In honor of Gisele Bundchen’s 31st birthday -Happy Hump Day! (52 photos)

  • dOOb


    • Terry Burke

      don't they owe us a post of burnt bras too?

      • Nate

        #46 is a repeat, but well freaking with it. might be one of the best arse pics ever

  • konaehukai

    #38. Gotta love those surfer Humps.

  • JGBallard

    Great Hump Day! Made my day! Chive on #4

    • R2G Fan

      This is perfect.

    • ...

      *Best Hump Day?

      • Chazz_B

        I second this

    • Super Trooper


    • original's better

      its a nice rump but shopped to hell….

    • Jacob


    • Pat Overton

      Greatest "school-girl" skirt ever!

    • Jay

      Definitely the best of the bunch.

    • Nate2003


  • ilovethechive

    #4 #6 #9 #12 #16 #28 #31 #43 FTW!! That is All!

    • ilovethechive

      #28 #31 #43 Cause I wanted to see them again

    • urinetrouble

      spot on except for #12, no go there

      • hot

        you know how i know your gay?

        • deez

          because when you were fucking him in the ass he was smiling?

          • hot

            no…because that is a nice ass and he can't see it….guess why?

            cause he's….gay

      • ilovethechive

        We will have to agree to disagree on that one…thats a fine ass'd chivette with a wonderful gap that deserves to be recognized!

      • Captain Charley

        lol looks like my ex….so i agreee

  • KeyserSoze

    Simply beautiful… Thank you.

  • the elusive

    Hurray for Hump Day!!!

    • newscot

      Best. Humpday. Ever.

  • Dood?

    More Giselle Pics please?? C'mon Chive…
    I suppose I could always go on google, but I rarely check anything but the chive these days anyways…

    • gulfcoast

      Giselle + hump day = only if thechive cant find any bubbles

    • Zoom

      The 66 Most Overrated Women of 2011, # 54 Gisele Bundchen

      Frankly I don’t get it. Sure Gisele has a killer body, but is she really worthy of being the highest paid model in the world? Really? You’re telling me that you look at her face and that’s the best we’ve got in the entire world? Some of us out here actually like our hot bodies to be matched with a face that’s a little easier on the eyes. Just sayin’…

  • urinetrouble

    #20 meh

    • urinetrouble

      Thumbs down? Ya'll need to raise your standards.

      • tek257

        She is definitely fap material.

      • ssstoopid

        You should be more encouraging to women who like to show their rumps to the world. You should also be more realistic about YOUR standards.

      • PO<


    • sully23

      Don't listen to that douche. That is one Lovely hump a dump rump.

    • Hand of Fate

      Meh? That is a really nice ass, actually. Nice and round, but not too big, and she looks like she has a slender waist.

      How could you possibly complain about that? lol.

    • Jacob


      • urinetrouble

        I see all these thumbs down, I keep looking at the ass, I still don't like it. The uneven underwear, the basketball shorts, not feeling it.

        • Hand of Fate

          So you are complaining about her taste in fashion then or her ass…?

          It's starting to sound like Queer Eye for the Cam Girl.

          • urinetrouble

            It's like a fine dining, it's all in the presentation, and compared to #4 and #6, this girl is peanut butter and jelly.

            • Keith Piscitelli

              maybe you can't see with those balls covering your eyes how yummy that is…

              • COCO

                really? come, you're a grown-man. don't use the internet as an excuse not to act like one.

            • Roooofio

              Those are professional photos… The lovely lady who posted is not a professional photo, hence REAL. REAL is sexy…

              • seven

                Rosie O'Donnell is real…so, there ya go dumbass

        • gulfcoast

          lol the ass bro, dont look at all that bs you just mentioned.

    • its_forge

      Meh?? Holy frick you're picky. That is one seriously epic back side.

      • Cal N J

        epic…ha. You must get fat girls….that ass is a 4 at best…maybe 4.5

        • its_forge

          ::snerk:: Says the guy who's never held a girl's hips in his hands.

          • Cal N J

            Held a girls hips in my hands…..? Is that the best you can come up with? You must be a 14yr old and refering to your last slow dance to a beiber song in the school gym. A girls hips in my hands.?.?.?.yes, that made you look like a casanova for everyone on the internet. You sure showed me. what an idiot.

            • its_forge

              Heh. So that's a "no" then. Figured as much.

              • hater

                Dude, you're starting to look pretty stupid here. You should stop making a big deal about holding some hips because it's making you look like an asshat. I doubt you've ever been laid, but thats not a big deal for a dude your age. Quit before the other jerk makes you look even more stupid.

                Back to topic, I think the girl has a tasty ass, I'd hit it.

                • cj1264

                  are you two really that retarded? wtf do you think holding a girls hips is in reference to? he maybe starting to look stupid but the two of you have not begun but proven beyond reasonable doubt just how inane you are.

                  • its_forge

                    ^^ That. I'm a grandpa, I've had more than my share of pretty fricking amazing sex and I certainly don't have any insecurities about my manhood. Fool, much talking, etc, I guess.

  • @I_amHope

    #17 holy ghost of Santa Claus!!

    • I am Hopeless

      I know, right? KA – POW! I would hot dog that ass all night long.

    • disturbed

      #17 She's speaking a universal language right there.

      • Skadoosh

        Yessir. We def need moar of this one. Mmmmhmmm love the Russian mix.

        • I love Russian girls

          I know, can u imagine that ass with a hot Russian accent? I'd last 5 seconds…but then I'd go all fuckin night!

          • Dr. Ruth

            you can tell the guys who don't get much sex when they bring up "going all night". no one does. it's a myth.

            • Dr, STFU

              You can also tell the guys who have had sex only once when they point out the obvious and try to pass it off at sexual prowess.

        • ssstoopid

          MUCH MOAR! The booty is a lot like food. It's spoken across language barriers and it's message is clear. The message is… , "mmmmmmmmmm!"

    • Chazz_B

      Please make her a Chivette!

    • its_forge

      We love Russia and we love Kazakhstan!! Woo!!!

    • CaolU

      Fitty, man you lost some weight. Nice work with the vitamin water tho

    • bryant

      very nice

  • disturbed

    #2 Holy crap! FDAU Perfection!

  • Raymond

    I ❤ Chivettes! #17 Thank you for making my day. #20 very nice

    • Jacob


  • Do0zer

    I am really starting to dig these fake thigh high tattoos! #11

    • R2G Fan

      Sexy as hell!

    • 99Dug

      Me too…me too!!

    • BentWrenches


    • Lex

      Especially on legs like these…

    • Beece – NSFW

    • tongystunter

      at first i didn't like them but… i now like legs with them better than without!

    • ranD

      need the lace at the top of the thigh high tatt'd on to finish the effect tho me thinks… but they are starting to grow on me as well.

  • BaconBoy

    Indeed I do.

  • jimminycrickett

    #4 and #28 are just amazing

    • jasper

      these two are from exclusive quality! dear god!

  • craig b from ct

    #46… marry me? every week my love for butts is solidified!

    • @iCzern

      Perfection, FTW! My god I love hump day.

    • king

      i bet that isnt all that is solidified…..

    • Marco Mostacci

      this hump belong to

      • SS FuckOff

        I'm surprised a ho,o knows that….oh well.

        • SS FuckOff


  • ezhammer

    #4 and #26…Wow…just wow

    • ChiveATL

      Thumbs up for #26's hump and waist!

      • Michel Payette

        Perrrrrfect hourglass shape!

    • theonehodge

      Someone with taste!! I was scrolling down muttering '4 and 26' to myself. Great minds think alike!

      • ezhammer

        indeed good sir

    • jken

      #26 Epic gap

    • Drooling

      Hottest two in the group!!!

    • sarcasm

      #26 nipple in mirror?!?

      • that_guy

        yup my good friend….we have sum nip…jus enuff 2 keep it classy

  • winfields

    #11 is an acceptable tattoo in my book…. not just for strippers and porn stars anymore?

    • Mike

      totally and completely acceptable in my book…..recommended even….

      • Semper_I

        She is a porn star Emma Ink google it

    • cincy o

      Enjoy them now, The problem will be when she is older, it will look like her stockings are "drooping".

  • sheoncebelieved

    #4 oh my, breathtaking
    #41 man surfer chicks are awesome

    • the elusive

      is 41 trying to pick out her wedgie?

      • b-ry

        reverse reach around….to herself.

        • b-ry

          i'd like to have a big sweaty guy gently spread my cheeks and spray his warm cum in my ass.

      • xxx

        #41 …we need to go deeper

    • theRealRealist

      Where the eff is her fifth finger?

      • NebraskaGuy

        … you know where 😉 hehe

      • Mmmm

        dunno but i would love to smell it.

  • elisa

    theres a gap between her cheeks .and not the right side if u kno wat i mean

    • the elusive

      yes, butt cleavage, we get it.

      • BentWrenches

        And we like it…

        • hMMMM

          Disagree. That shit is like a butt gap when it's only supposed to be a crack. Extremely weird looking…gotta say haven't seen that before.

          • its_forge

            She's a GROWN UP. Deal with it.

            • Pedo-Man

              NO!! UNDER-AGE GIRLS FTW!!!!!

  • BaconBoy

    I am volunteering my services to help you with your English. It's just the right thing to do.

    • Shady

      and if you need a rubdown boy I'd be more then willing to lend a hand…

  • David

    #11 great pic and love those tats

  • winfields

    #49 – vintage hump? or supposed to look old? (insert Frye picture)

    • its_forge

      You can get an app for your smartphone now that makes your pictures look like you took them with an Instamatic from the 70s that's been dropped on pavement 4 or 5 times and left in the hot sun in the car for a couple of weeks. It's COOL.

  • combat_carl

    #17 thechive is a universal language

    • injekter

      i speak your language honey

  • Adri

    Happy fucking birthday Gisele! and thank you Chive for the best compifuckinglation of photos on the planet :D:D:D

    • seven

      STFU and finish your milk kid

  • EdWood

    #4. Just magnificent.

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