After a weekend of defiling myself, I need some “FLBP” to center me (35 Photos)

  • Tony


  • PoonJammer

    #6 #10 #27 I want to lick their butts.

    • iloveQuatchi

      I got the poo on me!

      • revski87

        your like a butt licker guy

    • PoonJammerLover

      I still want to lick your butt.

    • Mr_Zambu


    • jason_in_pc

      #10 your statement is discusting, until i seen #10 :p

      • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

        *disgusting, *saw
        You're welcome.

      • Lixybiscuit

        sophie reade

    • St Alker

      Comments like these are better meant for Hump Day, any sort of motor boating or kneading dough comments should suffice today

      • Zuke

        Agreed good sir. Today is the day for boobs, so let's not steal their thunder. Butts have their day.

  • Pete_Mitchell

    #18 MOAR please!!!!

    • PoonJammer

      I agree. I want to lick her butt too.

    • James

      better yet who is she?!

      • León Felipe

        I believe that is @sarahlonglegs on the twitter machine. Great Chivette.

    • Paula_

      Busty Jenae, search nsfw

      – the one you love to hate

      • panama99

        I thought Busty Jenae was a blonde on another post…..

        Paula….are you trying to fuck with us???

        What a bad girl!

    • Lotus

      Old picture, been posted on this site before.

    • guest

      Tonya Michelle

    • ken


  • hater

    #4. I never get tired of her.

    • PoonJammer

      I would never get tired of licking her butt. #4

      • Mr_Zambu


    • Paula_

      Busty Jenae, search nsfw

      – the one you love to hate

      • Jonathan Prack

        You really need to get new stuff

        • Paula_

          Not as long as a large number of Chivers keep falling for it.

          – the one you love to hate

          • Evariste

            One shouldn't make a confusion between "large number" and "large cucumber".

      • Kyle McClung

        Paula, I hope your whole family gets cancer you fucking whore

        • Paula_

          Owwwww….. this is soooo bad for your karma… We're related btw.

          No hug either,
          – the one you love to hate

      • gocubsgo!

        Piss off Paula with your bullshit posts. Norma Stitz is disgusting.
        And to think, if I would have flown home to Chicago for the meet up, maybe I could have kicked you in your crotch.
        You are almost worse that that spammer linked douche bag that was posting last week.

    • jose

      your so hot baby i like you

  • jpp407

    #13 #16 The best. Easily.

    • PoonJammer

      Meh. #13 #16 I guess I'd sample lick their butts.

      • jpp407

        feed the troll

      • text

        i think the black and white is no real, made from 3D. I saw this picture somewhere before.

    • rambo

      #16 just must have moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iloveQuatchi

    #3 #27 flbp ftw!

  • maximum high

    I just realized most of these girls have pretty faces too.

    • PoonJammer

      I want to lick their faces too.

    • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

      I actually thought, "Wow, anyone can be considered attractive if they have big boobs." Thank you plastic surgery! False advertising at its finest.
      I'm not sayin' all of them are falsies, but a lot of them are.

      • Red


    • Chris Hansen

      Cept for #23. Pretty sure that's a dude. Somehow.

      • busted

        Einhorn is Finkle.

  • Swiss dude

    @ PoonJammer: you are an idot. that's all.

    • Goatse

      Quit feeding the troll Swiss Douche!

    • jken

      Misspell idiot fail

      • KDL:LSS

        Using "fail" as a noun instead of a verb failure.

  • Patrick

    Who is #24? She's amazing.

    • Sarge

      Jessica-Jane Clement

    • jerald

      dude are you blind that is the blonde brit stunner Jessica Jane Clement

    • Zuke

      She's everywhere here. As a chive user you should know the answer already.

  • saucypants

    #27 If I had a job this pic would cause me to be late for it.

    • PoonJammer

      #27 I would be late to work due to licking her butt.

  • Gamblor

    #23 what the fuck is this thing?????

    • Jake

      No idea but I always thought that chive was better than posting pure "butt-er face".

    • Just Sayin'


    • saucypants

      Sandra Bernhard's daughter. Or a tranny Merman.

      • Goatse

        @saucypants I actually LOL'd!!!

    • Kris

      I believe that's Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky. In her native country of Romanovia, dodgeball is the national sport and her nuclear power plant team has won the championship for five years now. This makes her the deadliest woman on earth with a dodgeball.

      • Poo Pants

        She took one too many dodgeballs to 'her' face.

    • Joe Kövesi

      Y U lookin at face?

    • That Guy

      i know my reaction was 'i have the weirdest boner right now.'

    • >18Only

      She looks like the guy from the Aphex Twin videos.

      • de ja vu

        I am sure she is ripped underneath that suit

    • Bluephoenix13

      A wise man once told me: " tis not the face you fuck…but the fuck you face."

    • Jbone

      This is why Chive rocks!

    • Boobman

      It's Sloth from the goonies

  • revski87


    I want to get it in

    • PoonJammer

      #7 I drew her eyebrows on with a sharpie and then licked her butt.

      • revski87

        me too

    • jayhawker38

      This one just does it for me. Gorgeous girl.

    • BentWrenches

      Definitely #7 FTW Brunette,Blue eyes,My Kryptonite!

      • Raunchy The 1st

        "My Kryptonite! "

        you find them so utterly repulsive, they almost kill you?

    • Allen

      MOAR Please

  • waryee

    great post! #7 ftw

  • Randy

    #35 Story of my life.

    • Chris

      Who is this controlling type breasty person?

      She must have a name and not simply a life control system for epic boobage…..

    • @ABQLifer

      Must. have. titties.

  • Yes please

    #18 tight one!

  • Blogninja

    #1 winner. #16 cg girl not real

    • Just Sayin'

      #16 still would.

      • BlogNinja

        Of course you would. We all would, but we can't.

        • fap

          in my mind i can!! fap fap fap

  • Just Sayin'

    #27 Motorboatception. And yes, we do need to go deeper.

    • Dudeman

      Yo dawg, I heard you like motorboats…

    • Zoom

      stop just throwing "ception" on the end of everything. it's not funny or clever.

      • Just Sayin'

        A Motorboat on a motorboat. Just in case i had to explain the joke to you. And yes it may be overdone, but it's equally relevant.

        • Chief Slapahoe

          Motorboating that chick's splendiferous scrumtralescent rack in a motorboat is pretty clever and thus also funny

  • Kris

    #13 Whoever invented the material that turns see-through when you take a flash picture…. I shall buy you a beer.

    • Kinkade Francis

      Lucy Pinder.

    • Vij

      #10,#15 and #23 B(.)(.)B plus a charming smile
      OMG #16 and #17 only B(.)(.)B

  • rocknrollguy

    #15 – good lord. #23 – eeek! Minus the website/cam/porn girls you wouldn't have much of a gallery here. Nice nonetheless.

  • south

    #24 More plz or Moar or Find her

    • Dan

      Jessica-Jane Clement – Bangin

    • Luke

      Jessica Jane Clement. You're welcome!

  • Mr_Zambu

    #5 pretty lady

    • Kyle McClung


  • Mr_Zambu

    #7 vavooom!! lot of omph there…

  • Mr_Zambu

    #27 whoever is her boyfriend, is one lucky SOB! B)

    • Bill57

      unless she's lez

    • Kyle McClung

      Get a boat. Bitches love boats.

    • phideauxe

      Guarantee you his sick of her shit.

  • Casanova

    #7 Gotta Find her !!!!

    • jayhawker38

      Second that!

    • Sarge

      third that!

    • @The_Scofield_

      And the motion carries…

      • joe chiver

        i had a motion in my pants

        • GreyGhost9

          Agreed. All those that had a motion in their pants say "I"

          • BentWrenches


          • DeDav


            • Allen

              I and MOAR

          • Tom


  • ChiverBU

    #15 "Gotta…sit…straight up"

    #27 more! MOAR!

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