Giada De Laurentiis bakes a mean gif (7 GIFS)

  • Joeyk

    Man she makes me hungry

    • ben

      You misspelled "horny". 🙂

  • meh

    Hot, but why are her arms so short? She must be a terrible swimmer

  • Ebiggz

    She makes me…… ah fuck it, she makes me horny.

    • That Guy

      "i like watching them.. wa hey can i finish? let me finish. i said i like watching them because it makes me horny" – Kevin Malone.

    • Randy Gallegos

      AND she's a milf. apparently she's 40!!!

  • cody

    she has a huge fucking head

    • JustMe

      It's like an orange on a toothpick!

    • wtf

      I'd still rail the hell out of her…

      • Guest Commenter

        Yes, as would I. I want to know if that thing resembles a bobble head doll during sex.

    • asdasd

      "And there's Giada de Laurentiis with her perky tata's and huge head!"
      to quote southpark

  • asdf

    i hate my jawb

  • yo yo ma

    "I'll bake your cock"? WTF. Just tongue my ass like Guy Fieri and we'll be good. Wait, I mean Paula Dean. NOT Guy Fieri.


    • Henrik

      You are insane in the mind!

    • V4Vendetta14

      Paula Dean would go to town on your asshole with a rolling pin and a stick of butter…

    • sooty

      she just means shes gonna put your cock in her oven 😉

  • Kaars

    I GUARANTEE she gives a good Old Fashioned.

    • @soy_LG

      With the size of that gorgeous mouth I'd say that's science fact.

  • The Bandit

    #2 …these are the only two reasons to watch her show

  • hMMMM

    #5 is hilarious. Nice face.

  • jeffurry

    best FUCKING POST, EVER. i love this woman.

    • jeffurry

      obviously the negative response was by a fat chick.

  • Craig

    #8 Challenge accepted…?

    • Mandalor

      That's what John Wayne Bobbit said…..

  • randomhero1218

    Women are always hottest in their natural habitat.

  • Paula_

    Get back to the… oh wait… fuck. nvmd.

    – the one you love to hate

    • wtf

      unoriginal Paula…I'm disappointed-

    • KingOThaNoobs

      Paula made a funny… oh wait… no she didn't. nvmd.

    • Everyone on Earth

      You're a stupid whore

  • Nathan Hart

    I'd take Rachael Ray over her everyday of the week, just sayin'.

    • golfnkc

      You're sick! She's a troll at best.

    • wtf

      mos def

    • R-Dub

      Do you have eyes?

      • its_forge

        Or ears??? "Mmmeeehhh and then we'll add some E.V.O.O…. the Extra Virgin Olive Oil… mmmmmeeehhhh ::shnort::" It's like nails on a chalk board.

    • Guest Commenter

      Yeah, I agre. . . wait, what? You do know who Rachel Ray is, right?

    • Vaughn

      I'd take RR too over her….not that I would kick Giada out of bed to make room… I've got a King size bed.

  • theproperstranger

    Her arms aren't short, they just look small next to her giant head. Her beautiful, giant head.

    • Dirty Dingus

      She's got the largest Head-to-Body ratio since Celine Dion. Straight up Freaky.

  • David

    Love this one! but I am going to predict that this will be the first post forcibly removed…damn lawyers

  • Do0zer

    O god! I would drink her bath water. I love it how she likes to show off her fun bags.

  • Calin Chifor

    as wolowitz would say: " she makes everything look big"

  • paulhitchcock

    She looks like a Blow-Pop.

    • its_forge

      She can bl-

      Nah, too easy = )

  • 4SOC20saint

    im not into baked goods id much prefer a sandwich

  • Ang

    She has arms?

  • PieFace

    'merica I take your Giada De Laurentiis and raise you Nigella Lawson,

    Thanks – UK

    • Honey Bone

      Agreed. she is hot sweet British goodness

  • Minion78

    That's what man like to call "A real woman"

  • Kodos

    Show her on the JetSki… her funbags aren't the only part of her that is bangin'…

    I'll bring the olive oil, Giada…

  • bless1

    #8- bake it in your ass.

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