Hump Day, go big or go home (58 HQ photos)

  • freddy got fingered

    Rock me Roll me Jackyl me off

    • Ehhh

      Where is my blood pressure medication?????

    • Ehhh

      I wish I could be there, right now! #40

      • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

        I hate bathroom pictures

        • NVNV


    • R-Dub

      #41 Sweet baby jeebus!

    • steve

      I'm getting Hump Day started.

      Found this Video of Mini Skirt bowling on a Sunday night Spanish TV show.
      This girl is hot!!!

  • Verbal_Kint

    #10 I think that's the Chinese symbol for "DAT ASS!"

    • truth

      how originial… idiot

      • Verbal_Kint

        Why so grumpy? Did mom catch you beating off in the shower again before you could finish?

        • uthemoron

          yeh, but your dad finished me off at lunch.

          • Verbal_Kint

            with a reach around while he tore your asshole apart…

            • chivette

              enjoy your gay fantasies much??

              • chivettetoo

                oh wait, you have Kevin Spacey as your avatar…he does enjoy his fantasies.

                • truth


    • truth

      so original is your comment… idiot

    • anon

      It means Laugh in Mandarin

  • konaehukai

    #3. Wow. Great HQ Hump day Chive.

    • txflyboy

      And a bonus nip slip?

    • I_am_elf

      I actually tried to rotate my laptop so I could see the front of the photo, then realised.

      • That guy


    • derka

      One of the best hump days ever!

  • jason_in_pc

    GOD i love hump day!

    • the elusive

      That's it – this should be a new Chive standard… Extreme Close Up or GTFO

    • ilovethechive

      Completely Agreed! Worth the wait getting to the office late!

    • BritishAreGay

      Looks like your daughter loves hump day also

  • sheoncebelieved

    #5 once again….16 will get you 20….or in this case….60

    • winfields

      and able to look past the pimples on the ass..

      • @YWordArmy

        Yeah, some of these were a little too high-quality… Is that butthole hair on #31?

        • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

          Oh my gosh, that's exactly what I was thinking!

          • Jeff

            HQ issue on #55

            Butt Hair Glistening in the Afternoon Sun

            • b-ry

              peach fuzz, in this case, can be hot.

        • anal?

          looks like a stretched asshole….

        • alkoholik

          the hair coming out of that girls ass scares me, scares me something fierce

    • kshell25

      I can't get past the zits on her ass…

    • Birdhaus32

      It makes me sad at Leo for allowing such things into an otherwise FAN-DAMN-TASTIC Hump Day

    • Craig McMahan

      no pimply ass 12 year olds.. Thanks

    • Bob

      you know there is only 18 states that have the age of consent above 16.

    • MITH


      • its_forge

        No sir, not with bottoms like those, they're at *least* sixteen and probably more like 20.

        • its_forge

          To say nothing of the fact very few barely-teenage girls are going out in public with no swimsuit top on and just a gauzy white t-shirt they got from some beer vendor tied loosely over their breasts.

    • thepikeypio

      This time im gonna agree with you, this is borderline a pedobear beach party right here.

    • Ctr

      I didn't even see the pimples, however to note, they are wearing Carlsberg shirts, and at least in most countries they would have to be of legal drinking age to be able to have been sponsored by that. So I will say they are easily 18

    • Winke

      pimple butt

  • CarTuned

    This gallery was humparific!!

  • txflyboy

    Best hump day ever!

    • Savage

      Best Hump Day SO FAR! gives them something to work for.

      • beeline

        Hump Day in 3D? Please make it happen…

    • Super Trooper

      I think this might be the best post ever?!?!?!?!?!

  • Adri

    Omfg…humpday in high res…"drools"…"heart attack"

  • freddy got fingered

    #38…..I just wanna bite it

    • Birdhaus32

      At first glance I thought it said ANUS, laughed my ass off!

  • Anonymous


  • ely whitley

    So close- so REAL. I swear one of them just farted and blew my candle out!

    • Anon

      women dont fart… geez

      • ely whitley

        you should meet my wife- she can blow from either end

  • Verbal_Kint

    I've always been a boob guy, but hump day consistently makes me question my convictions…

    • vk is gay

      so you may turn straight? good for you douche bag

      • Verbal_Kint

        that was retarded…

      • Pat Overton

        What he meant was, "That makes no sense, and you're retarded…."B)

        • Verbal_Kint

          Precisely. Thanks for the assist.

        • PatisPatricia

          The O's absolutely suck this year. Glad you could assist vk, he needed a strong man's hand today. Now go to NY and get married.

    • john v.

      along the same lines, I've always been an ass & legs guy and FLBP posts make me question mine.

    • Ateka

      I'm with you there, def prefer cleavage.

  • Hand of Fate

    Damn, I submitted my wife's picture since she was a Miami Fashion Week model AND a Chivette, to put yesterday's debate over which was better to rest, but I resized it to 500 pixel width since that was standard chive size, meanwhile the original picture was like 3000 pixels wide, lol.

    • turth

      yea but people on the Chive don't like models remember?

      • Ehhh

        Also, you can feel free to email the pic directly to my inbox, in full size.

      • Truth

        If you're going to steal my name, at least spell it correctly.

        • Truth

          Most unoriginal name on the Chive.

      • Hand of Fate

        Well some did. But my point was that if you're arguing whether models or Chivettes are hotter, or you like Chivettes and dislike models, what position do you take when one of the models IS a Chivette? lol.

        • truth

          exactly. people comment how they don't like models…they like Chivettes.
          YET this post is almost ALL models…and everyone loves it.

          most people on here are idiots. MOST.

          • Average Chiver

            As is also the case with the rest of the world. There's a reason the average IQ is 100. Very few people are highly intelligent, and very few are brain dead, the rest are average. It's quieted down finally, but just a couple of months ago you would have heard calls for 90% of these girls to eat a sandwich, and that they aren't REAL women – and then they go crazy for Chivettes, none of whom are overweight and are probably rather carefully chosen by Chive staff.

    • Tensay

      your blatant braging disgusts me!!
      Dont you just hate, when youre in bed with 3 women, and the least attractive one shouts out: SAVE IT FOR ME!
      by Jim Carrey

  • Nick702

    #48 yes this is a superb tush and gap

    • jDong

      kind of meh-ish to me….seen better, gotten better, etc, etc….

      • gromtown

        oh blow me dude

      • Nate

        hooking up with dudes who you think have a better ass than this because your a homo doesnt count jDong….who the fuck are these people??? seen better…gotten better….hahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahaahhaha

      • its_forge

        Guffaw as if you will ever see such a thing in person.

    • Shadrock

      Seems to be a little bit of back burger there …..

  • hossmank

    HD Hump day = Big Chive Win! #25

    • Norma Stitz

      This hump belongs to a British former glamour model called Rebekah Teasdale.

  • Birdhaus32

    #22 Hands down the new champ

    • Birdhaus32

      #38 Anyone else think it said ANUS at first glance?

    • gallop


    • frodo

      She's busted and has stated that she only eats certain amount of food during the weekday (ie starves herself). Not a normal, real girl and definitely not even that good looking.

      • Anthony Syl

        well don't most women do that? however i can't say anything as to your preference on looks, because that comes to to opinion.

      • Dylan

        Well, since there's only one way you could know about my eating habits, I want to thank you personally for going to my tumblr site! Tho I'm confused why you scrolled thru pages and pages of me for that tidbit of info when you don't even find me attractive.

        Also, and just cuz i want to get to know you, frodo, what's your definition of a "normal, real" girl?

        • thepikeypio

          hey screw that guy obviously he finds you attractive. He's probably just mad because hes fat and out of shape, and will never have a chance to get anywhere close to a real woman as attractive as you. And on another note keep doing whatever it is your doing because your mad sexy girl.

      • EdWood

        100% agree.

        • Stan_Dalone

          am <—– End

          • FuckoffStan

            Holy crap – talk about fucking stupid. Out of all the times youve done this, the number, the kitty comments and now this did anyone at all chase you around commenting on any of this shit? No dumbass.

            So it would appear the only one wasting time is you you fucking moron.

            You have to be doing it for the points shit for brains cause even a fucking idiot would have noticed that no ones playing your little game

            Oh, sorry. Forgot who I was talking to

            • Anon

              I did it so this is the response I knew you would give. That's why I did it lmao gotcha again

            • Stan_Dalone

              Yes you did cause I always made it easy, now that it is not you play like a dumb like you know you didn't when you did. The more you play it the dumber you look. I love pissing you and paula if you aren't paula herself

              • FuckoffStan

                Wha? Holy crap shit for brains, take a deep fucking breath and try to put together a sentence that actually makes some sense. I didnt chase you around commenting on your dumbass, one word posts – there are no responses other than on the last posts.

                And I dont have a fucking CLUE what this means "now that it is not you play like a dumb" Did you just call me "a dumb"? :LMFAO I really should stop cause this is getting more and more like arguing with a five year old but I really enjoy watching you stick your foot in your mouth time and time again.

                Forgot to login in did ya shit for brains? LMFAO

                Its funny too how all the posts made in your recent brain fart are all now a +2; guess you forgot to log back in after you logged out to +1 them all huh? LMFAO

                Youre pathetic

                So now its "if you arent Paula herself" – what happened to your tin foil hat theory shit for brains?

                • Stan_Dalone

                  then it was an imaginary FuckoffStan then? YES I called you dumb but I was mistaken, you are ignorant. and a stalker.

                  A poor atempt at that. I been fucking with you all this time and yet you have no clue. Don't know what you are trying to say, as usual in your effort to mak me look bad it is back firing. You bore me. I am done with you go play with the other little kids

                  • FuckoffStan

                    No dumbass – I only commented on one of your little string of posts, thats what Im saying shit for brains. Sorry, dont know how to explain it any more simple than that and Im sure you still wont get it.

                    But please do explain how youve been "fucking with me" as, as Ive already mentioned, I never commented on all your little pathetic posts? The only one running around, wasting their time is you numbnuts.

                    And you called me "a dumb" dumbass – that was the fucking point but yet again you didnt get it. BIB surprise.

                    Thats too bad Dumbass but you bore the fucking hell out of everyone so Ill be sticking to you like that jelly donut you sat on last night.

                    Im the stalker? This from the guy who responds to Paulas comments almost every day and even goes so far as to bring up her name is posts not even related to her and I'M the stalker?

                    How does it feel shit for brains?

                    Do the world a favor and suck start a .38

                    • Stan_Dalone

                      go play in traffic, shithead

                    • FuckoffStan

                      This from the fucking moron who says Paula is unoriginal. But then I guess the bright side is you actually managed to spell everything correctly. Guess that "spellcheck" is working out for ya huh dumbass?

                      So much for you being "done with me" LMFAO

                      You really are a moron ya know that?

    • Ha.Ha.

      Take the camera angle down. Your face is half-showing.

      • jken

        WTF is wrong with you? Why should we insult our chivettes and discourage them to post?

        • hugepens

          Also, Pretty sure that's Dylan and she's gorgeous.

        • fucker

          cry me a river….
          some people don't think she is good looking.
          deal with it.

          • Curious

            you seem to be the one crying- we get it you don't like Dylan – so don't comment on her or look at her pics (is it really that hard to get?) I don't think any Chivettes think they are everyone's version of beauty but somehow the other Chivers manage to support all the Chivettes… You don't like Dylan – Fine then comment on the ones you do. There really is no need for you trying to hurt people or talk your crap. All it does is show your lack of social intelligence and your lack of ability to function IRL.

            What I am curious about is what are you trying to accomplish with spewing your blind hatred?

            • Pat Overton

              Trolls gonna troll…..B)

              • Birdhaus32

                True that! And I love how me posting I liked that one hump turned into a hate fest on the gal. I feel like a dick…

                • Randy Gallegos

                  you should feel self important. you posted the same comment about the same pic twice, then assumed this thread had anything to do with said pic when it was about #22 jackass

                  • Birdhaus32

                    I like how your dumbass assumes I didn't know what you were talking about. I knew it was about 22 you ass nugget and that's what my response was about. I just posted that I liked it (new champ comment, yeah that was me douche bag) and then trolls come out and hate on her and my opinion about her. So as far as I'm concerned I'm siding with Curious up there and the rest of you can go troll fuck each other somewhere else.

                    • Randy Gallegos

                      i dont remember hating on her, im quite the Dylan fan myself (I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CAN NOT LIE!!) so take your troll anger and point it at someone else…

                • fucker

                  were actually not replying to your post….

            • fucker

              nah. rather comment on what i want to comment on. that ok with you?
              there's a reason why there is a comment section on this site.

              everyone always says "ohhhh she's amazing this, amazing that"
              well…i'm doing the opposite.

              • Michel Payette

                Not your fault your mother hated you from birth…I get it.

                • fucker

                  at least i know who my mom is.

              • Randy Gallegos

                look the more shit you give dylan or any other chivette the less likely others are to want to post due to fear of rude comments. its for the greater good man.

    • jmaximus

      Absolutely. This and #56

  • winfields

    #56 really hope that the Chive staff gets to sample some of this ass from time to time, seems as though MAC the intern would.

    • TheBAMFinater

      That's the way I picture it. John has a secret stash of NSFW photos somewhere.

      • Randy Gallegos

        RIGHT!! id kill to see John's inbox for a day or two…

  • reme

    #7 Oh….I see what you did there…

    • psadna1


    • derp

      I see your "I see" and raise you another I see: Put-in

      • Bluto

        Putin – the most manly of all world leaders providing the "Grab DAT ASS" bomb…

    • ssstoopid

      Wow, I didn't even notice the photo bomb. That's awesome!

      • Randy Gallegos

        i didnt even notice a TV period. took me a minute to even see the mirror…

  • no more dylan

    #21 and #22 is the least classy chivette their is and sure her 32 year old ass is round, but that doesn't make the mom hot.

    • reme

      I'd do her.

      • psadna1

        I wouldn't kick her out for eating crackers in bed….

    • Dylan

      I ❤ U too!

      • Randy Gallegos

        Dylan you're awesome… that is all =) (felt you needed a positive comment after all the hating)

      • moondoggy13

        and by the way Dylan, keep wearing those heels….we love it when you keep your heels on!

    • saintfuller

      No way dude that ass is prime rump steak

    • Verbal_Kint

      spew your vitriol elsewhere, ignoramus…

      • Aggie44

        Absolutely Fantastic Dylan!!

    • moving on

      played out…put her on the disabled list…along with Shay

      • NVNV

        agree on both. worn out skanks.

      • Dylan

        I'll be on a list with hottie Shay any time. 🙂

    • Sacramento CA

      YOU'RE TRIPPING!!!!!! TOP 5 of the ASSES TO ME!!!!

    • Tomas

      Don't mind the duffus, Dylan. You are mighty fine!!! B)

    • AtothaB

      "there" is. and Dylan you're doing right.

    • max

      You must be a very jealous girl that does not have an ass like that.

      • xam

        anyone's ass would look round from the angle of the first picture. doesn't make it special. and in the second one, she arches her ass out. again, not that great.

    • Birdhaus32

      You must be all of 16 to think 32 is old. That's a great lookin' woman if I've ever seen one. Keep up the good work Dylan

    • Guest Commenter

      You clearly don't know shit. Dylan is a prime example of why older women rule. Confident enough in self to supply us with heels/panties & 'dat ass pics and on her tumblr site. There isn't much in this world sexier.

      now, I am an ass man, always have been always will be. Dylan's ass makes my mouth water. (Said with all due respect, Dylan. But c'mon, you know you've a nice ass!).

      • its_forge

        Older lol. From where I'm sitting 32 is barely post pubescent. = )

      • EdWood

        "older"? what are you, a pedophile?

    • michaeledmondsjr

      wtf dude? i'd drink whiskey outta that ass without a moment's hesitation!

  • Nick702

    #55 needs to be mounted and stuffed

    • BSmike

      I ❤ peach fuzz

    • hugepens

      I see what you did there

    • ilovethechive

      I would love to volunteer to mount and stuff that!

    • what?troll

      Wow, her ass is a perfect circle

  • Jonnyblaze

    Who needs faces, when you have HQ BUMS!!!

  • winfields

    #52 Porn star? can't think of the name though.

    • ssstoopid

      Katie Fey?

      • oldboy


    • Adee_do

      Katie Fey?

    • alkoholik

      i think its eve angel or something…..some combination of eve and angel and who knows what else, fucking pornstar names

    • 'berto

      Katie Fey is correct, also goes by Jenya.

  • ︻デ═一

    #2 Perfection!!

    • Kyle Jay Epstein

      no doubt.. great shape and shes almost hairless I mean COMEON :~

      • its_forge

        Probably a bit of retouchery going on there; almost every girl has a little bit of fuzz on their bum.

  • Yuppp

    #41 WOOOO!!! Beat those Cheeks!!! haha

    • Birdhaus32


    • ;o)~

      #41 Althouh VERY NICE #55 Challenge Accepted!

      • ;o)~

        Correction – Although!

  • nope

    #5 needs to cover up that ass. some nasty red bumps there. i'll pass.

    • I keeps it real!

      she-a has-a the "Hair-Piece"

    • Chas Smith

      Nasty red bumps on those humps!

    • Randy Gallegos

      go ahead and pretend you'd tell her "no" in person 😉

      • Dylan

        Well, (s)he'd have to be outside for starters.

    • its_forge

      I'm sure your ass is gorgeous.

    • WoopWoop

      Thats just cause its one of the 10 photos in this Hump Day that isnt photoshop smoothed!

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