Surfers from Virginia Beach commemorate local fallen SEAL (6 Photos)

"Red carnations and fluttering American flags lined the beach, forming a gateway to the surf Tuesday night. Sunflowers, daisies and red roses filled buckets, as more than 200 surfers picked up a flower, clenched it in their teeth and paddled out into the ocean off Sandbridge near one of Kraig Vickers' favorite surfing spots.
Vickers, a Navy bomb disposal technician working with a Beach-based SEAL team, was one of 30 Americans killed in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan. He lived in Virginia Beach with his wife and children. Another child is on the way.
Just south of the Little Island Fishing Pier, surfers and stand-up paddlers formed a giant circle, interlocking hands and paddles in a ceremony called a paddle-out."

  • Guest

    Not to criticize, because the post is great… but Kraig Vickers was a US Navy EOD Tech, not a SEAL as the title assumes. RIP

    • mongoose5271

      If you're not criticizing then why even bother with the first sentence of your post?

      Awesome job, Virginia Beach! RIP Kraig.

      • disturbed

        Because it's important to get it right.

        • mongoose5271

          With all of the stuff that they go through and put up on this site, there are gonna be some errors. Does it really mater if he was SEAL or not? The man died serving his country. My point was that the "Guest" said "not to criticize…" and then did exactly that. That's like saying to someone "Can I ask you a question?"

          • xDV8x

            Which people do.

          • Guest

            Imagine you are an amazing firefighter who loves what he does and lives to be the best firefighter he can be. One day something tragic happens and you lose your life. The reports all read that a great police officer lost his life although they are referring to you. I don't know about you, but that would bother me. To each their own. Both sides are absolute heroes and I would never take away from either side at all. Although the example I gave is hypothetical I hope you see why I would point it out. Either way, EOD or SEAL, all men gave the ultimate sacrifice and they were the best of the best. RIP Kraig and RIP to everyone lost up there.

  • Mike

    I live in Virginia Beach and head to Sandbridge with my family every chance we get. The Millitary means so much to the community here, it is one of the two things that define us (tourism the other). God Bless those who choose to serve and protect our freedoms…and all thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones of those who don't make it home. May they always be held in our hearts.

  • Bob

    A touching tribute to the men that died. This crash seems to have affected people more than anything I have read about lately.
    Killed while on a rescue mission……. Heroes all. R.I.P.

  • cujolatte

    Simply the greatest heroes in the modern world all military personnel. RIP all…..

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