Chivette of the Week: Sarah Jay in HQ (20 Photos)

Yesterday, we brought Sarah Jay into theCHIVE offices for her calendar shoot. Until yesterday, Sarah had never done any professional modeling in her life. She turned out to be a natural at it as you'll see.
One of the things I've really enjoyed about this whole calendar process is how much our Chivettes actually love theCHIVE. They're not doing this for money or because their publicists told them it was a good idea. Sarah is just one of us, a Chivette who wants to contribute to the fabric of this site, and do so without the aid of photoshop.

Sarah pretty much never stopped smiling the entire time she was here and she wanted me to let the Chivers know that, "I freaking love them." That is all.

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  • konaehukai

    #16. Mind that gap.

  • wztarheel

    #15 Nice Hump!

  • Charlie

    Um….Perfect. That's all I got.

  • Hank

    Magnificently beautiful. I’m looking forward to this calendar.

  • Backward Genius


  • Scooter2

    #19 A goddess with ink! Beautiful

  • Professor Zing

    I'm probably going to get major dislikes for this, but her kind of high hairline and tall forehead kind of turn me off. She just… doesn't look attractive to me.

  • sarah jay

    i had a blast! those guys are awesome.

  • idunno

    #17 This is my desk. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  • Birdhaus32

    #20 Nice ink ya got there

    If she couldn't stop smiling then why are there only 3 photos of her actually smiling??!! I hate the whole "I'm looking way to serious for this photo" look. Lauren is the best Chivette bc she smiles A LOT and she's awesome for it. Sorry fellas, first time I've ever spouted off but it had to be said

  • rhymeister

    I'm going to guess that she's half Asian. Great smile, gorgeous eyes and I'm going to guess sweeter than honey (mas dulce que la miel)? = P

  • You're a dumbass

    By enjoying, you mean "furiously masturbating to".

  • @peteulatan

    Sarah Jay.. I < 3 you

  • bkfrijoles


  • any-non-mouse

    Your "photographer" sucks. Find another. Nuff said.

  • Dex

    #20 Baby got back

  • zowie

    Nice looking girl, but maybe you should think of hiring a pro photographer or at least put a bit more effort into it. My 9 yr old kid can take more interesting photos.

  • rossy

    #1 i hope she's wearing knickers because that bench looks pretty dangerous for her lips

  • daily chiver

    jail bait, bring this child back for another phito shoot in 7 years!

  • sean

    not hot at all

  • ChallengeAccptd

    Natural beauty….Got to love it!

  • LeSigh

    Unimpress. half of the pics are about the same.

  • dragnfli #3

    Go r amazing girl!

  • Adam

    Sarah your gorgeous! I love the hair!

  • Always Last

    ALL tattoos are juvenile.

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