Street art that catches your eye and kidnaps your adult-hood (28 photos)

  • Joe H.

    Must be friday. The posts are coming fast and furious! The Chive guys must be planning for a massive night of drinking and partying.

  • AsciiAdam

    #5 is super cool.

    • Kyle White

      I see what you did there.

    • Firefighter23

      Yeah defacing a statue is always super cool.

      • AsciiAdam

        You know that's fake. Has to be. You could not do that without being tossed in jail. Cool, though.

        • Joey Shmoey

          Not fake. This is in Bulgaria.

          • mimi

            True. I am originally from Bulgaria. So cool we finally did something worthy 🙂

            • Dude

              Yes, I am sure that your maimed war veterans were proud to see the memorial statue that was dedicated to their sacrifice and the deaths of thousands of their friends, relatives and countrymen turned into a fucking Ronald McDonald and Superman…

              • techno

                completely agree, defacing a war memorial, even done well- is still disgraceful

                • dreamkeeper

                  IT was like this only for a day … but the problem whit this memorial ,is that the bg – Government want to remove it ,cuz they want the place, to build something shiny ther.
                  But know they cant because the Russians say its important part of the history when they saw the "art-job"… and yes it is not a bulgarian monument its a soviet one

              • its_forge

                It's a statue dedicated to the Glorious Soldiers Who Gave Their Lives to Support the Glorious Soviet Socialist Republic. Although it's classic art and should be respected for that, the politics behind it are also worth objecting to. Some Bulgarians weren't really all that fond of being a Soviet Socialist Republic.

              • Stoev

                Actually that`s Russian Red Army soldiers, the statue is celebrating communist rule over the former Soviet block in Eastern Europe. So i say it`s fair game.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #23 goes along with me perfectly

  • b-ry

    is the kid in #9 doing a farmers snot!?!?

    • snoopdogg

      snot rocket!!

    • SeaBassEX


  • Event Horizon

    #12 Impossibru!

    • bamfer

      yeah he fucked that up

      • panama99

        I don't see the "3" working, unless I'm just wrong. It has been a while since I played that game…..

        • TitoRigatoni

          The "3" is fine, it's the "1"s in the upper left that are wrong.

          • NinjaTim33

            The flag might just be wrong.

            • Crow T. Robot

              Oh sh##! Now I have to retract my thumbs up from above.

          • Henrik

            The middle ''1'' and the left ''1'' is wrong. I feel kind of like a nerd now.

            • TitoRigatoni

              Actually NinjaTim is correct. The numbers aren't wrong, the flag is wrong. Specifically the flag next to the 2 is wrong. The flag in the box of 1s is correct.

    • idunno


  • Galletto3

    #22 ironic…it cant be opened from your side….only the other….

    • William Richardson

      That's deep.

    • drew

      Anyone else see the 42 before the words?

      So long, and thanks for all the fish…

      • its_forge

        Better quote would be "well the problem is we never were really quite clear about what the question was."

  • J_Henry

    All these posts today are making it really tough to stay away from the internet and study

    • echogeo

      Are you kidding me? I've gone back and watched the Kate Upton slow-mo video 45 times. I keep waiting for that nipple to pop out.

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Yeah… study the inside of my butt.

      (Peter Griffin paraphrase.)

    • Yo Face

      I also should be studying for the bar.

  • Stafferty

    #10 I say this with an unblemished record of heterosexuality, but I love that man.

    #3 THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!! She being a girl with a poor grasp of English.

    • Bender

      You're gay. I got what they call gaydar.
      "Kill all humans"

    • Vince

      I've kissed a man, but it was to make girls do 'stuff' … can i still be call it unblemished?

  • splooge

    #5 easily the best one

  • Mathieu

    #27 this one is so paradoxal, it makes me want to throw things in my office…

    • absolutcarcrazy

      which in turn leads to #1

  • equalizermax

    #11 – Love this one

    • panama99

      I agree. Does anyone know where it is at?

      • quintus

        Not sure, but judging by the view I'd say Empire Fulton Ferry Park, the one below the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO

    • Fasteddy14

      The serenity of the statue against the backdrop of a busy city is especially meaningful…

  • Brad

    #5 is cool but defacing soldier monuments isn't a good idea…

    • Fasteddy14

      If I saw somebody defacing a soldier's memorial…I'd need a good lawyer to represent me afterward.

      • Cumplaint

        Why cause you'd duct tape their babies mouth shut and toss it in a swamp?

    • Yo Face

      Sure isn't if you don't think about it much. But if you happen to be a thinker you can see that these depictions are heroes. It appears to be a comment on distinction between real life and super human images we have. The real shame is that the people who really fight in wars die for nothing.

      • lonin

        Santa, the Joker and Ronald McDonald are depicted, so stuff your "heros" theory.
        The real shame is that people like you don't realize that EVERYTHING is built upon what people die for in wars.

        Thinker indeed.

      • Dude

        Lots of people died in WWI and WWI to keep the Germans from taking over the world, which has given you the freedom to look at the Chive on the internet. I wouldn't call that 'nothing'.

        • its_forge

          ^^ That. This statue isn't dedicated to those specific soldiers but on the other hand, the Allies in WWII lost a few million, the Germans and the Japanese together lost a few million, and the USSR lost TWENTY FIVE MILLION MEN. I mean holy fucking shit.

  • O.o


  • Do0zer

    Some of these are awesome but I'm sorry, #5 is just wrong.

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Agreed. The tagging is especially distasteful.

    • bob

      Military idolatry is for fags.

      • TRON


    • switch607

      wrong as in effectively using art to make a critique when every other medium has been co-opted by the corporate elite?… how could you censor somebody for doing this?

      • ThatGuy

        everything in this gallery is a defacement of someone's art, someone's work or someone's property. get the stick out of your ass I'm sure they got the paint off. Also I'm genuinely happy for you that you had such a good friday.

      • its_forge

        As I noted above, the statue is dedicated to Bulgarians who worked and gave their lives to support the USSR. Not a lot of Bulgarians are still willing to glorify the USSR, although it's a very nice piece of art and has historical value nonetheless.

  • mikeofla

    #6 that is awesome, I am so doing this around my house. Also, #27 made me lol

  • jarhead

    #12…cool, but they did it wrong. There’s two #1’s in the upper left that are touching two mines!

    • D-Coy

      How do you know there're 2 mines and is not a blank one? 🙂

    • TitoRigatoni

      No, they're touching two FLAGS. Big difference 😉

  • acoustrix

    #12 FAIL.

  • Coldzilla

    #6 if only…..

  • inkoutbreak

    The super hero one is fuckin hilarious..

    • ThatGuy

      I agree.

  • jpp407

    #4 Already do…

    • ThatGuy

      Better yet, suspect everyone.

  • misschris

    #8 "And at the building w/ the baby face, make a right. Yes, building w/ a baby face. I'm serious. You can't miss it."

    • Ashley

      Too bad trains can't turn right there.

  • cincy o

    #6 , imagine the button would be worn down ….

  • Guse

    #21 is my favorite. Just the thought that even 1 person would stop putting up with something they hate because of it makes me want to put those in random spots around town. This could be the "sign" they were waiting for.

  • Alf

    #19 Exit Through The Gift Shop…

  • Adam Wolfe

    The retard painting #5 should be punched in the throat.

    • ThatGuy


    • its_forge

      Because preserving the history of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is important. Y'see.

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