Found: Anette Marie (25 Photos)

The photo up there has been swirling around the nets for the past couple days and one of our Chivers was nice enough to tip us off. Her name is Anette Marie, a 24 year-old smoke show from Oslo.

There is one more artistically NSFW photo right here. You’re welcome.

  • Jordan

    avg everyday girl looking good.

    • Scuba Steve

      Thank you

    • hMMMM

      We should have left it at the original picture…by far the best one.

      • Jak

        I agree. She is gorgeous but this post was hit or miss. Some of those pics do not do her justice.

        • Brandon AnyZesty

          All pictures of all women are going to be hit or miss. They don't look uber hot 100% of the time. You take the good with the bad, just like with women you see on an everyday basis.

          • Jak

            You have a great point but the pics that are a "miss" should not make the post.

    • keepinitreal

      I'm not seeing a whole lot of average here…where do you live where this is average???

      • Jordan

        Philly, and the reason I said average, is because you could go to any club and see 10 of her. Just like in the first pick. All her friends look just like her IMO.

        • Vanxidar

          true dat

        • Trinitiger

          Thank you Jordan…. my exact thoughts, average. I seen better at my work. She's not ugly at all, she's average good looking.

  • Nick_FTW

    #25 she is gorgeous

    • gross

      dude she's a 6 at best.

  • JOE


    • Blumpkin


      • prefer her not found

        I agree

    • Lolol

      I found the lack of boobs on this post quite disapointing

    • Benjamin Finlay

      Hence "Smoke show"

  • specv44

    #25 So beautiful. Please recruit her as a Chivette!

    • ilovethechive

      Yes! Very much agree!!

  • Brandon AnyZesty

    Wow, she's even cute without the makeup on. Looks like it's time for a trip to the Chive offices.

  • kshell25

    Just the fact she's from my motherland, makes her even hotter.

    • MiketheDyke

      Your mother's land is HOT

  • Sharky

    #25 Saved the best one for for last

  • @YWordArmy

    Good lighting and a push-up bra will do wonders…

  • Kris Coleman

    She's hot, but isn't she the girl next to the chick with FLBP?

    I don't think she's the girl with her arms up in the first pic, she looks like the girl to the left. The girl with her arms up has a lot more Lower Back Problems in her Future.

    • absolutcarcrazy

      Agreed, #16

    • Sarge

      that's what I thought! She's not that chick with FLBP at all, she's definitely the one to the left.

      disappointing. I mean, she's kinda cute too I guess, but yeah, I feel a little misled. And by "I" i mean "my penis"

    • Lame

      Well done, Kris. Dare we call this a Chive Fail? The chick is still hot, but this is technically not a "find her" success.

      • Chazz B

        yeah… i wanted to se the 3rd girl from the left (as i think we all did)

    • Pat Overton

      Was thinking the same thing. Concur with your speculation Chris. Doesn't make her any less hot of course. Good job being first with this. B)

    • Kris

      No problem fellas, just doing my duty as a Chiver B-)

  • Soda Pop

    Looks good…..but the pic of Carlee Ranger fist pumping on the dock in front of the clear blue water is still much hotter then any of these……just saying.

  • winfields

    So…. she is the chick on the left? or the one with the sweet cleavage? #1

    here is her website… why no baby pictures Chive? haha

    • Rahm Emanuel

      got be the one on the left…or this is the only pic post-op.

      • Ruffestneckaround

        Or a push up bra, or 2 bras (yeah they do that…or 3) or padded, or gelly inserts, or any combo…I worked in clubs and have seen lots of girls that have guns like that when they go out and you go for lunch or something and all you can think of is "where are those glorious boobs you have at work" After awhile, I learned all their secrets. At least we don't go out with a potato in our pants right? Deception…

  • Stranger Danger!

    In view of this excellent post and in hope that this one voice speaks for many.

    "Fine gentlemen of the Chive, you merry band of fellows, history will remember you for your dedicated and upstanding *cough* contribution to society, humanity and civilization. May God watch over you all."

  • hMMMM

    #6 – is that even her?

    • Richard

      No, i am pretty positive that girl is Synne Bolstad…(google her)

  • newscot

    Very cute. She looks fun #8

    • JAMon

      I've never wanted to be a wine glass until now

      • LuvH8fulChix

        An object who's sole purpose is to stay full of wine… well, that just about describes me.

  • smd

    thats definitely the girl in the background, not the main one in the foreground.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      …and I would still hit that anyway

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #16 Is she a Chiver?

  • NebraskaGuy!

    #15 Would LOVE to see MOAR of this girl wearing YOGA PANTS!

    • Rick

      Or less

      • Rick

        Less pants I meant. like #12 and #24 in HI-DEF from a straight on rear view.

  • Atom Agoy

    24 my ass…

  • calvin_hobbes23

    #18 beautiful eyes. Now to expedia to find out how much to get to Norway

    • Chris Lawrence

      Dont bother was in oslo 2 weeks ago and was shocked at how much Mcdonalds has taken over the girls diets in 8 yrs!!!

      • calvin_hobbes23

        Damnit ronald y u make pretty girls fat

    • Nina

      $1000-1200 round trip. Let me know if you find any cheaper, I wanna go home for xmas! 😛

  • Meh.....


    • feh.....


    • OERng


  • Sam

    Natural beauty. Chive on!

  • Edward

    #25 Love that picture

  • dagnut

    Wrong chick you clowns

  • Griffin Heath

    Oh dear… I want one of her for christmas. ❤

  • tomcaronsgoatee

    I'd consider moving to Norway for that!!!

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