There are giants out there. GIANTS I tell ya! (33 Photos)

  • Johnny Tsunami

    #12 #24 #30 It's cool I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway

    • PoppinFresh

      #30 those poisonous centipedes "Mukade" were all over in the mountainous parts of Japan. They used to find ways into my apartment there… scariest shit EVAR. bug sprays just pissed them off. If they bite you your limbs swell up and you need medical attention. they were fast as hell, too.

    • Brian King

      Someone forgot to add a picture of Paula's fat ass

    • Obi Nwabueze

      Don't be such a baby! ('cept about #30. That guy will mess you up.)

  • Brother Maynard

    Is #23 a sun fish?

    • Tony

      Manta Ray?

    • Claude M.

      yes, the ocean sunfish. Often called a mola mola. There's smaller one in pic 27

      • Brad

        I agree, this is a sunfish.

        • Jimbo_Slice

          agree? with a question? hmmm

          • Hunter

            You're a fucking retard. Don't ever talk again.

        • Stan

          But does the thing in the picture agree that it is a sunfish? It could be a huge Oreo or something.

    • Arcade

      Yes! 😀

    • Wayne Miller

      Looks like an ocean sun fish

    • SJay

      wtf? isn't that on the endangered list?

      • Stan

        Not anymore. Now it's on the dock.

    • Pete

      looks more like a rotting orca carcass……

    • whodoube

      Is this not shopped? looks shopped.

  • Kmac


  • Jay

    #12, I'm never taking the trash out again.

    • Herro

      shopped. And old.

      • Resident_Saint

        You sure?

      • fjoness

        Not shopped, it's a coconut crab (or unga if you're local). They even get bigger than that.

        • Shoot it!

          I wondered what the f*ck that monster was. He can have all the freakin' coconuts he wants!

          • Spivias

            o.o its really just a crab
            like how lobster is kinda like a crab

      • Brad

        This is not 'shopped. This is a coconut crab and they do get this big.

        • bman

          "There have been reports in the literature of specimens measuring 6 feet (1.8 m) across the thorax and weighing 30 pounds." – holy crap!

          • its_forge

            You make some garlic butter, I'll get the elephant gun.

          • SteelCityChivette

            Thank you, Chive. You are the only reason I still learn anything after college.

          • Pete

            "There have been reports in the literature of specimens measuring 6 feet (1.8 m) across the thorax and weighing 30 pounds." – holy crap! HOLY CRAP, why dont i beleive this wikipedia???

    • bubblerider86

      well, i'm never going outside again….

    • XxX

      dude, that coconut crab actually taste real good… yumm

    • @josechvezc

      a coconut crab,i don't care,it is just a MOTHERFUCKER monster

  • yellowbooze

    thats it, im turn my door into a small hole.

  • Nicky b

    gross. sexy chivers is the only thing that can make up for this

    • Honrydog

      too bad the site is run by some lazy children.

  • deleted9842031

    #7 Glad our boys have guns! I don't even know what a lot of theses things are… freaky

    • bman

      Curse of the mummy?

    • ABO

      It's two spiders and they're not as big as you think they are.

    • steru

      think they call it a camel spider

    • Kevin

      they're "sand spiders" – this pic is actually two of them, not one. also, not actually spiders. google them

      • Kevin

        edit – meant camel spider. my bad and also my bad for not refreshing the page since that was already posted

    • Herro

      I've seen my share of these in Afghanistan. Theyre about the size of an emperor scorpion, in this photo theyre just closer to the camera than the people in the background, kind of creates an illusion. They have an unfair rep for being aggressive because they chase people when really they just want to get in your shadow because they're cold blooded.

      • JAS

        I heard they also have a habit of crawling into sleeping bags on cold nights for a little warmth.

        • EJC

          you are correct sir, they leave some nasty bites

    • endo_king

      They are in the order Solifugae and they do not get any where near as big as this photo suggests. The largest one only had a leg span of about 5 inches.

    • bman

      Good info folks. Thanks. As for me, a 5 or so inch spider is still not a good thing. Spiders just freak me out. Always have.

      • AsciiAdam

        The biggest one that I killed was bigger than the bottom of my boot. So no where near as big as they look in the photo. They can run fast as hell though!

        • GI Jack

          Terrorists AND Giant Spiders?
          man this is more then i signed up for

        • Country Boy

          I never personally saw any bigger than the palm of my hand, but my marine buddy that was over near Ramadi said they killed one that was as big around as a dinner plate. Never know with the marines though; might be telling the truth, might be completely full of shit…

          • USMC E-7

            Marines are not full of shit. They are full of what other services lack…honor, courage, commitment. Why do you think the Marines are always the first to the fight…

        • bman

          Now I'm doubly thankful for your service!

      • northerner

        Me too, don't like creepy-crawly things unless they're Sexy Chivers in bikinis on the floor or furniture in varied poses….

    • arTee

      Hmmm, looks dead. Let me take a closer look…. Bam! ON YOUR FACE!

    • Pap

      Dont be fooled by this picture. Although Camel spiders cant get pretty big this is actually two Camel spiders fighting with each other. Still pretty large creatures.

    • CEngel

      Yeah, Camel spiders… I caught a bunch of them when I was in Africa (US Marines)… They're a scary little creature, and have a mean bite, but aren't poisonous (I don't think) and aren't really spiders at all… If I remember correctly they have 10 legs… more or less closely related to the ant… and everyone thinks they chase you, when in reality, they're looking for shade. So, if it seas your shadow and starts to move towards you, it more than likely is trying to get out of the sun.

      • Big brother

        I caught one on Saudi that covered most of a sheet of paper (8 1/2 x11) they get pretty big but on average they are about palm sized.

  • Bud

    This entire gallery freaks me out

    • disturbed

      Agreed. Outside of the cats and dogs – the rest of it creeps this shit outta me.

    • Pat Overton

      Amen brother. I'll consider my life successful if I NEVER come across any of these things in the real world.

    • Brad Stevens

      it's 1:51 am why did i click this.

    • Ashiee19

      Same. I'm scared of tiny bugs already and now I'm going to have nightmares! 😥

  • Anakrusix

    I'm scared.

  • deleted7956721

    #1 #14 #15 Wow, those are amazing!!!

    • Sammy

      I think the last two would be more amazing, if they were still alive.

      • aosux

        If they used the animal for food and shelter, it's all good. Well, maybe just food now-a-days

      • Stan

        So they aren't alive anymore and now they suck?

    • shaunvw

      amazing….and delicious!!!

    • Brad

      sometimes you have to thin out the herd or they will over produce (in the absence of any predators – wolves, etc) and then destroy the ecosystem and die of hunger…

      • Zictomorph

        Not sure this is the way to thin a herd. By killing the most beautiful, largest, probably most intelligent (because they survived so long), you push natural selection toward the entire herd being smaller, weaker and stupider. And I don't think we're anywhere close to a moose epidemic.

        Of course, we have the right to destroy beautiful majestic animals and they do taste great. I've had fresh, wild venison: yum. It's wonderful for the trophy and food, but for everyone else, including future generations, I believe overhunting the largest animals is a tragedy. But I'm only against OVERhunting only the strongest.

        • @Galloway

          If they are old enough to be this big, they have probably bred already and natural selection hasn't been thwarted at all.

          Now where are the big racks of the more appealing variety?

        • Kired

          Actually for an animal to reach that size there is a strong likely hood that the genetics have been passed on all ready. For a moose to obtain that size they will have been functionally mature for several years. Rack sizes also vary based on nutrients so they are not always a good indicator of age, or necessarily the best suited individual for survival in the wild. Racks also decline in later years of their lives (the same can be said of women).

      • Dave

        We have no more right to kill them than we do to kill each other.

        • Charles Humphries

          NO we should just starve to death and eventually go extinct. Its nature. Animals HAVE to kill other animals to survive. And to all the vegans out there, plants are living organisms as well so your still killing something.

    • jan

      Amazing that those bastards killed them!

    • Glenbo

      I started hunting because I think it is more humane to let an animal live in it's natural habitat than to keep it locked up on a farm before it is killed and eaten. The meat also doesn't have any additives like hormones. Large animals like that have lived a lot of their life and have a lot of meat on them.

    • paulhitchcock

      #1 is no larger than the average moose. That "road" is actually a 4-wheeled ATV trail and not a "regular" sized road. It makes the moose look bigger because you think the road is big enough for a car or truck, but it's only about 3-4 feet wide.

      #14 is shopped.

      #15 is a camera trick. The antler is much closer to the camera than the hunter, making it appear much larger than it actually is.

      To those whining about hunting, man is an apex predator and is at the top of the food chain for a reason. Get over it.

      • Nabber86

        Have any of you actually ever seen a moose in the wild?? They are huge. If you hit one with a car, you are dea.

        Oh and they are tasty too, even the big ones

      • Ken

        Apex predator? Did you send that memo to all the farmers?

        Hunting is a sport. Right or wrong, the vast majority of folks do it for pleasure. Any steaks or jerky that comes out of it is a little perk

        • paulhitchcock

          All the farmers I know are also hunters. Farmers are no less evolutionarily-adapted to hunt than any of the rest of us. Binocular vision, the intelligence to make tools from sharpened sticks and flint-knapped broadheads to nuclear weapons, the intelligence to manufacture effective camouflage to blend into our environment, etc., all make man the apex predator.

          Also, where do you get the basis for your assumption that the "vast majority of folks" hunt for pleasure? Is it fun? Sure, but I hunt for meat first and sport second. I feed my family with what I kill, and I make no apologies for it. If it has an impressive set of headgear, that's just a bonus. Every other hunter I know (literally hundreds of people), feels the same way.

          • Ken

            If it wasn't fun, would you do it, or would you go to the market and buy your meat?

            • paulhitchcock

              I think I would. Actually, it's not always fun. Sometimes it's 95 degrees, and I'm in head-to-toe camouflage. That's not fun. Sometimes it's 35 degrees and pouring rain. That's not fun. But it's worth it when I get 100 lbs. of free protein for my family.

              • Ken

                You are selling hunting as a practical necessity or even advantage. Once you add up the costs of supplies (most hunters have to drive to the supermarket to stock up on food before they go hunting!) and equipment, gas, travel time, time spent in the field, wear and tear on vehicles, etc and compare the price of meat you get out of the field to that purchased in the market (that you walked pass to buy beer for the trip) and there would be no comparison unless you are person who lives adjacent to wilderness (which most hunters do not).

                Does your family go hungry without your self-procured protein? Does your spouse bitch at you if you do not "bring home the bacon" after a hunting trip?

                I am not arguing against hunting, but what I object to is the all the rationalization, that "we do it for the health of the herd or for the food ." If those moose were the last three on the planet there would a ton of guys who would be falling over themselves to kill the last one. Not because they needed the meat.

                • Stan

                  "If those moose were the last three on the planet there would a ton of guys who would be falling over themselves to kill the last one."

                  So at 180 pounds on average, a ton of guys works out to about 11 guys? That's not so bad.

                  • Ken

                    Touche. That WAS funny. 🙂

                • Chiveroni

                  You're a fucking idiot. It's people like you that are anti-hunting that do more harm to wild animals than hunters. Google northern virginia /dc area deer hunting. They regularly have to go out and put hundreds of deer down because they won't allow enough hunting to keep the population culled.

                  And most hunters don't travel more than an hour to hunt for food. Stop making shit up, it makes you look more stupid than you already are.

                • Len

                  Hunting isn't about cheap meat. Pound for pound, most hunting is far more expensive.
                  The amount of respect a hunter has for his game goes far, far beyond the amount of respect the guy buying the Happy meal gives the cow that died to make it.

                  Your moral objections are laughable.

                  Never forget it was hunters and fishers that created, and are the main monetary supporters of wildlife management. They are more connected to nature than you will ever be, yet you can sit on your computer, in your city that caused the destruction of habitat that is the real downfall of many species (not hunting), and turn your nose up at people who want to be a part of nature.Just because a guy doesn't want to be a ignorant loser that only knows meat as that red stuff that comes for the market on a Styrofoam plate covered in plastic.

                  I think I used to thin like you did when I was 8. Then I grew up. You should try it.

        • Stan

          "Any steaks or jerky that comes out of it is a little perk "

          Yes, and what a tasty little perk!!

      • Logan

        I wish i could just continually click on the "thumbs up" for your post, all the crying over shooting of animals, most large animals are taken off of Game Preserves and the meat is all donated to local shelters for the homeless and hungry. but lets let them starve so a 2400 lb animal doesn't get harmed! some people's priorities are WAY off.

      • AsciiAdam

        I have never seen a moose in person. Wow, is all I have to say if that is average. No moose in Indiana, I have smashed a huge white tail deer with my car though. Got up and ran away, my car was not so lucky.

    • Chiveroni

      They look delicious!. That would feed a family for a year, it's not always just about trophies.

    • Eliana

      Better alive than dead…

    • Logan

      And tasty, moose meat is the best lean and organic.

  • bman

    What do I like most about this post? No idiot is claiming 'first'

    • Mokuseitora

      "They" are slowly learning that first is first to be thumbed down by everyone reading the comments!

      • bman

        Hopefully it will become a trend

        • Sterling Crawford

          I was expecting to see it on Charity Video, thankfully though humanity might still have a chance.

    • idiot


  • konaehukai

    #16. WTF is that. Creepy.

    • Yuppp

      It's a liceapod (or however you spell it)

      • Yuppp

        hahahaha wow I'm retarded!

    • fjoness
    • UPSgrrrL88

      #29 WTF!!!!! They fucking like doritos?????

      • Waylon

        If they have any sense at all they like Doritos. Signs of intelligent life I say.

      • Kelly

        everybody likes doritos

  • Donna_Romper

    Giant insects are nightmarish.

  • roboj

    I'm all itchy

    • H.Manback

      Don't worry… I bet these animals won't cause itches but numbness.

      It's not like they are just bending the hairs, but leaving "foot" prints on the skin.

  • imguessingimageust

    #9 my name is earl anyone?

    • Lynsey Schrader

      YES!!! I just watched that episode! LMAO

    • Ernie

      fake indeed

      • DauntlessCelt

        What you do is just stand/kneel really far behind it. Then it looks a lot bigger, when actually it's the person that looks smallers.

    • turbo

      i have heard this one is photoshopped. was told in the original he has his foot on top of the hog with his arms rested on his knee.

  • HUH?

    Giant moose, meh, giant dog, meh, giant spiders, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never leaving the house again!!!

    • Pat Overton

      You made me LOL. :p

  • cks

    im a lil sad there now dead. takes away a lil bit of mystery from the world

    • Stan

      You can still find some mystery in trying to read your writing.

      • Honrydog


    • Len

      Spoken like someone who has not left the comforting glow of their comp screen. Ever.

  • Bumblerbee

    #4 The Sandlot, anyone?

    • Nicky b

      lock up the beast… For-Ev-Errrr

    • shaunvw

      awesome…now i have to find my vhs of that this weekend

    • for realsies

      Good call.

    • Rion Fox Ostrom

      Dude I said the same thing the second I saw the picture.

  • kingsfan34

    #29 Not cool man, not cool

  • Bud Lee

    #29 WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT….sand flies?!!?

  • sippinator94

    #9 That's a lot of bacon.

    • sippinator94

      Oh, and #12, FUCK NO.

    • Seth

      i wonder what gamey bacon is like.

  • Mr_Rob

    Well, #19 has a giant pussy…

    • steve

      She's got a " Fat Cat " lol

    • switch_24

      i see what you did there.. +1 point for you!

  • Maurice James Girvan

    I think we're gonna need a bigger boat…

  • Elisha

    #33! I want it!

    • Seth

      looks like my bros. leonberger, its 155 lbs

  • ish_master

    #29 WTF are those?!

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