A typical day in Venice Beach, CA (38 HQ Photos)

We've finally settled into our new offices on the strand in Venice Beach. Summer's in full swing and there's a diverse river of people moving by us constantly in this artistic enclave in Southern California. So we decided to grab a case of beer and a few cameras and see just what happens. We do have a bit of a height advantage so the downblouse seems to be a popular theme of the afternoon.

  • hipsterbgone

    #23 did not want to be seen holding his hand hahahahaha

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  • watdahell

    #24 MOAR please, find them Chive!!!

  • Shelby

    Where is KassemG? ._.

  • https://www.facebook.com/damianyearwood Damian Yearwood

    This may as well have been named "Find Her". Only good can come of this, that I am sure.

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  • Jake!

    First comment ever just to tell you to find her!!!! but idk how to get the picture in the comment XD 24!!!!

  • Cord11

    #32 and #34 – awesome!

  • fu fuckers

    you fuckers must pay a lot of rent

  • Nishad J.

    So THIS is what's above AA, I used to wonder what you guys did up there. I left that place, fucking bipolar hipsters. Was there a year, finally got free! Anyways, great website ya got here! Best of luck!

    Best regards,

  • Baba Booey

    #20-turning that baby into a douchebag even before its born
    #37-wtf? turn around num nuts

  • http://chunder.weebly.com Will

    #1 You guys REALLY need to install three web cams on your railing! One each looking in either direction and one looking down. Share that view with the rest of us!

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