These animals…they don’t suck (30 Photos)

  • canucklehead


    • Paula_

      Animals that don't suck? #5 is sucking!!

      (What? If you post 'first' I'm allowed to hijack your post, fuck you).

      – the one you love to hate

      • ilovethechive

        Good Call! Oh and #8…Not a single fuck has ever been given!

    • Bingo!

      What were you the first to do canucklehead? Good morning by the way!

      Chive Up everyone – it's bump day!!!!!!!

    • equalizermax

      #6 Oh Hi!

    • n_kb

      I agree with the highjacking…
      #1 looks like Bradley Cooper…first thing i thought of when i saw it

  • WillD

    #23 made me laugh my ass off.

    • FionnR

      You come to me, the day of my daughter's wedding? 😛

      • Chris Arabian

        hahahaha. I thought of the Godfather instantly as well!

    • Adam Purcell

      It's like…like…nobody understands me.

      • lance


        • Sizzle

          Hahaha. Thought the SAME thing!

    • W Thomas Kimberly

      looks like he is singing opera,,heart and sole

  • Jake

    #24 you touching my nuts?

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  • The Bandit

    #3 …I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
    #6 …literally like a boss
    #22….Grumpy Old Men

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  • Sean

    #10 #15 I want one of those, THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME!

    • Zoey

      In China they actually paint dogs like other animals, then skin them and sell the pelt as "tiger" or "wolf". I would assume they eat the meat too.
      I've actually bought some of the pelts. The vendors will swear up and down that they are real tigers even after you point out the dog paws.
      I guess it's like the Indians using the whole buffalo in the 1800's.

      • FionnR

        Now we're smarter 🙂 …thanks Zoey 🙂

      • shoestring30

        It's true they paint dogs like other animals but I call B.S. on making pelts out of them. The paint washes out pretty easily. My sister and I did some research when we saw that photo last year and wanted to paint our Golden Retriever for a Tigers game.

    • Zoey

      Alright, here's some pictures I took of the ones I bought. Sorry no close up of the paws, but they sure weren't real tiger/wolf!

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  • MigraineBoy

    #16 Sooooo…You've got wasted last night.

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  • waryee

    69 your doing it wrong #25

    • Sick

      man i was going to post that 😦

    • Leonel

      You're spelling it wrong.

      • Chris Arabian

        Beat me to it as well.

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  • Ernie

    #10 Growlithe?

    • gumball


  • James

    #8 biggest balls ever

    • mac

      eh they aren't THAT big hehe

    • Bluto

      Reminds me of ACDC. "Cuz I've got the biggest balls of them all!"

  • Raaandy

    #8 U mad bro?

    • grandpa bob

      and not a single fuck was given that day…

      • Da_Boz

        Was waiting forever to hear someone say this…

  • Alexandrov Andreseev

    #8 & #12 Like a boss!
    #23 O Sole Mioooo!

    • Brutally Heavy

      Ride, ride, ride hitchin' a ride!

  • Cristi_P

    #8 he looks so smug, lol. I bet there's an army of exhausted she-monkeys somewhere out of the frame… Or he just has a REALLY, REALLY bad case of the blueballs…

  • gyro

    #8 Excuse me… your BALLS are showing. Bumble bee tuna.

    • BigPoker


    • craig b from ct

      great work on that comment sir.. job well done

    • thenamesB


  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 kanguru in a pyjama, your argument is invalid and really sleepy

    • gumball

      Until I read this comment, I thought that was a donkey…

  • tobuscus

    Websites that do suck……..Chive. B)

    • Chiveinator

      …suck the boring out of Tuesday mornings ….yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! B)

    • DistractedIndividual

      #13 That is all-

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  • 6655321

    #26 even animals know how awesome the beautiful game is. If you disagree, you are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.

    • panama99

      I shall go fuck myself…….

    • Yessir

      No game that can end in a tie, not to mention a tie at ZERO, is a true sport, my friend. So fuck myself I shall.

    • Jeff Sayatovic Jr.

      On the way to going and fucking myself.. Soccer players flop more than LBJ, Bostrich and Wade.. Quite the feat.

      • Billy

        High Ho High Ho it's off to fuck I go……………I would rather watch paint dry.

    • soccer fan

      Soccer is like marriage, alot of running around and no scoring

    • Joeyk

      I would fuck myself but i probably wouldnt call back, and im just not in a good place emotionally for that kinda hurt

    • Pani Booyah

      Damn right! Fuck all these yeanks….oh wait they are indeed fucking themselves as their sports all suck.

      • b-ry

        i'm an american, and i agree with you.

  • naigoto

    #25 69 – You're doing it wrong


      Damn you, I was goina say that! Word for word and all, Great minds really do think alike.

  • JDubs

    #2 – Reason Number 123 "Why Dogs are better than cats…..they drive you places and look awesome doing it"

  • Chiveinator

    :p Corgis ftw :p

  • Alex

    #8 BALLER!

  • Chiveinator

    China's panda breeding program-(plan B)

    • whatwasitagain?

      If you put a Panda and this Dog in the same cage i wonder which one would be confused?

      • panama99

        The Dog…..he'll hump anything!!!

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  • dez troyer

    first off.. any cat.. unless it is some type of wild feline: lion, tiger, cougar.. is f**** bull***.. and does in fact SUCK.. that is all

    • DistractedIndividual

      Y SO MAD BRO?

      • gumball

        Cats killed his parents

    • HollarPeenYo

      He was raped by a gang of house felines… true story

  • Legend Ary

    #10 #27 # 30

    Soooooo they got wasted

  • Legend Ary

    16, 27, 30

    Soo they got wasted

    • DistractedIndividual

      Double fail….You lose.

    • ZachBob

      i'm only doing this for those of us who are too lazy to remember what #16 #27 and #30 were.

  • mali_sapun

    #23 why yes, I also look like that when I touch myself

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