Hope Solo vs Alex Morgan (26 photos)

Hotness contest aside, a big congrats to the US Women’s soccer team for kicking ass in the World Cup. Japan may have won, but their players lost the gene-pool contest.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

    love me some alex morgan

    • r@f

      AMY RODRIGUEZ beats all these men. Google her.

      • zdrake13

        are you serious? youre blind if you think she compares to either of them

    • Bluto

      Maybe its just me, but this chick has HUGE FAT earlobes. Wierded me out too much…

    • Tony

      K so far it's 67% for Alex, and 33% for "I thought Alex was Hope…"

  • calvin_hobbes23

    Hope Solo by a lot

    • IMHO

      Solo looks like Debra Morgan from Dexter

    • bob

      hope solo > all

    • sukit

      enjoy the baggage. she's got a son.

      • calvin_hobbes23

        Neither one of them have kids

  • Blah

    Is it just me? Or are her earlobes really big? #18

    Still, damn she's hot ^^

    • 2020vision

      Two words: Horse Face
      What are you guys thinking?!?
      Go lose your virginity, then comment on the women.

    • ZombieBootParty

      She IS NOT attractive

    • Tony

      Not sure which one this is, but I vote for the other one that doesn't look like a dude.

  • Galletto3

    Too hard to choose…so like many soccer matches im gonna call this one a draw

  • aaa

    #22 is Abby wambach's goal against brazil….

    • sully23

      More like man-child Abby Wambach….

    • Vince

      It was fucking awful defending by the Brazilian left back … left Abby with too much room.

    • fool

      and neither alex morgan or hope solo are in that picture…

  • Micky


  • :-D

    #7 such a great smile. Alex Morgan all the way!

  • First time at first


    • Anonymous

      Doh! My computer is such a lier 😦

  • sully23

    I think they are both pretty damn hot. Might even give the edge to Alex, but I'd have to go with Hope because she's a bit taller and has some jugs unlike Morgan #21

    • Graham

      Going to have to agree with you there

      • bsitz

        Whats up with the crooked nips?

        • boss

          they arent crooked you breast rookie.. its the way the light is hitting them

  • Shutterbug

    Alex Morgan definitly.
    Though marrying Hope Solo and naming the son Han is tempting.

    • sully23

      That means you'd take her last name you tool

      • Birdhaus32

        Or just let one son take the name for the gag. douche

  • https://www.facebook.com/CUtigers530 Matthew Rose

    #21 are they pointing in different directions or is it just me

    • specv44

      Im sure she isnt just standing there, more likely, she was walking/moving when this picture was taken lol.

      • IMHO

        walking/moving doesn't change the location of the nipple, maybe she's just like that.

      • boss

        its the way the sun is shading them

    • matthew's mother

      welcome to the world without photoshop. breasts are not symmetrical at all times irl.

    • ssss9999

      sometimes your sports bra squeezes them in different directions.

  • penis

    Hope by a mile… Alex looks like a neanderthal

    • fattypratty

      Neandertahl?! Really? More like personified piece of heaven!

      • saosinh

        I don't think you know which is which. Hope looks slightly more "man-ish" but she's still smokin'. Alex Morgan is just plain gorgeous.

        • Birdhaus32

          Totally agree with you. Both hot, but Hope (hate to say it) is a bit more on the guy side.

    • Dude

      I think it's the other way round..

    • northerner

      That's unnecessarily cruel, dude. They're both good looking gals. The bad shot of the stupid duckface ruined it for Alex. And there are more pix of Hope than Alex. But as has been posted, it's a close call. Not fair to pick so close a contest. Both have their strong points. Pokies aside…

    • bob

      72% of the world disagrees with you tard. Alex is hotter and younger. She wins.

  • RyanCBR07

    Alex Morgan FTW!!! Not even close to being a hard decision!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    #21 Well hello there pokies!

  • Sal

    Hope is one of the main reasons I started watching. She has my vote

    • Sal

      #21 mmmm

    • HuggyBear

      Are you sure it's not because of Shannon Boxx? I think we can call of the Bigfoot search.

  • chrisdg74

    #7 – Alex Morgan, no doubt.

  • Tokabwl

    I'll take Alex Morgan by alot over Hope Chokelo

    • Grammar Ninja

      Solo didn't "choke". Both equalizers by Japan were caused by shoddy defense, not shoddy goalkeeping. And it was the US shooters who failed to put the ball in the net in PKs. If the keeper gets one stop in the PK round, that often is enough — but not when your team fails to put the ball on goal twice and the opposing keeper gets a lucky kick save.

      • Someone else

        Agreed. US should of buried them 4-0 by the first half. Whenever they scored, they would lay back and that's when Japan would tie it up. Too many mistakes that caught up with them. It was US's game to lose and kudos to Japan for taking advantage when it mattered.

    • A Goalkeeper

      as a goalkeeper myself, i laugh at the fact that u call her a choke. both goals scored by japan were great offensive plays, with no fault to the goalie. there was nothing she could've done. and pks, its really up to the shooters moer than the goalie. as a goalie there is about a 20% chance at best you guess right and you make the play. get ur stuff right before u sound stupid.
      from a michigan resident who refuses to let u make us look stupid

  • Mickey

    Hope Solo has a whole Anna Chlumsky thing from the movie “My Girl” going on. That’s a good thing.

    • Cracka

      Thats a bad thing. Chlumsky was about 12 in My Girl!!!

      • Mickey

        That's why the movie wasn't called "My Woman." But I was a kid then, too. So it all evens out.

  • Bless1

    solo- bet she is a fierce gobbler, those eyes

  • Mr.Bing

    #22 just doesn't belong.

    • Htisss

      Correct. That is the stud that is know as Abby Wambach.

      BTW what is the correct term for a woman who is a stud?

      • Da_Boz

        Studette (perhaps studmuffin), fox, pimpette, but I think you got it right.

      • jorge


  • holy cowww

    Hope solo Is Amazingly beautiful!

    • holy cowww

      #7 i stand corrected shes hotter.

    • Alex Morgan

      she is disgusting

      • Alex Morgan

        and by she i mean hope

  • Bill

    Please…. do another fit girls or something. Hopefully the womens soccer team will fade away. These girls are cute, but not worthy of a whole post.

    • kson

      You're not worthy of a post. These girls have done more than you could ever achieve in your entire lifetime.

    • Love ALL US Athletes

      What a moronic dick! They were beaten in the finals of the world cup… the 2nd best in the world (awesome for any team to do) and you would know this if you knew anything about any sport. People like you that know nothing yet post poorly written garbage should get out of your mom's trailer, take a shower (or two), crack a book and try not to be such a douche. 'Not worthy of a whole article' what an azzzhole. You must be a flamer that hates women who accomplish more than you because you are an Azzzclown!

  • FFAA

    Great f*%+ing post!


    #7 solo suck's….let's get real, morgan all the way

  • kevin

    Got to go with Hope. My only worry would not getting blocked in the bedroom…

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