The tip of human exploration: the space shuttle program (15 HQ Photos)

  • AsciiAdam

    Now we just have to get people to mars. Make it happen NASA!

    • Ace

      Mars? R u kidding me? We can’t even go 2 the moon… Smartphone nowdays has advanced technology compared 2 that Apollo full of crap in 1969.

      • Kaas

        Ofcourse we can go to the moon, Nasa just chooses not to because they have other priorities.

  • raptor5150

    One of the happy/sad days. Keep reaching for the stars people.

    • Jack Wagon

      Amazing pics!

  • Robocop

    This cut into the the Price is Right, sad im more concerned about that than space exploration

  • Rusty_Dreams

    One of the most important endeavors ever undertaken by mankind. Don't let it die.

  • questar

    waste of gas

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  • MisteurX

    This may have been one of the mightiest human adventure, but keeps to be an engineering nightmare, and this is (one of) the reasons of the end of the Space Shuttle.
    The biggest disappointment is for the few remaining astronauts in training that won't fly until something like 5 or 6 years, as Soyouz if already booked for years, and Ariane's ATV module isn't designed for inhabitants.

  • Dr3xell

    Badass pics! Shuttles are waaay cool!

  • Mike

    #2 Soon

  • Truth.Inc

    Space is our future. It is where we must inevitably go. We must not stop reaching.

  • Ftw

    Just want to thank president Obama for putting an end to the shuttle program because I’d rather my tax dollars go to something completely fucking worthless.

    • ryan

      do some research before opening your mouth

      • benbobbins

        You mean the research that says he cut NASA's budget that eliminated the Constellation program that was on track to replace the shuttle? Yep, got it.

    • demonspeeding181

      Nice thinking Ftw, you see the big yellow thing that lights your day? It is half way through it's life span, when it goes out, it will take your future relatives with it. If the human race never leaves this rock, we die. Well, with the way you think, maybe that's a good thing….c-ya

      • heywood jablome

        yeah, we better get on it too, i hear we only have a billion or so years left.

    • Xtina

      They seem to be adding new jobs. A lot actually. FYI.

  • Edward

    So sad its the end of an era

  • ryan

    You people are retarded. They are phasing out the space shuttle program to introduce new space technology. This is the last SHUTTLE but not nearly the last manned space craft. Do some research.

    • loso

      we were also told about shovel ready jobs

      unemployment is now at 9.2%

      only 18000 jobs were added last month and with 10,000 pink slips going out to NASA thats 8000 jobs for last month

      keep watching "The Daily Show" for your news

      • Xtina

        Actually, NASA is hiring a lot of people right now. My husband nearly got a job with them but took another offer. They want new young fresh minds to move forward. Quit watching Fox News for your information.

      • Xtina

        Oh yeah and the unemployment rate is at 7.9 now btw. Thanks to Obama.

  • Beachpotato

    Wrong there buddy, Obama vetoed the next manned space vehicle. Do the research. You are an idiot. Thats why a years worth of provisions is being sent up to Space Station. NASA is out of the space business. Maybe some day a private company might have a manned program. But it has to be profitable for a private company and that will never happen
    Come by Shuttles bar and grille outside the south gate and let us space workers now laid off tell you the truth.

    • ryan

      You clearly read to much into what I was saying. Just because Obama vetoed the constellation project (which has not be through Congress yet and hasn't been fully canceled) does not mean that there will never be another manned space craft, and if you believe so, then you are clearly the idiot.

      Despite all of that, the main reason for my comment was due to the general consensus being that humans would no longer venture into space, as they thought that the end of the shuttle was the end of space travel. I was stating that the shuttle is now merely "obsolete" and newer technology, namely Orion, will be implemented in the not so distant future, leading us to mars travel and hopefully further.

      And I do believe there is a $40million relief fund for laid off workers. Whether you'll see that I don't know.

    • Lima

      Bro SpaceX. Calm yo shit. There are other ways to go about this. But the support of the space program is definitely factoring into where I place my vote.

  • Dan

    I always wanted to go to a shuttle launch, now I'll never get the chance.

    • farscapestuey

      Um, you had plenty of chances.

  • loso

    10,000 pink slips for NASA

    now we'll pay the russians and china for rides to the space station

    American Space program is gone

    thanks Obama

  • loso

    JFK rolled over in his grave today

    We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.

  • lindt

    America chose war over space travel?

    • Eddie

      *Obama chose war over space travel.

      The American people don't have a say in much nowadays.

  • Dumb republican

    That damned O-bamma. He's takin' our jaaaaaarbs.

  • guest

    I was so happy to be there…drove 29 hours while 7 months pregnant and two toddlers in the back seat. One of the high points in my life. Thank you NASA!!!

    • blueberry

      7 months pregnant with 2 toddlers? In afraid the next highpoint in your life might not come for another 18 years…

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  • David

    RIP, Sally Ride.

  • Cody

    The o
    Lu way we will be able to reach mars is to find some sort of fossil fuel on the moon refine it and then set a launch station for deep space exploration, but that won't happen any time soon because NASA is not sending any more maned missions to the moon

  • david

    suck it obama…you worthless piece of garbage. "i'm a science president." MY ASS!!

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