickers energy boost! Am I alone to see this as an epic blonde FAIL?

  • Pat Overton

    #4, #12 – Anyone else wondering if these girls are in the middle of nowhere, how are their man-made objects visible? Anyone seen philosoraptor today?

    • Pat Overton

      … are 'there' man-made objective visible? that is."

      • Trent

        How about shut the fuck up? that is..

    • its_forge

      You can have human construction around you and still be exactly in the middle of absolutely no damn place at all. In fact, most of the US is like that, just point yourself toward any reasonably large empty space between metropolitan areas and wah lah (sic), you'll be in the middle of nowhere. Regrettably if you find a woman that looks like any of these out there, there's either a Daddy or a husband nearby who owns multiple firearms.

  • fil

    #5 perfection

    • Rick

      Evangeline Lilly. Thank the gods "Lost" is on Netflix

    • its_forge

      No matter how naturally beautiful you are, unless you're Olivia Wilde, Evangeline Lilly is always going to be prettier than you.

  • rodrocks

    #10 #13 #20 Naturally sexy!

    • CBDeadman

      I wouldn't mind being stuck in the middle of nowhere with #13

      • rodrocks

        Gawd yes!!!

      • Beldar

        I wouldn't mind being in the middle of nowhere stuck in #13.

      • its_forge

        I'm not sure I'd want to hang out with a girl that would dress like that on a day when there's a foot of snow on the ground.

        • mikerbob

          A foot!? That maybe several inches of snow. Only a girl from Texass would get stuck in such a lame accumulation.

  • Nefertitiz

    #14 At first I was like "OMFG"but then #16 I was like "Wait, WTF ?'

  • accidentero

    #8, #10 very hot

  • Ripple

    #19 ill take em both

    • Blade

      susanna spears/zuzana light? if i'm right….

      • Brick

        yes m8, shes zuzana the porn star/fitness model

        • Zoom Zoom

          No, she's an MX-5 miata, but she is a beauty. That thing better get er paws off!

        • Terry Burke

          not a porn star anymore, she quit that

  • Matt

    #20 is perfect.

    • bob151

      That's Bar Rafaeli.

      • its_forge

        Sure looks like her but I didn't think Rafaeli's tits were that large.

  • rekevohn

    Hello see through shirt…very nice #20

  • Rhapsody


    • Honk


  • Phil

    #14 #16 same place, same girl???

    • iPoulter

      Nice catch. I say break out the mower, I see some grass needin' cuttin'.

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