How Kate Moss likes to have fun (7 Photos)

  • jack

    if she doesnt know that kid, its really f-ed up

    • AGM

      if she doesnt know that kid, its really f-n awesome

    • hMMMM

      the kid was trying to harm a marine animal with that bamboo stick in his hand, so she was actually being a conservationist.

      On another note, Kate Moss WHAT THE FUCK??? No face, no tits, no ass, is average AT BEST in all features except height.

      • Dutch

        Harm a marine animal? it's called fishing you twit. if someone tried to push me in when i was fishing i'd cane 'em with my rod.

        • AGM

          and if it were Kate Moss, I'd definitely cane her with my rod

          • Johnny_Dizzle

            The rod in his pants, is what he meant, I am sure……

            • Spivias

              no shit…. hurrrr

        • hMMMM

          sarcasm, dickhead

      • its_forge

        Kate Moss was never very attractive, I couldn't figure out what the big deal was even when she was doing runway stuff 7 days a week.

        • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

          she looks like a chihuahua… but this is pretty funny nevertheless.

  • Stupid Hurts

    I thought it was going to be 7 photos of cocaine…

    • Badness

      It was. What do you think the white stuff in the big bag was? Just enough for one day by her standards.

  • JAMon

    how was that kid not like, "holy shit! it's Kate Moss" and turn around?

    • hMMMM

      By the time that kid was born, Kate Moss was a wrap.

  • Ben James Bridge

    I thought she just snorted coke

  • Dan

    Kid was thinking, "Oh my god! She touched me! Wait till I tell my friends!"

    • Clinton Manitoba

      I would bet he doesn't know who she is. Much less ever heard her name..

      If your implying that he's excited over a girl touching him at all, well then you are probably right.

  • bag

    what a bitch.

    • Bill57

      exactly, thinks she's better than everyone

  • Mark Sawa

    even he knew it was kate moss. he probably didn't care that it WAS kate moss.

  • ...

    and then she fell threw the cracks on the dock

    • SpellPolice!

      THROUGH … she fell THROUGH the cracks on the dock! OMG learn to spell or be arrested!

      • bettingonthecubs

        Looks to me that everything was spelled correctly…

        • dcw

          i find it particularly hilarious that you get a negative rating for pointing out a correction to the corrector.

          • bettingonthecubs

            ya well what are you going to do? word is spelled write (hehe) but used the wrong word

      • hhhhhhh

        FUCK YOU spellpolice. you know what the RETARD said.

      • NAACP

        Stop using acronyms, you thirteen year old girl. OMG, LOL.FAG

        • hMMMM

          ….says the guy who uses N-double-A-C-P as his username

          • i just chived

            me thinks that was intentional twat

  • hahha

    who cares

  • Gutterville

    If I was that kid I would run up and push her in, or atleast grab a tit

    • Birdhaus32

      What tit? She's so rail skinny she doesn't have any. Definitely not Chiveworthy

      • the truth

        "Definitely not Chiveworthy".

        i agree. she's actually(or was) attractive enough to make a posh living off of her looks as opposed to skanking it up on the internet for free. lulz. say what you want about her, or them, but none of the hos on here could rake in the money kate moss does/did off her looks.

        • Birdhaus32

          Except what designers deem attractive and what the public deems attractive are two completely different things. At least the Chivettes are real women with some shape and a lot of them are a lot more attractive all around than this "posh living" skank.

          • wolf

            how would we know that since they ALL the Chivettes have no HEADS!?

          • the truth

            two completely different things? if she weren't attractive, she wouldn't be marketable, and(in all likelihood) wouldn't a model. certainly not one of the highest paid models of all time. and since when are "real women" head-less, or just a pair of tits or legs in a camera lense?

    • Chris

      you'd have to find a tit first

    • Billy Blunts

      Grab whatever tit and push that bitch in!!!!!

  • Verbal_Kint

    What a bitch.

  • Piper

    #7 Easy pay back. Go up and pretend to try and push her in, and "accidentally" rip her top of. Would be considered reasonable escalation in my book, and fairest trade off ever . . .for the kid.

    • Jon.

      It would be if she actually had anything under the top that was worth looking at.

      • Piper

        Well take the bottoms with as well just to hedge his bets.

    • its_forge

      Not as if the entire planet hasn't seen Kate Moss's tits anyway.

  • walkingtheriver

    As funny as it may be, she is also hell of a douche

    • Chazz_B

      that was my first thought, kate douchemossssss

  • Richard Head

    He should be allowed to give her a disciplinary fudge packing.

  • swag


  • Kodos

    she must be on heroin again

  • @vladtheimpish

    He should be happy, as he can now tell his friends he was tossed off by Kate Moss…

  • Guesty

    You guys are fags… so she pushed a kid in some water, if one of your stupid "chivettes" did it, you would rage on and on about how funny and witty it was. Losers

    • truth

      Comment of the day.

      • Russty

        how many people get pushed into the water every day, hes in a bathing suit. if he didnt want to get wet he wouldent be on the dock in swim shorts in the first place. Id still so push her back 🙂

  • kate moss

    who the f is kate moss?

    • The_Dood


  • DrChimRichalds

    Hey kid, a 70 year old man called. He wants his torso back.

    • That Guy

      for fuck sake. warn a brother before you drop something like that. i had coke exit through my nose.

      • Adam

        "You're doing it wrong."

        -Kate Moss

    • shakeythemoyle

      That was good!xD



    • Clinton Manitoba

      I am surprised TheChive is not on the middle school web filter block list.

      • The_Dood

        We can only hope it will happen soon… Get poonjammer the fuck outta here, the little buttlick.

      • HAHSO


  • Billyt2112

    Kate is very unatractive…way too thin, CHIVE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • obvious

      Aaaah another fanboy and chivette/whore worshiper. Get a life.

  • Anonymous

    Kid is Kate’s friends son …

  • fore skin

    Is he knocking one out in the sea??

  • dj münchen

    really Kate ? Unbelievable

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