Chivette of the Week: Amanda Kate Olsen

A couple weeks ago, we needed a t-shirt model for the new Chivery shirts. As you know, here at theCHIVE, we're not into the 5'10" anorexic models. I told the office I wanted a real girl with a great smile and a good personality… preferably someone who likes bourbon. Mac the Intern spoke, "I know a girl like that."

Her name is Amanda Kate Olsen, not only is she one of the cutest girls we've met here but she's also an amazing artist. I've included some of her work in the gallery. More Amanda and her work right here. I'll let Amanda take if from here:

Hi Chivers! I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I adore my home base, and am extremely close with both of my sisters, and my parents. I'm studying to become a certified nurse at the moment. I choose nursing as my career because I feel it will be a rewarding job and could potentially keep my mind on the important things in life.

I have always believed in a life of peace, but i do believe we need chaos to stay leveled. My personal way of dealing with chaos, crazy emotions, and/or strange days, is painting. When I sit down at my canvas, paintbrush in my hand, all of the little noises, humming birds, and worries in my mind fade away. I also get that same feeling when i am observing other people's paintings, or learning about different cultures. I crave a life that can experienced all different types of culture, so that I can incorporate that culture and knowledge into my life and paintings. So yeah, I freaking love art, theCHIVE, and strait bourbon. Chive On!


Say hello to Amanda and check out more of her art on her Facebook page.

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